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502 Exorcise The Demons!

 The 4 Emperors Squad hid discreetly at the opposite end of the bridgehead. Meanwhile, Liu Zilang's squad happily welcomed the golden harvest season at Prison.

Soon, Brother Li and the other two came out as well.

Cola and Lil Shou immediately brought Brother Li around as they watched Liu Zilang moving hastily outside Prison.

"I see you can play the game this way as well." Brother Li sounded impressed as if he had opened a door to a whole new world.

The few matches he played alone previously seemed to have only one option, which was to open his parachute. It was simple and dull. It was certain that Liu Zilang had definitely unlocked rich content in the game for him.

Liu Zilang turned around as he swapped the Uzi in his hand for the M16. It was only then he realized that Brother Li had picked up a familiar weapon from one of the crates.


Brother Li picked up the 98K confusingly. After reloading the weapon, he turned around and looked at Liu Zilang. "What weapon is this? It is powerful?"

The reason he did not ask Lil Shou and Cola was that Liu Zilang's response was easy to understand and acceptable to him.

As expected, when Liu Zilang heard Brother Li's question, he pondered for a while before responding, "If you take that weapon, you're no longer Graves."

"Who will I be?" Brother Li asked skeptically.

Liu Zilang replied as serious as possible, "You'll be Caitlyn! Caitlyn [1]who can only cast her Ultimate!"

Brother Li was confused as he questioned, "Can I lock onto someone's head with this weapon?"


Liu Zilang stuttered as all he could let out was a dry cough.

"About that... It's not that you can't lock onto your enemy's head. You'll have to do it manually. That's the challenge to see if you're a qualified Caitlyn."

Legend has it that there was once a player so good at playing Caitlyn that all his shots were headshots the moment he obtained the 98K...


The first Safe Zone had spawned by the time the four of them finished looting the crates.

Merciless, it was at the center of the map where Pecado was located. It included the Power Grid and Graveyard as well as Los Leones which was at the bottom right corner of the map.

Fortunately, the Mirado at the Prison's entrance had been spared by Liu Zilang so they were not that worried.

Liu Zilang drank an energy drink that he picked up earlier to boost his status. He then swiftly jumped into the vehicle and urged the other three to do so as well before they headed straight toward the Safe Zone.

The Mirado was an exclusive and new vehicle in Miramar. It was admittedly extremely fast!

All it took was a blink of an eye before the lot arrived at the long bridge located on the left side of Prison island.

"Brother Lang! Are we going to drive through it?" Lil Shou asked softly from the rear seat.

"A real man will face it upfront!" Liu Zilang laughed as he rubbed his chin. "Players in Miramar shouldn't be that free. They wouldn't ambush anyone here, right?"

He was shocked as he turned around innocently.

That was because Liu Zilang realized that Brother Li had tilted his body and the 98K was pointed at him.

Liu Zilang would be dead If he were to open fire by mistake.

At that instant, Liu Zilang could imagine the car jerking and causing Brother Li's finger to slip. Brother Li would misfire the sniper rifle and his head would explode like a watermelon...

Then, the sky started roaring.

Liu Zilang was alerted the instant he heard the sound of a plane. He then let out a dry cough and said, "Brother Li, have you shot an airplane before?"[2]

Lil Shou sounded confused.

Cola's face turned red as she did not know how to translate Liu Zilang's words.

Meanwhile, she could not help but think that even though Liu Zilang behaved like a serious man, he spoke like a gangster...

Liu Zilang heard Cola as he was driving the vehicle and immediately urged her, "Cola, please translate it to Brother Li quickly."

The viewers laughed uncontrollably when they heard Liu Zilang's words.

"Holysh*t. He's about to openly admit that he's acting tough here!"

"He's a perverted streamer! I'm going to report him!"

"I was wrong! I didn't know Vic was such a person!"

Liu Zilang realized the situation as he eyed the bullet screen of his stream.


'Why are these people so impure!'

He immediately added, "I didn't mean it that way, I'm just trying to ask if Brother Li has shot at the airplane in the sky before. Where have your thoughts gone to, Cola?"

Liu Zilang let out a helpless sigh as he finished speaking.

Cola's face turned as red as a tomato as she immediately translated Liu Zilang's words to Brother Li.

"Airplane? No."

Brother Li replied naively when he heard the question.

Liu Zilang said kindly, "Brother Li you've just started playing PUBG so you might not know yet but this game has a little trick. If you fire at the airplane, equipment will drop from it."

"Huh? Really?" Brother Li was skeptical.

"Have I lied to you before?" Liu Zilang said with a serious look on his face.

Brother Li pondered and realized it as well. Throughout the match, Liu Zilang's guidance had unlocked a lot of game content for him and it had given him a whole new experience.

Brother Li had no doubt in him as he pondered on.

He then raised up the muzzle of his gun away from Liu Zilang's head and aimed at the airplane that was flying from the south to the north in the sky.


A gunshot reverberated clearly as a bullet pierced through the sky!

However, the airplane remained fine and continued flying north.

Liu Zilang crooked his lips but he continued cheering for him. "Buckle up! There's nothing the 98K can't solve. If there is, another shot will do the trick!"

Brother Li nodded as he reloaded the 98K in his hands and opened fire once again.

The viewers in the live stream burst into laughter as they heard Liu Zilang's words.

"Poor Brother Li! Vic is such a b*stard."

"2333. I think Brother Li is going down the wrong path."

"Meanwhile, the 4 Emperors Squad was extremely excited when they heard gunshots coming from the other end of the bridgehead.

"It's coming! It's coming!"

"Haha, alright let's lie prone for now and wait for them to get down from their vehicle!"

"Are you prepared to capture a screenshot? Remember not to kill Vic immediately after you've knocked him out. I need to send it to my friends."

"No problem. We'll take turns for it. Everyone will get their chance."

"I feel extremely excited whenever I think of Asia's champion getting killed by our hands."

"There's Brother Li too! They're both demons! You can say that we're finally going to exorcise the demons!"

If there were a caster's perspective at that very moment, everyone would have realized that the four players from the 4 Emperors Squad had not set up their toll at the bridgehead. Instead, they had driven all the cars around the shore and blocked the bridge.

According to their plan, Liu Zilang's squad would be blocked by their blockage of cars at the bridgehead.

Then, they would take that opportunity to kill them as they laid prone above the bridge!

The emperors had put in a lot of effort in an attempt to stream snipe Liu Zilang...

However, reality often did not follow one's plan.


[1] Caitlyn is also a League of Legends Champion.

[2] There's a double meaning here in this phrase which is impossible to translate in English. Shooting the airplane can also mean beating the meat in Chinese. This explains why Cola blushes below.