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501 He’s Not A Hunter, Right?

 In order to not alert his enemies, Liu Zilang did not open fire at them when they were running.

In the blink of an eye, the enemy leading was out of the Prison. That person got into the vehicle.

\"Ryū ga waga teki wo kurau!\" [1]


An arrow pierced through the sky and whizzed toward him!

The guy in the driver's seat leaned his body sideways as he fell out of the vehicle.

\"Vic123 knocked out GalaxyOldChen by headshot with Crossbow!\"

OldChen who was about to drive the car away to escape was shocked when he saw the Kill Notification!

\"Holysh*t! That Vic is onto us!\"

\"Where is he? Where is he?\"

\"I don't know!\"

The three looked back at Prison with their weapons raised...

That was when the Crossbow's concealment shone very brightly.

The enemies were not able to locate Liu Zilang at all.

After Liu Zilang fired an arrow, he immediately jumped down from the balcony.

He made use of the messily placed abandoned cars at the entrance of Prison to obstruct his enemies' view. He then sneaked toward them with great agility.

The enemies could not locate Liu Zilang despite searching for a while. Even OldChen who had been shot by him looked around cautiously and could not spot him at all.

He crawled to the other side of the vehicle and tested the waters. \"I think I can be saved. He shouldn't be able to shoot me from here.\"

OldChen's teammate hesitated for a moment before crouching down to save him. He did so after making sure that no one was at the Prison.

However, what he did not know was that Liu Zilang had discreetly raised his Crossbow.

Liu Zilang's lips curled up as he looked at the two players crouching behind the car.


Another arrow was released!

A stationary target such as an enemy crouching down saving his teammate. Liu Zilang did not require too much concentration to assess the arrow's trajectory at such a distance.

Bull's eye!

\"F*ck! I'm down as well!\"

That's impossible! How could he have shot you from that location!\"

\"Be careful. I think that b*stard has sneaked over here!\"

Then, one of them shouted in shock, \"I see him. He's behind that big truck!\"

He raised his weapon and opened fire at Liu Zilang as he spoke.

\"Pew pew pew!\"

Bullets were fired toward Liu Zilang and sparks flew everywhere as they hit the back of the truck.


A grinding sound was heard. Liu Zilang had placed another arrow in his Crossbow.

He assessed the situation opposite of him as he hid behind the truck. He then jumped to the side of the vehicle, revealing himself as he welcomed the countless bullets heading toward him.

An arrow then pierced through the air and hit its target in the blink of an eye!

The entire arrow was inserted into the enemy's head as the feather at the back of the arrow trembled softly.

Another player had fallen!

It was then the remaining player hiding behind the car was shocked!

If he knew that he would encounter such a monster... He would not have come to Prison.

The viewers in the live stream were shocked as they watched the chain of exciting events!

\"Holysh*t. He's not a hunter, right?\"

\"He's definitely a hunter. He's an archer from the Elven race!\"

\"Wait a minute... Are you saying that he's going to eliminate an entire squad with only a Crossbow?\"

Meanwhile, many viewers in the live stream widened their eyes in fear as it dawned on them.

'Does this guy really think that he's Hanzo[2]?'

However, Liu Zilang's actions had told them that everything was limited to their imagination and there was nothing he could not do.

Liu Zilang stopped hiding behind the vehicle and fired another arrow. As he walked out from behind the vehicle with his Crossbow in hand, it looked like he was carrying an ax instead.

The enemy behind the car watched Liu Zilang walk towards him as if it were death itself was approaching him. The latter was obviously using a Crossbow that practically nobody used in the game, yet the former was beyond terrified despite having an M16.

\"Do you guys think... that it's too late for me to surrender?\"

\"Perhaps you can give it a try?\"

\"Just tell him we're his fans from the live stream!\"

\"Good idea. Vic must be streaming right now. I refuse to believe that he would kill his own fans in front of all of his viewers.\"

The four discussed and came up with this idea.

Then, the one crouching behind the car opened All Chat and shouted, \"Captain, don't fire! I'm friendly!\"

\"What are you talking about?\" Liu Zilang's voice could be heard.

\"I'm... I'm your fan,\" The man responded immediately.

\"Oh, you're a fan! Why didn't you say so.\"

Liu Zilang slowed down his pace.

The player calmed down when he heard Liu Zilang. In order to show his sincerity, he quickly stood up from behind the vehicle and said, \"That's right, that's right! My teammates and I love your streams. We're all your fans.\"

\"All of you are my fans?\"

Liu Zilang sounded skeptical. \"How about this. In order to test whether or not you guys are really my fans, I'll ask you a question on some general knowledge that those who watch my streams would know.\"

That player, in fact, watched Liu Zilang's streams on a constant basis.

Once he heard that it was a general knowledge question, he replied confidently, \"Ask all you want! A true fan likes to be challenged!\"

Liu Zilang cleared his throat. \"Uhm... What's the multiplication of my stream channel's six digits and then divided by six?\"

That man was utterly confused.

\"3! 2...\"

\"Wait a minute, why's there a countdown?\"


Just as Liu Zilang finished counting down, he raised his Crossbow without any hesitation and fired at him!


The sound of an arrow piercing through a skull was heard.

Soon, the player fell to the ground with an arrow stuck in his head...

'What the f*ck... Is this guy really a b*stard?'

Liu Zilang shook his head. \"How dare you claim that you're a true fan when you don't even know this? Sigh, scammers these days are everywhere.\"

The viewers in the live stream burst into laughter when they heard Liu Zilang's words.

\"GG! Is he starting his sh*t?\"

\"Puhaha, the number of fans has been reduced by 4! I've subscribed to this viewer killer!\"

\"Someone quickly calculate the multiplication of Vic's stream channel and divide it by 6. It might be useful in the future.\"

The 4 Emperors Squad which was situated at the bridgehead toward the north was shocked when they watched the sadistic scene on the stream!

Huan Yu could not help but comment, \"Holysh*t. One of you quickly calculate the multiplication of Vic's stream channel and divide it by 6.\"

\"I calculated it just now. It can't be divided by 6,\" Randy responded.

\"Fine! Everyone stop calculating.\" Zejw scoffed. \"Do you guys really think that he won't attack if we get it right?\"

Everything dawned on the four of them!

WolfA butted in, \"That's right! That guy is merciless and cunning. He'll definitely not let us go unharmed!\"

\"Let's stop pondering about this and seal up the entire bridge.\"

Zejw stared at the other end of the bridge as he made a decisive decision.

\"We're unworthy if we fail here!\"


[1] Hanzo's quote when he uses the skill Dragonstrike from Overwatch. It means \"The dragon consumes my enemies.\"

[2] Hanzo is an Archer from the game Overwatch