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503 The New Tri Dagger X And Brother Li’s Violence!


A clear gunshot reverberated on the bridge.

It was the fourth shot fired by Brother Li.

In this situation, Cola and Lil Shou were cursing internally that Liu Zilang was inhumane.

Brother Li looked extremely shocked and happy. "It dropped! The equipment really dropped!"

Liu Zilang's hand jolted as he drove the car and he almost crashed into the bridge railings.

Cola and Lil Sou looked upward in the car and their eyes widened.

'What sorcery is this...'

"Oh my god! Did Brother Li really shoot it down?"

"This doesn't make sense. Why can't I shoot one down even after wasting an entire clip."

"Perhaps it's because Brother Li has been shooting airplanes for the past eighteen years as a single man?"

"Hmm... I think the probability is there."

In the game, Liu Zilang regained his senses. He looked at the airdrop and realized that it was going to drop on the hill north of Valle del Mar.

"Brother Lang! Do you have any plans for this airdrop?" Lil Shou licked his lips.

Liu Zilang smiled. "The airdrop was shot down by Brother Li. We mustn't let them have it. Let's go."

Now that they had an airdrop to motivate them, they did not care if there was anyone guarding the bridge. Liu Zilang stepped on the pedal and zipped through the bridge.

They were shocked as they approached the bridgehead.

They saw four vehicles parked in a series as if it was saying that there was construction site up ahead and they were not allowed to pass through. It was a dead end.

Although it looked like there was a gap between the two vehicles, it was too small for a Mirado to fit through.

Meanwhile, the 4 Emperors Squad had spotted the Mirado within their sights from on top of the bridge. They were getting pumped up.

Huan Yu took a deep breath on the bridge as he reminded everyone, "Stay calm stay calm! Don't open fire yet! I'm sure they will get down from the vehicle and that will be our turn to strike!"

Zejw at the side laughed cunningly. "Why don't... we throw a Frag Grenade to spice things up?"

"A Frag Grenade? I don't think that's a good idea." Randy laughed craftily. "I think it's better to throw a Stun Grenade. Vic likes to pull those kinds of things, no? Let's have him have a taste of his own medicine!"

"Great idea!"

The three of their eyes lit up upon hearing his words!

WolfA did not have a Stun Grenade with him but he started sneering after pondering for a while.

Then, he took out a Molotov Cocktail.

The four of them prepared themselves. If everything went as planned, a tragedy would soon appear right before their very eyes...

Meanwhile, inside the Mirado that was whizzing through the bridge.

"Holysh*t. Which d*ck did this?"

Lil Shou vented out frustratedly in the car as he asked, "Brother Lang, why don't we get down and drive one of the cars?"

Brother Li and Cola looked at Liu Zilang simultaneously after they heard Lil Shou's words.

Meanwhile, Liu Zilang looked toward the front and seemed to be at a loss.

Soon, his frown loosened and the edge of his lips curled up.

'Blocking the bridge?'


A sharp chirp sounded as the Mirado started accelerating again!

Liu Zilang held onto the Shift button tightly as he headed straight toward the cars blocking the bridge.

Brother Li and the other two held onto their breaths.

However, they did not comment further as they placed all their trust on Liu Zilang. Meanwhile, the 4 Emperors Squad was shocked as they watched everything from the top of the bridge!

'That b*stard... could he be trying to run through it!'

"It's fine, it's fine!" Huan Yu said calmly, "It's impossible for him to run over it. He'll definitely stop and that's when we'll launch our attack!"

The other three found sense in it as well as they calmed their nerves.

Then, something happened that caused all of them to be speechless!

As the Mirado was about to crash into the vehicles, Liu Zilang drifted toward the railings at the side of the bridge!

Then, the body of the car grazed one of the abandoned vehicles, causing it to lose its balance. It started standing up from the side!


The Mirado moved with two wheels on the railing as it went straight toward the gap of the few vehicles parked at the end of the bridge!

Everything happened in the blink of an eye. Huan Yu and his squad were not able to react in time despite holding Stun Grenades in their hands!

They widened their eyes in disbelief as they watched the car pass through the gap casually as it stood on one side with its tires on the railing.

"Holysh*t. Is this the legendary Racer Overtake[1]?"

"It's the New Tri Dagger X[2]! It's you!"

"I'm utterly impressed with Vic for succeeding such an incredibly difficult attempt in one try!"

Huan Yu and the other three widened their eyes as they watched the miraculous scene!

'What kind of game is this?'

"Are you sure this is not GTA5?'

"Quickly quickly! Stop holding onto your Stun Grenades!"

The four of them anxiously put away their Stun Grenades and took out their weapons as they fired at the Mirado!

However, Liu Zilang turned the steering wheel after passing through the gap and landed from the railing.

He must have guessed that someone was hiding nearby, waiting to ambush them.

The enemies would not have set up the bridgehead like so had it not been to set an ambush. That was the reason why he did not stop the car.

Since he was not familiar with Miramar, he did not expect all four enemies to have climbed up the bridge just to ambush them from that place.

"Clink clink clank clank clink clink!"

A thunderstorm of bullets rained from behind as the spoiler behind the Mirado was filled with sparks and the sound of metal clattering against each other!

Liu Zilang did not stop moving as he continued driving forward toward the abandoned house that could be seen in front of him.

He had no choice. The Mirado's chassis was too low and the enemies were on top of the bridge. Their Mirado was ineffective as cover even if they stopped. Hence, all they could do was reach the building as soon as possible and hide behind it.


Brother Li was shot while he was sitting in the third position and his health was reduced slightly.

Throughout Brother Li's eSports career, other than the loss he had from Ma Datou, he had always returned fire when he was attacked by someone else.

He peeked out of the Mirado without any hesitation and started aiming with his 98K which was attached with a Red Dot Sight!


Brother Li had opened fire before Liu Zilang and the other two were able to react!

The lot above the bridge wanted to focus their fire onto Brother Li when they saw him peek out from the car.

Then, blood erupted from Huan Yu's head out of the blue!

He, who was originally lying prone on top of the bridge, arched his body up as he covered his abdomen.

"Hideonbush knocked out Huan Yu by headshot with Kar98K!"

As the Mirado passed by the abandoned building, Liu Zilang immediately took a turn and hid behind it.

They got down from the car and the three could not help but look at the 98K in Brother Li's hand.

'Perhaps Brother Li focuses on Attack Damage?'

After a moment of silence, Liu Zilang let out a dry cough. "Do you realize it now? This is the benefit of shooting the airplane! If it weren't for those few shots, would Brother Li have been able to fire that shot?"

Lil Shou and Cola were utterly speechless...

On the other hand, Brother Li looked extremely confused.


[1] This is a stunt from the anime Flash And Dash. It overtakes a vehicle with just two wheels.

[2] Tri Dagger X is a car model from the anime Flash and Dash.