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511 The Life And Death’s Jumping Execution!

 It was without a doubt!

Vic had been outplayed!

It was not that the enemy did not hear him pulling the pin. Instead, she was confident that she was able to use her Pan to reflect the grenade back to him. She was not nervous at all.

'D*mned it!'

Liu Zilang was rather frustrated when he saw Brother Li kneeling down behind the furniture near the window.

One must know that it was the second time Brother Li had fallen.

This meant that the enemy could hold on and delay the match but Liu Zilang must break out of this stalemate soon or Brother Li would die right before his eyes...

Hence, one could say that the initiative had been entirely controlled by the enemy.

"Brother Li's health is dropping very quickly. I'm afraid he won't be able to make it."

"The enemy is quite merciless. You're free to outplay Vic but why do you have to bomb Brother Li..."

"Brother Li: F*ck you! I'm eating my popcorn on one side. I don't even know him."



Liu Zilang took a deep breath behind the wall before peeping out.

"Da da da!"

Shots were fired endlessly with his M16.

As the bullets whizzed towards the window, it made the narrow building looked rather long.

He was planning to make use of his firepower to oppress her while moving towards Brother Li, the enemy appeared from below the window without any warning instead of appearing from the left side of the window!

"Da da da!"

Flashes appeared here and there as bullets came back towards him!

Liu Zilang's pupil shrunk as he immediately retreated.


Blood erupted from his body!

The Level Three Military Vest he was wearing shattered under the bullet's penetration.

In a moment of crisis, Liu Zilang managed to retreat behind the wall in time with very little health left.

In this situation where the enemy could appear at any given moment from behind the cover, Liu Zilang had a lower chance of winning since he did not have any cover at all.

He made that conclusion admitted defeat and retreated back.

The viewers watching the stream were utterly shocked when they saw this incredibly shocking scene!

If luck and intelligence were involved when she used the Pan to hit Frag Grenade back, then her timing in returning fire, judgment of the situation, and her marksmanship were incredibly remarkable as she was able to counter Liu Zilang!

"Holysh*t! Did Liu Zilang finally encounter a worthy foe?"

"Gasp! Since when the public game's standard was this high? Are you f*cking serious?"

Outside the window on top of the building.

Weiweian was shocked as well.

She thought that Liu Zilang would certainly die in her hands without any difficulty since he had no cover.

However, she did not expect him to be playing this safely and immediately retreated.

She had to admit that it was the wisest choice.


Weiweian habitually blew the long band on her forehead. Excitement could be seen from her cold, blue pupil.

'It's been a long time... that I've encountered such a player.'

Although she was very well aware that the enemy had a little bit of health left, she did not dare to charge in.

That was because she had to climb through the window if she wanted to enter the building.

Her character would not be able to open fire when she was climbing through the window.

Although this interval was very short, she believed that the enemy would not miss this opportunity despite the amount of health he had left.

Hence, Weiweian took out a Frag Grenade without any hesitation and cooked it for two seconds in her hand.

She whistled and threw it into the building.

'Have a taste of this guy!'

Liu Zilang's eyes started twitching as he saw the Frag Grenade flying into the building from the window as he hid behind the door to heal up.

According to his experience as the Grenade God Reincarnate, this grenade would definitely deflect based on its trajectory!

He immediately stopped healing, pulled out his Pan and whacked it back the instant it reached him!

'I'll send it back to where it came from!'


The Pan made hard contact with the Frag Grenade and made a clear sound as it did so!

The Frag Grenade flew towards the window and it looked like it was about to return to where it came from!

Unfortunately, the Frag Grenade landed at the window frame. It deflected and started rolling on the ground.

It was so active that it was giving people shivers.

The most frightened one was obviously Brother Li who had been lying behind the furniture as he had lost a huge amount of health.

As he watched the Frag Grenade rolled towards his side, Brother Li's throat moved as he gulped down his saliva.

Everything happened in an instant but it felt like an eternity.

The Frag Grenade turned into a ball of flame that was accompanied by shrapnel as it released a scorching shockwave!

Brother Li's body melted in an instant and turned into a crate...

"Weiweian killed Hideonbush with Frag Grenade!"

The viewers watching the live stream were startled as everything unfolded and were thrown into chaos!

"Holysh*t! The streamer has killed his own teammate. Let's report him!"

"Poor Brother Li... He died before doing anything..."

"Brother Li: What did I do wrong! These people are b*stards, right?"

In the game, Liu Zilang was so shocked that he crooked his mouth as well!

He thought, 'I'm sorry Brother Li, I would rather you be dead than I.'

'What's with Weiweian?'

'This name... sounded rather familiar.'

Liu Zilang did not have much time to think nor try to explain the situation as he immediately took out a first aid kit to heal himself.

Now that Brother Li had perished, this meant that the enemy had lost the initiative as well.

Both parties now had the same leverage.

However, since the enemy was still camping just outside, Liu Zilang would encounter what he experienced earlier.

The instant he decided to take offense and climb through the window, the enemy would definitely take the opportunity to retaliate.

Judging from their current situation, both parties seemed to have no other choice but to fight again when they were running away from the blue circle when the Safe Zone spawned.

However, Liu Zilang had a bold idea as he turned his head around and looked at the window in his room.

'Let's do it!'

Liu Zilang took out a Stun Grenade without any hesitation and threw it out of the window!

'A Stun Grenade?'

Weiweian smirked as she watched.

She immediately turned around and avoided the blinding light from Liu Zilang's Stun Grenade. However, her ears buzzed for a brief moment.

Liu Zilang was waiting for this very moment!

Instead of attacking the enemy from the window, he took out his AWM swiftly and rushed towards the window in the room he was hiding in.

Liu Zilang supported himself with both of his hands without any hesitation and climbed out of the window!

While the two windows were separated by a wall, the distance was not that far away.

Hence, Liu Zilang was able to spot Weiweian crouching just outside the staircase on his left when he climbed out of the window.

In a blink of an eye, Liu Zilang immediately turned his weapon while he was in the air!


A bright flash was released from the AWM's muzzle!

It was only then that he fell to the ground.

Meanwhile, she was left completely defenseless.

Weiweian was crouching just outside the ladder and blood was drawn from her black Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet!