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500 My Surname Is Fei, Yet I Can’t Fly Into Your Heart!

 Title Translator's Note: Fei means to fly in Chinese. It's a pun.

\"Holysh*t! Seven-chan is amazing!\"

\"He's alright. Looks like you don't call him the prince of AK for nothing!\"

\"Wait a minute... why's it that their

IDs look so familiar?\"

\"Why do you care about that? There are still others opposite of us. I'll force the last one out by killing one of the fallen ones. I refuse to believe that he won't come out to save his teammates.\"

Mr.Seven looked at the three fallen players and started sneering at them. \"I wonder who'll be the lucky kid?\"

A click came from his hand as he spoke!

He took out the clip and reloaded his AK.

As Mr.Seven was reloading his weapon, a figure appeared on the first floor where he had jumped down earlier!

'Hey kid. Have you ever seen a drop shot... with a Pan?'

The figure promptly jumped down.


The clear sound reverberated in everyone's ears...

\"CoCo knocked out Mr.Seven by headshot with Pan!\"

\"Nice one Cola! Beautifully done!\"

Liu Zilang clenched his fists.

He was preparing for the next game as he did not expect Cola to be able to fulfill her role at the most critical moment and turn the tables around...

\"About that... Why did he die instantly with just a slap?\" Cola asked confusingly.

Lil Sou introduced it to her, \"Sister Cola, the Pan is actually the strongest cold weapon in the game. It can be used to protect your upper body and buttock. You can say that it's an offensive and defensive weapon!\"

\"That's amazing!\" Cola was in disbelief.

Then, Cola went ahead to revive Liu Zilang.

There were a total of two enemy squads that had landed in Prison. Since they had only taken out one squad, it was natural that Cola would revive the strongest warrior in her squad first.

After Liu Zilang was pulled up, he used bandages he obtained from the crates while Cola transformed herself into a medic. She went to save Brother Li who had fallen outside.

'What a kind lady!'

Liu Zilang praised her in his heart as he watched her move around busily.

\"Brother Lang! Brother Lang!\" Lil Shou's disheartened voice came from behind. \"I'm... I'm here.\"

\"Oh, I almost forgot!\" Liu Zilang smacked his head.

Lil Shou was confused.

'What the f*ck!'

'Is my presence that insignificant?'

\"Thud thud thud!\"

As Lil Shou cried bitterly on the ground, the sound of bullets hitting a metal door was heard at the building's rear door!

\"Ahh! I'm under attack!\"

Cola was startled while reviving Brother Li and she ran back out of fear.

However, she heard a thud behind her as she was retreating!

A bullet pierced through Brother Li's leg as he was kneeling on the ground, and a huge portion of his health was chipped off.

Cola realized the situation said anxiously, \"Ahh! Please save Brother Li\"

\"Wait for a moment! I'm going to switch my weapon.\"

Liu Zilang had determined that the gunshot originated from the warehouse beside Prison.

The distance between the buildings was neither far nor close but the Uzi in his hand was definitely unsuited for the situation.

An idea popped in his head as he recalled the enemy that was hiding earlier...

Cola saw Brother Li who was kneeling outside get shot in the leg once more when she heard Liu Zilang's words. He had less than a third of his health left.

In a situation of life or death, she gritted her teeth and sprung into action as she realized Liu Zilang was still putting an arrow into his crossbow.

She used her own body to shield Brother Li.

The viewers in the live stream widened their eyes in shock as they saw the scene!

\"Holysh*t! They're officially torturing them!\"

\"We're not playing the same game at all. Why didn't any ladies come and block bullets for me?\"

\"Sob, cold dog food is being forced down my throat and my warm tears are mixing in...\"

\"It's fake! It's all fake! Brother Li don't fall for it. Have you forgotten about Enjing from Daming Lakeside?\"

\"Brother Li: My surname is Fei, yet I can't fly into your heart.\"

\"Stop talking about it. I'm sure Brother Li is mentally tired. That \"I love you\" seems to give less courage now.\"

In the game, Liu Zilang who had just finished reloading the Crossbow was shocked when he saw it. He could vaguely smell a strong stench.

However, he immediately reminded Cola as she kept screaming in fear. \"I'm coming I'm coming! The Pan, use the Pan to block the bullets!\"

\"Oh oh!\"

Cola reacted immediately as she anxiously held up her Pan.

Liu Zilang raised his Crossbow and walked toward the door as he assessed the situation. \"Crouch down!\"

Cola was slightly startled before she followed Liu Zilang's order to crouch down.

Then, everything became clear as day to Liu Zilang!

He tilted his head and immediately raised the crossbow in his arm.


An explosive sound came from the string of the crossbow as an arrow pierced through the air and whizzed forward silently!

In the blink of an eye, a Kill Notification appeared on the screen.

\"Vic123 knocked out LoveMangoAndTomato-chan by headshot with Crossbow!\"

The enemy that had been aiming from the warehouse fell to the ground as an arrow pierced through his head...

\"Crawl in here! Crawl in quickly!\" Liu Zilang reminded.

Brother Li and Cola immediately crawled into the room.

Liu Zilang was planning to head over there and eliminate the entire squad.

However, Lil Shou's voice rang in his ear again.

\"Brother Lang, Brother Lang! What about me! I'm still knocked out!\"

Liu Zilang reacted swiftly and apologized profusely, \"I'm sorry, I forgot about you.\"

Lil Shou was utterly speechless once again...

'What the f*ck!'

'Am I really that invisible to you?'

Soon, Liu Zilang and Cola revived Lil Sou and Brother Li simultaneously.

Cola was more than willing to throw out bandages and first aid kits in front of Brother Li...

On the other hand, the neglected Lil Shou had to go to a corner and use bandages to mend his broken heart.

Liu Zilang shook his head as he watched. He was wondering if Brother Li was going to have a second relationship...

However, Liu Zilang could not help but walk over to Lil Shou after he saw him in the corner.

Lil Shou was happy as he thought Liu Zilang was going to give him a first aid kit, iced coke...

Liu Zilang then threw one of the remaining two bandages he had on the floor.

Lil Shou was confused.

Liu Zilang asked with concerned, \"Is it enough? I have more if you don't.\"

\"It's more than enough! Brother Lang you treat me the best.\"

The next moment, Lil Shou's heart was utterly broken.


Liu Zilang swiftly climbed up the building and got to the balcony outside Prison.

The last squad in Prison had pulled their teammate up who Liu Zilang had knocked out earlier. However, they seemed to have recognized Liu Zilang's ID.

As they realized that their ambush was a failure, they seemed to be preparing to leave the area.

However, there was a Mirado parked at the entrance of Prison.

Liu Zilang squinted as he started smiling while staring at it.

'The huge dinosaur, my eyes are on you!'