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507 Its Impossible For Us To Die In This Gank!

 On the windy road in Miramar, a Pickup Truck was heading towards the Safe Zone.

"This is a bit boring. I don't even see a single soul on the road."

"You said it. I already told you not to come to this place. It'd be so much more exciting if we went to Pecado!"

The two were venting out in the car as a black figure was spinning beside them.

'What the... h*ll?'

Just as the thought appeared in their heads, a loud bang reverberated in their ears!

They were frightened. Their visions jolted as they were sent flying into the sky.


Meanwhile, the Mirado on the road left a trail of sparks behind it and it soon came to a quick stop.

"Get out and attack!"

Liu Zilang immediately jumped down from the car and pulled out his weapon from his back!

The rest reacted and got down from the car and took out their weapon the instant they heard Liu Zilang's words!

Gunshots started reverberating everywhere!

"Pew pew pew!"

The bullets went like a flash flood as it headed towards the Pickup Truck!

The sound of metal colliding into each other rose as the bullets landed onto its chassis!

Since the vehicle had been rammed by Liu Zilang's Mirado, its endurance was almost depleted.

Now that they had opened fire at it, the car started smoking up.

"Holysh*t! Get out quickly!" One of them turned pale as he started to panic.

Then, the driver replied helplessly, "Do you think I can go down whenever I wish?"


Flames sprouted on the Pickup Truck as the bullets continued to rain on it!

The two players were shocked as they saw it. "The car is about to explode. Abandon ship!"

Both of them jumped out of the car without any hesitation the instant he finished speaking.

The remaining two players were slower by just a pace. However, they were caught in the explosion as they burned together with the vehicle...

"I already told you guys to jump out sooner!"

The two managed to escape in time and were relieved as they heard the explosion.

However, their hearts sank as they watched the ground that was taking up their vision over time.

'What the f*ck... Are you serious!'



They were like eggs being cracked on the pan as their faces slammed to the ground.

Their health depleted the instant they hit the ground. They tumbled like a ragdoll and laid still afterward...

"Hideonbush killed IAmMachoMan with Vehicle Explosion!"

"Hideonbush killed UpHighInTheSky with Vehicle Explosion!"

"Masterbator died from falling!"


It was an entire squad.

The viewers watching the live stream opened their jaws in shock as they watched the sudden turn of event. They had taken out an entire squad right after they rolled down from the hill. How lucky could they get?

"2333. There must be some kind of special fate that made them encounter each other."

"I didn't expect Brother Li's Vayne to be this amazing! He managed to make a car explode with a Crossbow. Amazing!"

"This doesn't make sense. Why are Vic and the rest fine and the car at the front just flew up for no apparent reason?"

"Hehe, it doesn't make sense? Have you realized that Newton has stopped believing in tears? Have you heard of the quantum car?"

"Tencent: We have the most magical physics engine in the world."


Ultimately, the viewers in the live stream started flaming about Liu Zilang and his squad's merciless actions.

In the game, Lil Shou could not calm down at all as he said excitedly, "Exciting! This is too exciting! Brother Lang, Brother Lang, can we do it again?"

"Why don't you stand on the road and let's reenact the scene again?" Liu Zilang let out a vague smile as he drank an Energy Drink.

Meanwhile, Cola was curious as she asked, "What should we do next?"

"What else..." Liu Zilang shrugged. "Let's run. Hope is just up ahead."

He started running in that direction as soon as he finished speaking. Brother Li, Cola, and Lil Shou did not expect Liu Zilang to start running right after he suggested so. They then started helplessly after being startled for a brief moment.

No one could blame them. Liu Zilang had been too cunning for the entire time and this made them have the thought that Liu Zilang could always find a solution to their problems.

However, Liu Zilang was not an automobile technician.

What else could he do?


They ran along the road and soon spotted a three-wheeled motorcycle.

After Liu Zilang tried to push it away out of courtesy and had successfully manipulated Lil Shou to voice out to stay behind on his own, he immediately hopped into the motorcycle without any hesitation together with Brother Li and Cola and left the scene. Lil Shou was utterly speechless as he was left behind.

However, Liu Zilang was not a merciless man.

After sending Brother Li and Cola to the destination, he turned around to pick up Lil Shou.

The next Safe Zone had already spawned by the time all four of them arrived in the Safe Zone.

The Safe Zone had been shifted to the bottom right of the map. It had covered Los Leones and the rural areas southeast of Pecado. The distance between Liu Zilang and these areas were incredibly near and could be reached by foot.

The four of them found a minibus and by the time they arrived at the Safe Zone, they heard gunshots rattling intensely as they could spot three squads were engaged in a war at the hill in front of them.

The second Safe Zone had just spawned but there were only fifty-seven players left in the game. Since Miramar's rural area was quite spread out, it was not weird that players would open fire the instant they met each other.

Liu Zilang found a slope and parked the vehicle there. The four crouched down as they looked at their surroundings cautiously.

"Brother Lang Brother Lang!" Lil Shou said excitedly, "Should we join in the battle?"

"How boorish," Liu Zilang said without holding back, "What era are you in right now? We need to use our intelligence and the details to obtain victory. Let's observe for a bit more."

"Intelligence and the details? Aren't you going to ambush them at the end?"

"6666. Only Vic is able to describe a camper to such a conventional manner."

The viewers watching the live stream started teasing around upon hearing his words.

Then, the map at the bottom right corner turned red in an instant!

No one saw it coming.

The viewers were shocked when they saw it!

"Puhaha! This is a sign of God pranking on them."

"I heard that you're trying to ambush someone? Don't worry. God will punish you for that."

When Liu Zilang realized the area had turned into the red zone, he was extremely annoyed. He would be fine with it if it was within the housing area as they could at least find a cover for it.

However, there were three squads fighting right in front of them in the rural area. There was nothing else other than the stones and gravels around them.

"Brother Lang? Should we hide for the time being?"

Lil Shou asked guiltily.

Liu Zilang was guilty of it as well but he immediately responded after hearing Lil Shou's word.

"It's fine. There's nothing to be afraid of. The red zone will only blast those who are cunning. Believe me! We won't die here."

Brother Li seemed fine upon hearing his words but Lil Shou and Cola were incredibly pale!