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504 Can A Gentleman Do Whatever He Wishes?

 In the world, there were eSport players with a certain gift that was not limited to a certain genre and could be used in other games.

GodV was a fine example of such players.

Obviously, Brother Li was that type of player as well based on his previous shot.

The enemies who were lying prone on the bridge were in disbelief when one of them was knocked out.

They had never imagined that Liu Zilang's driving skills to be so god-like as he was able to drive through that narrow gap.

They also did not expect Brother Li's shot to be so mindblowing till the point that one of them was knocked out by him.

Naturally, the tables turned instantly as Liu Zilang's squad fought back after they found cover.

That was because the 4 Emperors Squad could only ambush people on top of the bridge as they were hidden.

However, an ambush was the only thing they were capable of.

Once they had been discovered, they were practically fully exposed as there was no cover nearby them.

"Du du du!"

"Da da da!"



Gunshots rattled intensely!

In the blink of an eye, Liu Zilang's squad which had been hiding behind cover opened fire at the bridge and dealt a quick blow toward the helpless 4 Emperors Squad...

"Vic123 knocked out WolfA with M16A4!"

"LifeIsStressful knocked out Randy with SCAR-L!"

"Vic123 killed Zejw by headshot with M16A4!"

It was a merciless massacre!

The viewers in the live stream could not help but pray and give them a moment of silence.

They were so close to succeeding.

Unfortunately... They were just very close to it.


'Wait a minute?'

'Why are their names so familiar?'

The viewers in the live stream reacted immediately after they saw the Kill Notifications.

"Holy f*ck! Aren't they the emperors in our live stream?"

"Huan Yu, Randy, WolfA. Woah! Those emperors are up to something!"

"Puhaha! I was wondering why there was someone guarding the bridge in Miramar. It's those few lots."

"GG. Vic literally showed no mercy there. He didn't even blink when he killed the Emperor."

In the game, Liu Zilang's eyes twitched as he read the bullet screen...

However, he purposely acted oblivious as he told Lil Shou beside him while he looted the crates, "Tsk tsk. Those people's strategy wasn't half bad. Unfortunately, there was a flaw."

A flaw?

Huan Yu and the gang who had perished heard his words when they returned to his live stream. His words had definitely caught their attention.

Lil Shou was very cooperative as he questioned, "What flaw?"

Liu Zilang replied with utmost sincerity, "If I were in their shoes, I wouldn't have climbed up the bridge. There's too little space there and it's only effective for ambushing. You're dead once you've been discovered."

He paused for a moment before continuing, "If I were them, I would've chosen to crouch behind the vehicles. Think about it... You could attack and defend at the same time if you're there, right?"

"Attack and defend at the same time? Are you sure?" Lil Shou looked confused as if he did not understand a single word at all.

"Holysh*t! So that's what our problem was!"

Huan Yu and the lot's eyes shone brightly as they watched the stream in great remorse.

Meanwhile, no one realized that the edge of Liu Zilang's lips had begun curling up.

He thought, 'Yeah, crouch there all you want!

'I'll bring an entire fleet and run you guys over if you do it again!'


As they looted the crates, Liu Zilang got down from the bridge and hopped into the car.

Brother Li and Lil Shou followed along swiftly while Cola was the only one who lied prone on the bridge.

Liu Zilang was rather frustrated when he saw it.

Each of them was distributed a crate each. Logically speaking, it should not take her a lot of time to loot even if there were a lot of items in the crate.

Then, they watched Cola get up and run toward another crate.

Liu Zilang was irritated the instant he saw an additional white mini skirt appear on her lower body!

He had a feeling that she was there to shop instead!

However, it made sense after he put more thought into it.

Putting the 4 Emperors Squad's technical skill aside for the time being, each and every one of them had all sorts of luxurious aesthetics, including settings.

Any normal girl would not be able to control themselves when they saw this!

Furthermore, a gentleman would never rush a lady when she was busy trying out a shirt.

As a gentleman, Liu Zilang had no choice but to be patient about it.

Fortunately, Cola who was busy enjoying the Taobao session realized something was amiss as she put out her tongue playfully and jumped down from the bridge.

However, the attire on her had been changed entirely. She had a pure white school-oriented mini skirt and a western shirt. She even had a pair of glasses and a hat on her.

'Wait a minute... A hat?'

Liu Zilang's eyes started twitching as he saw the hat on Cola's head!

He wanted to remind her but after putting in some thought, perhaps a medic did not need a helmet since she would not be in the front lines.

Hence, he kept quiet.

Naturally, he took the airdrop as his first priority at that moment.

The airdrop had dropped for quite some time. If they were to keep delaying themselves, they might not get a single item from it.

As Liu Zilang thought of this, he immediately stepped on the pedal and headed toward the hill by memory.

Despite them rushing to the airdrop, Liu Zilang let out a 'holysh*t' uncontrollably when the airdrop started releasing red smoke.

That was because there was a Pickup Truck parked beside the airdrop. It was obvious that someone had arrived before them.

"Pew pew pew!"

Shots were fired from the airdrop and bullets rained upon them!

They were located at the foot of the hill and the disadvantage of not having the high ground was apparent.

Liu Zilang ignored them as his thoughts reached there.

He took a swift turn as he drove along the mountain and headed straight to the hilltop at the other end.

Soon, Liu Zilang's squad reached the other hilltop and they were almost at the same sea level as the enemy squad who was by the airdrop.

Logically speaking, anyone who had looted the airdrop would leave the dangerous place as soon as possible.

However, no one knew what treasures the enemy squad had obtained from the airdrop. Not only did they stand fearlessly at the airdrop but they also started shooting at Liu Zilang's squad who was on the other hilltop.

Liu Zilang realized something was wrong as he cautiously stood behind his three teammates.

He wanted to know what his enemies were up to.

Then, they heard a thunderous clap come from the other side of the hill!


Liu Zilang did not react when he saw blood erupt from Cola's head. Her hat was on her head from the edge of his vision.

In an instant, she fell to the ground!

"VerticalInteraction knocked out CoCo by headshot with AWM!"

It was an AWM!

Liu Zilang was shocked when he realized it.

He felt something was wrong but he did not expect the enemies to have obtained an AWM.

No wonder they dared to overstay without any fear...

Unfortunately, the shot had landed on Cola's head.

Liu Zilang almost burst out laughing as he watched Cola kneel down with a perfectly fine hat on her head.

It was as if the hat was something that could hold off an AWM's attack in the game.

However, could one do as one wished when they had an AWM in their hand?