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508 Have You Heard Of The Crater Theory?

 In PUBG, the tombs could be stacked a few meters tall to those who dared to raise the red flag inside the red zone.

Now that Liu Zilang had opened his potty mouth, Cola and Lil Shou were extremely nervous as their bodies started defying their will and were about to retreat.

"Sigh, it's better for us to stay apart."

Liu Zilang started laughing. "Although all of us have a good moral compass, some of them are not and it might just get us killed as well."

An ear-deafening explosion reverberated the entire area as soon as he finished speaking.

Liu Zilang immediately calmed everyone when he saw that Lil Shou and Cola were about to retreat. "Everyone stay calm. The chance of you getting hit is higher if you run around in the red zone."

Cola and Lil Shou tried to calm down and realized that it was logical upon hearing Liu Zilang's words.

However, a wave of fire appeared on where Lil Shou was standing!

There was a huge explosion as the gravel and stones spread about everywhere in the black smoke.

He was perfectly fine and he perished just like that!

"LifeIsStressful knocked out in Redzone!"

Liu Zilang was stunned as he saw the Kill Notification while he was still analyzing the situation. He was so stunned that he had unconsciously gulped down his saliva.

He then let out a dry cough calmly and said, "This is the result of being paranoid. Cola... Go and pull him up."

"Huh?" Cola was startled as she asked fearfully, "About that... I won't die right?"

"Hehe. I see you still don't get it." Liu Zilang smiled. "From a certain perspective, Lil Shou's current location is the safest right now."

"The safest location?"

Cola and the viewers in the live stream were startled upon hearing his words!

"Vic is quite a b*stard. He dared to say such a thing just to convince Cola to save his teammate."

"He said it's the safest place. Can someone please tell me just how safe it is?"

"The most dangerous place is the safest place?"

Liu Zilang looked at the bullet screen in his live stream and started smiling. "You guys are too inexperienced! Why would I trick her? Have you guys heard of the Crater Theory before?"

The Crater Theory?

The viewers watching the live stream were startled as they looked at Liu Zilang's smugged look.

He seemed to know what he was talking about...

As expected, Liu Zilang started clearing his throat and continued. "Those who were once soldiers would know that the crater is an extremely safe place to be. That was because cannons do not land in the same place twice. Hence, the crater that is formed beforehand is generally the safest place for veterans to hide in!"


Liu Zilang snapped his finger as he said confidently, "The place that has been bombed will never be bombed another time. Do you understand?"

It was impossible to bomb the same place twice!

"Rea... Really?" Cola was shocked by Liu Zilang's knowledge as she felt that his words sounded familiar...

Since Liu Zilang had already cited scientific research, Cola buckled up as she rushed towards Lil Shou.

"Sister Cola!" Lil Shou said with tears in his eyes, "I'm forever indebted to you!"

"Hehe, it's fine it's fine." Cola forced a smile on her face. "This is what a medic should do..."

As she was talking, a huge fireball appeared above their heads!


Another ear-deafening voice sounded as countless sparks and gravel.

Then, two more Kill Notifications appeared on the screen...

"LifeIsStressful died in Redzone!"

"CoCo knocked out in Redzone!"

The viewers in the live stream recovered from their shock as they started laughing out loud when they saw this scene.

"2333, what happened to the Crater Theory? I almost f*cking bought it!"

"Cola: Meow meow meow?"

"Hehe, I can't believe you believed Vic's words. I didn't buy it from the very beginning. In fact, I almost burst out laughing earlier."

Liu Zilang was shocked as well. However, since he had to maintain his image as the generation's chicken king, he had no choice but to press on. "About that... The crater theory isn't accurate all the time and this incident is definitely an outlier."

His tone had calmed down as he spoke. "However, what I can guarantee is that this incident's rate is definitely one in ten thousand. Hence, the safest place in the red zone right now is where Cola is. Brother Li, let's head there to avoid any trouble and pull him up..."

Before Liu Zilang finished speaking, another fireball mercilessly landed!

'What the h*ll... It's impossible."

The instant he heard the explosion, his face froze as he lowered his vision.

Liu Zilang froze as he watched.

He saw two crates arranged properly at where Cola and Lil Shou were...

Cola was incredibly helpless at this point... What happened to the Crater Theory?

"Puhaha! I can't stand this anymore. I'm going die from laughter at this rate! Give me back my money!"

"Holsh*t. Vic must have blessed his mouth before!"

"Tsk tsk! If the chance of this event happening is one in ten thousand, is this one in a hundred million?"

Liu Zilang swiftly took action as teases started flooding the bullet screen. He casually took out his phone and typed in two words in the bullet screen.

"Eye Protection!"

Indeed, it was one of Douyu's Three Great Bullet Screen Rhythm, the Eye Protection Mode!

In a blink of an eye, the bullet screens were filled with the words Eye Protection!

Liu Zilang let out a long sigh of relief. He smiled coldly as he put away his phone and his secret techniques...


After a while, the red clouds above them disappeared.

The red zone had finally passed.

After Liu Zilang and Brother Li cried while looting the crates, Liu Zilang was shocked as he saw the number of energy drinks and accessories at his disposal!

Only God would know how loaded he would be if his teammates did not die!

Meanwhile, the gunshots that had ceased due to the red zone started filling in once more.

Liu Zilang observed around discreetly. He was not in a rush once he realized that his location had yet to be exposed.

Hence, they waited until the few squads were about to finish settling their battle.

The end result was that a two-man squad was left to sweep the battlefield.

Liu Zilang laid prone on the slope as he raised his AWM, he whistled. "Brother Li, I'll take the right and you take the left, can you handle it?"

"I'll give it a try."

Brother Li remained humble.

The distance between their targets and them was around three hundred meters. This distance was not a problem for an AWM and he did not need to raise his aim higher to not miss his target.

However, the trajectory would be extremely obvious for a Crossbow.

Liu Zilang cleared his throat and decided to not open fire first. He did not want to expose their location and wanted to let Brother Li determine the arrow's trajectory.

At this distance, the enemies were very unlikely to determine their location even if Brother Li spent all of his arrows.

Hence, Brother Li raised his Crossbow.

Under Liu Zilang's guidance, he raised the crosshair and opened fire!


The arrow pierced through the sky and landed at the sandy ground just below the enemy who was looting the crate.

'An enemy's ambush?!'