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509 The Condemned One Or The Chosen One!

 They then looked around the silent surroundings.

Two Confused Nick Young appeared on their heads.

'Who's attacking me?'

"Did you hear anything?" One asked.

"I heard something." The other player then noticed the arrow that was planted on the ground. "Holysh*t! It's a Crossbow!"

"Is it an extremely poor squad that has been scouring in rural areas?"

"Probably. Hehe. This is interesting. They're daring enough to ambush us with a Crossbow."

The edge of his lips started curling up until he took an arrow in the knee.

Although it was incredibly hard to land a shot with a Crossbow, the damage it dealt was very high.

He jolted as his health was visibly dropping.

The player looked at the arrow in his knee as his eyes started twitching.

'Did he really just hit me?'

The two started panicking.

The guy who was shot immediately said, "Brother. Something doesn't feel right. Why don't we just leave."

"Don't panic, don't panic!" The other one tried to remain calm. "I refuse to believe that he could fight against the world with just a Crossbow."

The player took out a 98K and calmed down.

He squinted and looked left and right as he searched for the source of the arrow.

Then, a flash appeared from a slope nearby and what followed afterward was a thunderous clap!


The player who was moving to the right did not even manage to react in time before the Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet on his head shattered as he fell to the ground!

Then, Brother Li shot the long-awaited third arrow with the Crossbow in his hand!


The arrow flew up and in a blink of an eye, it pierced through the sky and started to form a trajectory!

The player who was shot in the knee by Brother Li was busy healing himself. However, he immediately ran away the instant he heard the AWM's thunderous gunshot.

It was as if everything was orchestrated as the two trajectories coincided!


The player had his right leg pierced through by an arrow the instant he walked forward. The guy lost his balance immediately and staggered!

His health depleted as he started rolling down the hill like a ragdoll and turned into a crate together with his teammate...

"GG!" Brother Li is quite skilled... with the Crossbow!"

"I'm impressed! He's really a demon-level player. I'm utterly impressed with his talent."

"You guys know nothing about them. Brother Li is showing off his Vayne. It's just a basic technique!"


After taking care of this squad, Liu Zilang and the other two went to the battlefield to clear up the place.

Liu Zilang was very tempted to give Brother Li a sniper rifle as he looked at the latter's Crossbow on his back.

However, he remained silent as he realized that Brother Li had finally found sense in the game.

Their current location was at the edge of the Safe Zone. Based on the match's flight route, there should be more players coming from Pecado located at their northwest.

Liu Zilang told Brother Li to crouch down and camp by the edge of the Safe Zone as he pondered.

Perhaps they had exhausted all their luck in this game at the Red Zone, the two did not spot a vehicle after camping for the entire day.

Soon, the blue circle and the Safe Zone merged into one and the next Safe Zone appeared.

Liu Zilang looked at the Safe Zone that had continued moving towards Los Leones southeast of them.

He pondered for a moment before hopping into the motorcycle these few squads left behind and said through the voice chat, "Brother Li, hope on and let's go into the city."

In PUBG, it was incredibly important to pick the right spot and assess the situation from the big picture other than possessing high marksmanship, reaction, and awareness.

Although a huge portion of the land around Los Leones was within the Safe Zone, Liu Zilang's seventh sense told him that it was very highly possible that the final zone would be within Los Leones.

If that was the case, then it would be incredibly advantageous for those squads that had occupied Los Leones.

Meanwhile, Brother Li did not have much to comment on.

Hence, Liu Zilang drove the Motorcycle with Brother Li across the desert and soon arrived at the outskirts of Los Leones.

However, at that moment, Los Leones turned into a Red Zone right in front of them!

'Holysh*t... Again?!'

Liu Zilang's eyes twitched furiously as he watched.

"It's coming! What will come will eventually come!"

"Since they've avoided the disaster previously, hopefully the disaster will fall upon them this time around!"

In the game, both Lil Shou and Cola's started racing as they watched from the VIP seat!

"Brother Lang... Why don't we find another place to take cover?" Lil Shou sounded rather down. "I'm still waiting for you to bring me that chicken dinner."

Liu Zilang said calmly without any change in his expression as he drove in the driver's seat, "I'm not sure if you guys have heard of a phrase before."

"The Crater Theory?" Cola responded.

"Ahem..." Liu Zilang coughed before he said seriously, "As long as I'm quick enough, the... Ahem. The explosion won't be able to catch up to me!"

Lil Shou and Cola were utterly speechless upon hearing his words.

'What kind of logic is that?'

The two looked at the red clouds above their heads and they could already see Brother Li and Liu Zilang's death.

Soon, the entire area was in total bombardment!

Liu Zilang continued driving forward with his motorcycle and soon, a fireball landed just behind him and countless sparks appeared.

The viewers watching the live stream widened their eyes when they saw this exciting scene and all of them were glued to it.

'Will this season's disaster be anti-climactic?'

The motorcycle was seen arriving on the outskirts of Los Leones. Liu Zilang could be seen driving towards the road and rushed out of the Red Zone with the shortest route.

The viewers watching the live stream could not help but sigh when they saw this.

This b*stard had run away freely again.

Then, the motorcycle climbed up the slope and flew high up in the sky!

There was a factory right in front of them on the outskirts of Los Leones. It was very obvious that Liu Zilang was planning to fly over the place with the motorcycle.

However, no one had imagined that when he was above the factory, a fireball fell from above!


There was a loud explosion and a scorching hot shockwave blasted out from the top of the factory. Viscous smoke engulfed the entire sky as dust elevated from the ground!

Meanwhile, Liu Zilang's motorcycle was caught in the whole ordeal and was completely engulfed in the fire!

'Oh no!'

The viewers watching the live stream all had the same thought when they saw this explosive scene.

However, a figure appeared out from the fire and landed on the ground.


The tires grinded with the ground and the motorcycle stopped firmly at the side of the wall.

The viewers in the live stream widened their eyes in disbelief when they saw this miraculous scene!

'How are they not dead?'

It was then they recalled Liu Zilang's word. "As long as I'm quick enough, the explosion won't be quick enough to catch up to me!"

It was then everyone fell silent...