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510 The Rivals Meet Again. Vivian The Jinx!

 Title Translator's Note: Jinx is a Champion from League of Legends

The explosive scene. The exciting sound effects. All these visual effects made everyone's heart race!

If anyone were to be in their shoes, they would have been blown up!

However, the fireball had landed just behind them and the two had even miraculously survived.

"Who said that he's the condemned one earlier. He's clearly the chosen one!"

"I refuse to believe this! Why do I always get hit by the fireball in the game?"

"Hehe, have you heard of Xinyue Membership? Vic this b*stard has definitely maxed out his Xinyue!"

"Have you guys not heard of it? Vic's family sells mineral for a living and the amount has reduced by half ever since he started playing PUBG."

"Tencent: He's topped up the money. Fireball: Understood! I'll make it as realistic as possible."

"23333. I'll give you a star for commenting that it's made as realistic as possible."


After a moment of silence in the live stream, the viewers could no longer hold it in and started complaining on the bullet screens. Liu Zilang was so lucky that people had started suspecting if he had any unfair trade between him and Tencent.

Meanwhile in the game, Lil Shou and Cola were utterly shocked!

Was it true that the fireball would not be able to catch up to them as long as they were quick enough?

It looked like they could only find out next time.

That was what Lil Shou pondered about.

Meanwhile, Liu Zilang did not realize that he had made someone feel lost. After stopping his motorcycle, he immediately took Brother Li to a four-story blue bottom building and went inside it.

One could argue that this was the best place to be in Los Leones since one could see the horizon from above and hide from down below.


Brother Li let out a long sigh of relief as he entered the building.

Although he looked indifferent during the entire journey, he was actually anxious deep within him...


Those who could calm down from surviving that level of a disaster were probably cold, quiet, and expressionless people such as Master Ze...

Liu Zilang pondered.

In a blink of an eye, his ears twitched.

"Thud thud thud!"

Footsteps could be heard coming from above.

"Be careful. There's someone above us." Liu Zilang alerted.

"Alright." Brother Li nodded upon hearing his words.

The two then ascended the staircase carefully to the second floor.

The footsteps had already disappeared and it seemed that the enemy had settled down.

Liu Zilang had made a conclusion as the two searched the floors below thoroughly.

One could climb up to the rooftop of a four-story building with the blue bottom by climbing up the ladder after climbing through the window on the third floor.

Since they did not discover a single soul along their way to the top, there were only two plausible explanations for this.

Either the enemies had climbed to the rooftop or they were camping just outside the window and would give them a huge surprise the instant they decided to climb through the window.

Liu Zilang could not help but to call Brother Li over and headed towards that window cautiously.

"Da da da!"

A player appeared at the window and densely packed bullets whizzed towards them!

'Not good!'

Blood erupted from Liu Zilang's body!

However, the enemy retreated the instant he raised his weapon!


'What a quick reaction!'

The viewers watching the live stream gasped as they watched.

This was their first time encountering someone that was able to challenge Liu Zilang in terms of reaction speed.

The skill bracket Liu Zilang and Brother Li were playing in was not high. How could they encounter such a player?

Everyone was at a loss at that instant.

'They've encountered a professional player!'

Liu Zilang was startled as well!

"Brother Li, take cover!"

He was moving back swiftly as he opened fire at the window, trying to oppress the enemy.

In a blink of an eye, he retreated back to the wall.

Brother Li reacted swiftly as well and hid behind the furniture near the window the instant he heard Liu Zilang's words.

Meanwhile, the enemy that had taken cover outside the window wanted to fire another round at them. However, she was oppressed by Liu Zilang's attack that he could not even peek out at all.

Her glistening lips curled up as she playfully blew her Jinx-like long blue bangs and said, "This guy's awareness is pretty good! Tsk! I told you there are capable players in Asia Server as well, right?"

Liu Zilang might drop his jaws in shock and said, "Holysh*t!" if he were to realize what she looked like.

That was because she was the Europe and America Squad SKK's flexible player in the Clash of the Titans FPS tournament that had the ultimate finals, the Battle of the Heavenly King Mountain against squad Se7en. She was also known as Vivian the Jinx by her fans!

She was crowned as Europe and America's most talented and instinctive female player, Vivian.

She was currently live streaming on Twitch where she was messing around on Asia's server with her fans on her smurf account. She had even given herself a Chinese name, Weiweian.

Unfortunately, all of her three fans had died as soon as they landed in Pecado and were all watching from the VIP seat.

She had been on a killing spree as she moved from Pecado. She originally thought of finding a place to rest but she did not expect someone to follow her to the top of the building.

Weiweian was not that worried even so.

She was already prepared for the enemies to come after her when she climbed through the window. She wanted to show off to her viewers that she could appear out of the blue and take out an entire squad all on her own.

However, she did not expect to encounter Liu Zilang who was able to react swiftly to oppress her to the point where she was not able to get close to the window while he retreated...

Meanwhile inside the building.

Liu Zilang calmed down as he hid behind the door, drank an energy drink and used a first aid kit.

"Brother Li, don't make a move for now. Let me try and throw a grenade," Liu Zilang said to Brother Li who was hiding behind the furniture.


He pulled the Frag Grenade's pin and counted to three but he did not hear any movements coming from the outside.

Liu Zilang was ecstatic when he realized.

'This would do!'

It seemed that the enemy did not have much awareness since she did not even hear him pulling the pin.

Liu Zilang then quickly appeared behind the wall and swung his hand as powerful as he could!

As the Frag Grenade was released from his hand, it flew towards the window like a shooting star!


Liu Zilang curled his lips and gave a thumbs up!

However, something shocking happened!

The instant the Frag Grenade flew out of the window, a person... appeared outside without any warning!


A clear sound reverberated!

In an instant, the Frag Grenade was like a swallow returning to its nest as it bounced back into the building!

It exploded in the middle of the air the instant it flew back in!

Brother Li who was hiding behind the furniture was blasted and he started vomiting blood...

The viewers watching his stream widened their eyes in disbelief as they saw this unexpected scene. The "Holy f*cking sh*t" expression was written all over their faces.

'Using a Pan to catch the grenade?'

'Did Vic... just get outplayed?'