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505 The Destroyer Type Player

 Since the AWM was capable of killing a player in one shot, it was crowned as the ultimate sniper rifle in the game!

However, there were times where the Crossbow was superior to the AWM. Not only was it as good as the AWM but it was even better at concealing one's presence.

Take their situation at hand for an example of such an instance.

The lot was startled and immediately crouched the instant the enemy landed a headshot on Cola with an AWM.

The enemy holding the AWM became c*cky when he saw Liu Zilang and the rest hide in fear.


'Know fear!'


Another gunshot reverberated!


The Mirado's tire was flattened as Cola and Brother Li hid behind it!

'Using an AWM to flatten our tires?'

Liu Zilang's eyes twitched and his heart ached.

The AWM's ammo was extremely limited... It was how a loser would play!

Before his heartache subsided another loud boom was heard!

It was a thunderous gunshot!

The two tires facing the other side of Brother Li and Cola had been completely flattened.

"Oh sh*t! They're flattening our tires the instant they open fire. How fierce can that squad get?"

"23333, it's quite domineering to flatten someone's tires with an AWM. Those people are quite brave!"

"I feel like they won't stop until everyone's dead. However, I think I can see a red flag shining above their heads since they're daring enough to fool around in front of two demons..."

The viewers in the live stream started praying silently for the enemy squad as they watched on.

Meanwhile, Liu Zilang could no longer hold it in as he hid behind a boulder.

'What a black sheep!'

He instantly stood up with the Crossbow in his hand and aimed at an enemy with his 4x Scope.


A shockwave spread out as the arrow pierced through the sky!

When the guy with an AWM and Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet spotted Liu Zilang revealing himself, he was quite happy to see that someone was not afraid of death.

He raised his weapon as his lips curled up.

However, at that instant, an arrow was drilled into his head.

That man's smile froze in an instant.

'A Crossbow?'

"Vic123 knocked out VerticalInteration by headshot with Crossbow!"

One must note that not every PUBG player watched tournaments and live streams. The enemy squad was composed of such people.

When they saw Liu Zilang land a headshot with a Crossbow at their teammate who was holding an AWM, the first thought that came to their minds was not, "Oh it's him" but "Holysh*t, how is that b*stard so lucky?"

Since the Crossbow was a miraculous weapon just like the shotgun, they did not give Liu Zilang credit for aiming so accurately with such a magical weapon.

One of the enemies was not happy as he said, "I can't believe it. Give me that AWM. I refuse to believe that I can't land a headshot on him in one attempt."

The guy who was kneeling on the ground felt that Liu Zilang was quite lucky earlier as well. However, he could feel his heartache surface when he threw the AWM on the ground. "Brother, restrict yourself a little bit. We only have so much ammo."

The guy crouched down, picked up the AWM, and crooked his mouth when he heard him.

'Why were you so excited to open fire at their tires earlier?'

Then, two enemies held off Liu Zilang who was behind the boulder as the third one revived his teammate.

Meanwhile on Liu Zilang's side, Brother Li was reviving Cola and the only ones who were fit for combat were Lil Shou and Liu Zilang.

However, Liu Zilang did not hesitate to reveal himself again the instant he finished reloading his crossbow.


'That arrogant, eh?'

The two enemies could not hold it in when they saw him as they immediately raised their weapons!


An arrow pierced through the sky as it flew toward the other hilltop again!

Then, the guy who had the AWM in his hand had an arrow drilled into his head. He instantly fell to the ground.

If all of this is luck's doing... How lucky could that guy be?

Meanwhile, Liu Zilang had switched the Crossbow in his hand to the M16.

His hand movements were so quick that as he moved the mouse, the 4x Scope equipped on the Crossbow was instantly put on the M16.

"Pew pew pew!"

The sound of bullets piercing through the air rang beside his ear.

However, Liu Zilang did not back down as he kept firing at his enemies with his M16 that was equipped with a 4x Scope!

"Da da da!"

Among the densely-packed bullets, the bullets he fired went against them like a flash flood!

Although the rate of fire of the M16 was incredibly quick, it was hard for one to control its recoil with a Red Dot Sight. However, the viewers watching Liu Zilang's live stream were shocked as they saw the crosshair of Liu Zilang's M16. He had controlled it within the size of a fist and it did not move any further than that from the beginning until the end...

"Holysh*t. Vic is f*cking amazing with the M16!"

"Have you not heard of Asia's Attractive Section's Chicken King and his M16 which is the quickest?"

"Quickest? Hmm... Based on Vic's hand speed... Perhaps it's safe to say that it's quick..."

"I feel so anxious right now! What are you guys talking about? Why can't I understand a single word?"

In the game, the last enemy who was hiding behind cover was in disbelief as he listened to the gunshots.

'That can't be right!'

'Aren't people supposed to fire bullet after bullet at this distance?'

'Why does his bullet pattern sound like it's faster than an automatic rifle?'

He was shot in the head just as this thought crossed his mind.

'Not good!'

He took another shot in the neck before he was able to react!

Soon, blood was drawn as he joined his teammates and fell to the ground...

The two stared at each other in disbelief. They had encountered a monster!

Meanwhile, on Liu Zilang's side, Lil Shou was in utter disbelief as well.

Lil Shou was thinking of showing off his skill in front of the two demons and their live stream viewers since he had a golden opportunity to do so.

However, Liu Zilang had taken care of the battle before he was able to fire twice...

'Are we really playing the same f*cking game?'

"Stop loitering around and follow up. We're going to obliterate them."


Liu Zilang reloaded the M16 in his hand as he moved forward.

Once Lil Shou realized that he still had a chance, he followed along.

At that moment, the remaining enemy was busy reviving his teammates.

Liu Zilang looked at the blue-red airdrop on the hilltop as he took out a Frag Grenade without hesitation.


He pulled the pin and started sprinting.

He leaped at the hilltop. It was as if he was a giant throwing a spear as he threw the Frag Grenade high up into the sky with all his might!

'Holysh*t! Are you serious!'

Lil Shou was stunned as he followed from behind. He watched the Frag Grenade that flew in the sky!

Liu Zilang who was sitting in front of his computer let go of his hand and watched with a smile on his face.

He then gave a thumb's up as he whispered, "Boom!"


In the game, the Frag Grenade exploded above the airdrop before it landed!

Then, two blood-red Kill Notifications appeared on his screen.

When Liu Zilang raised his thumb, it was perfectly in sync with the miraculous scene.

The viewers in the live stream took a deep breath of disbelief. Had everything ended just like that?