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506 Theres No Time To Explain. Get In The Car!

 Everyone witnessed Liu Zilang's double kill with his explosion in the sky.

In that instant, the viewers in the live stream were totally stunned by Liu Zilang's ultimate thumb up!

"GG. This scene... Vic's thumb seems very emotional for some reason!"

"Is our Attractive Section's Chicken King going to be promoted to B*stard King?"

"B*stard King Vic sounds like a very good name, no?"

As the viewers in the live stream were in a heated discussion, Brother Li had finally revived Cola.

Cola was extremely agitated as she wanted to execute her revenge.

However, she realized that Liu Zilang and Lil Shou were already wrapping things up by the time she raised her head.

'What the h*ll?'

'Where are the enemies?'

As a medic, it was the best for her to enter the Taobao shopping spree without having to go through any battles.

Once she was pulled up, she immediately ran over before she even healed herself.

Although Brother Li did not participate in the battle earlier, he was still very perceptive of the change in the situation as a league player.

As he saw that Liu Zilang had picked up the AWM and swapped it with his Crossbow, Brother Li headed forward and quietly picked up the Crossbow and switched it with his 98K.

Liu Zilang picked up an 8x Scope and turned around to look at Brother Li who was investigating the Crossbow. He could not hold in his laughter as he said, "Brother Li, that weapon is miraculously powerful. If you manage to pull off something from it, do you know what you'll turn into?"

Brother Li hesitated for a moment upon hearing Liu Zilang's words and replied with an unsure tone.


Liu Zilang gave Brother Li the skeptical stare before he said emotionally, "Tsk tsk! You're truly a demon! Looks like you've awakened!"

Both Cola and Lil Shou were speechless...

After they finished looting the crates, the first blue circle had already started shrinking from the south. However, Liu Zilang and his squad had still some distance to cover as they headed towards the Safe Zone in the Northeast.

Now that two of their tires had been flattened, no one knew when Lil Shou had executed revenge as he had flattened the two tires from the enemy's Pickup Truck which was parked underneath the airdrop.

Hence, they were instantly placed in an awkward situation.

"Why did you flatten their tires?" Liu Zilang asked frustratingly.

"I... I wanted to fight back..." Lil Shou felt he was wronged.

Brother Li at the side whispered softly. "Don't we have four more tires? Is it possible for us to take the two tires from the Pickup Truck and place it onto the Mirado?"

The voice chat fell into silence the moment they heard Brother Li's words.

The viewers watching the live stream were quiet for a moment before they burst into laughter.

"GG! We're going to unload the tires!"

"I have played PUBG for a very long time and this is my first time hearing that the tires in the game can be detached!"

"F*cking h*ll! And here I'm wondering if we're playing the same game."

"Puhaha! Brother Li is so innocent!"

"He really is Brother Li! This is what I call endless creative thinking. Vic is incredibly weak in this."

In the game, Liu Zilang regained his senses.

"Ah? Is it not possible?"

Brother Li shook his head embarrassingly as he realized the rest were not speaking.

Liu Zilang let out a dry laugh as he tried to explain it sincerely.

"About that... It's not that it can't be done... The problem is that the Pickup Truck's tires and the Mirado's tires are not the same models."

'Meow meow meow?'

Cola and Lil Shou who were translating at the same were stunned as well when they heard Liu Zilang's words.

'Is this the reason? Perhaps I don't know the game well enough?'

Lil Shou felt bad as he watched Brother Li falling deeper into Liu Zilang's trap. He let out a dry cough. "Ahem... About that... Let's better find a car below the hill. The blue circle is heading towards us."

Liu Zilang thought of this as well. However, a bold idea popped into his head as he looked at the Mirado not far away from them.

He then started running towards the Mirado.

As he approached the car, Liu Zilang pulled out his M16 and shot three-burst shots twice to the left and right as he flattened Mirado's remaining two tires.

"Interesting! He can be such a show-off even when he's firing at the tires!" The viewers in the live stream kept watching him.

Lil Shou was healing behind Liu Zilang as he was preparing to run away from the blue circle. However, when he saw Liu Zilang's action, he could not help but asked frustratingly, "Brother Lang. That car... is useless now, right?"

"Who says that we're going to drive it." Liu Zilang smiled casually as he urged them. "There isn't time to explain, get into the car."

The three of them were utterly speechless...

Since Liu Zilang had already voiced out, the three swiftly hopped into the car as they trusted him.

"Holysh*t! Can this car still be driven when its tires are stripped naked?"

"Vic is lying again. I'll eat a pile of sh*t if that car can be driven, okay?"

"Be careful of what you're saying. The last time someone said he would eat sh*t on Vic's stream hasn't had any food since then."

"I'm not buying it! Unless he's playing a different game than me, I refuse to believe that this car can be driven! Don't worry buddy, I'll follow you to eat sh*t!"

In the game, Liu Zilang curled his lips when he saw the bullet screen as he sat at the driver's seat. "Everyone, please prepare your meal. Don't let these two buddies get hungry."


He stepped on the pedal the instant he was done talking.

The four naked wheels underneath the Mirado started grinding against the mountain's boulder as sparks could be seen appearing on the ground!

Although the engine revved to its maximum, the car moved slowly as if it was a turtle trying to move on a block of ice.

"Ohhh. This is rather embarrassing!"

"Drive! Why don't you drive it?"

It was a rare moment that the viewers watched Liu Zilang do something embarrassing as they started teasing him on the bullet screen.

However, the constant messages on the bullet screen ceased in an instant.

On the hilltop, the Mirado's body tilted and started sliding down the hill by the time it reached the edge.

'Are you serious?'

Then, something unbelievable happened right before their very eyes!

As the Mirado slid down the hill, the wheel kept grinding the ground and the speed started increasing!

It soon surpassed the constantly shrinking blue circle as it left a trail of sparks behind it.

The viewers widened their eyes as they watched on in disbelief. They did not expect Liu Zilang to have something like this up in his sleeve!

"Holysh*t. I'm impressed with his drift! I guess what's going to come will eventually arrive!"

"I have a stupid question. Is this game's name called Newton's Tear?"

"Tencent: D*mn it! We're at a loss again!"

"Uhm... Are the two brothers who wanted to eat sh*t still here? Please remember to ask for seconds if you need more!"

"Puhaha. Poor fellows. Vic is to blame for being such a b*stard. He's even able to come up with such a ridiculous thing."

While the viewers in the live stream were in shock and disbelief, a moving Pickup Truck appeared in front of the road out of the blue.


[1] Vayne is a League of Legend's Champion that uses a crossbow.