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499 Expert Of Crotch-strike, Arcane Shift!

 Title Translator's Note: Arcane Shift is Ezreal's ability in League of Legends.

One could imagine a hefty man closing in on a young lady at the corner of a wall in the setting of a quiet prison.

Many would feel indignant upon witnessing such a thing, they would want a piece of it as well.

Nevertheless, the current situation involved a lady with a ponytail. She was pressing a man with a shotgun against the corner of a wall as she wielded her fists at his chest...


The man who was reloading his shotgun quivered!

In order to prevent her from jumping whereby she would punch his head, he quickly jumped before she did!

However, the instant the man jumped, an unforeseen incident took place!

Liu Zilang crouched all of a sudden, such that his head hit the man's crotch as soon as he stood up right after.

The next second, the man who was stuck at the corner was at a loss as he was pushed off the ground.

Next, Liu Zilang looked up to give him a \"foot massage\" as he began punching his feet.

The spectators in his live streaming channel were absolutely stupefied upon witnessing this!

\"This... is this 'monkey steals the peach'?\"

\"What do you mean by monkey steals the peach? Look at his speed, he's obviously like a celestial being picking grapes!\"

\"All of you, enough. Vic's trick was definitely one from Teacher Ma!\"


A muzzle flash ignited from the gun and a shot was blasted out!

When the player on top of Liu Zilang's head noticed that his health was constantly declining, he had quickly fired a shot after loading a single bullet.

Subsequently, he swung his shotgun at Liu ZIlang!

Nonetheless, given that he was in such a tricky position, it was too difficult for him to aim.

Though he blasted a shot at Liu Zilang, it only brushed Liu Zilang's back a little. Hence, he did not cause any significant damage!


Seeing as the situation was not in his favor, the player quickly inserted another 12 gauge shell into the barrel of his gun.

On the other hand, Liu Zilang launched a fiery punch right at that player's crotch!

\"Vic123 knocked out BrotherNine with Fist!\"

\"Brother Lang! We're here to support you!\"

The second Liu Zilang knocked out his opponent, three players barged into the room at the same time and began bashing up the player.

Before BrotherNine who had been knocked out by a \"crotch-strike\" came to his senses, he was killed by the others.

Upon seeing this, Liu Zilang shook his head and then picked up an Uzi that was beside him.

Since the player was there alone, it meant that his teammates were likely nearby, thus Liu Zilang needed to be cautious.

Once the player was killed, Liu Zilang's teammates stared at the shotgun in the crate and hesitated.

\"Brother Li, pick it up.\" Little Shou knew what was right to do.

\"Eh, I don't really know how to use this, you can pick it up.\" Brother Li quickly waved his hand to reject his offer.

At that moment, Liu Zilang was on his guard as he listened for any footsteps that approached them.

When he heard that they were being polite to each other over a shotgun, he chuckled. \"Brother Li, just take it since Little Shou offered you. It's actually a simple gun to use. Have you...played Graves [1]before?\"


Brother Li nodded. \"I played him a few times.\"

\"That'll do!\"

Liu Zilang continued in a serious manner, \"Pick that up, and you'll turn into Graves!\"

Both Little Shou and Cola were at a loss for words. \"...\"

Even the spectators in his live streaming channel were speechless.

\"Hand over a Coke to our boss! An iced one!\"

\"Pfft, haha! This is cracking me up, Vic teaching is really something!\"

\"Wait, why isn't my shotgun as huge as his?\"

\"Brother Li: I trusted you!\"

In the game, Brother Li decided to pick up the shotgun after hearing Liu Zilang's comment.

\"Shh! Someone's coming!\" Without warning, Liu Zilang alerted the rest.

Soon enough, someone appeared at the back entrance of Prison's main building.



Before Liu Zilang could respond to the situation, a crossbow arrow brushed past his ear.

He was left startled for a while before he realized what had happened.

'Of course, a hanzo!'

Liu Zilang quickly called out, \"Brother Li, have you reloaded your gun? You'll go left and I\"ll go right, let's settle him first.\"

\"Alright,\" Brother Li answered him. Being a legendary player himself, he was not afraid at all.

Meanwhile, Cola and Little Shou immediately ran upstairs to look for guns.


When the two of them came closer to their opponents, another crossbow arrow attacked them!

However, it was evident that the person who shot it was not a professional hanzo. The arrows shot by him were totally inaccurate.

When Brother Li noticed the player place another arrow on his crossbow, he strode toward that player to seize the opportunity!


With that being said, as he blasted a shot with his shotgun, two unforeseen gunshots were heard from behind him!

\"Hideonbush knocked out Ms.Five with S1897!\"

\"BrotherSix knocked out Hideonbush with S686!\"


'Are current players so sharp-witted?'

Liu Zilang was in a daze.

'They were clearly baiting us!'

Anyhow, since Brother Li had been knocked out, Liu Zilang dashed over with his Uzi in order to prevent him from being killed right away.

Once he exited the door, he jumped sideways and switched to his first-person perspective!



\"Tu, tu, tu-!\"

Obviously, that player did not expect to see Liu Zilang fly out from the door. Hence, the two shots fired by him missed.

It was worth noting that as compared to the S1897, the S686 was more like a blade. One should press forward courageously with it!

For all that, since that player failed to kill Liu Zilang who was advancing without fear, he was ready to be slaughtered.

As soon as Liu Zilang landed, he killed that player calmly.

After Brother Li witnessed the whole process, he was left open-mouthed. \"You... what was that?\"

Without turning back, Liu Zilang replied, \"Ezreal's Arcane Shift! Brother Li, haven't you played him before?\"

Brother Li was stunned.

Later, he nodded meaningfully.

'I see!

'I get it now!'

Liu Zilang was not aware that he was getting the devil king hooked on the chicken dinner game.

He said in their voice chat, \"Be careful, there's one more player left in their squad. I'm guessing that he landed on the rooftop of the building.\"

Right after he remarked, gunshots were heard from above him!

\"Tu, tu, tu-!\"

It turned out that Liu Zilang was unable to hear his footsteps earlier because that player had been crouching above him all along.

That player grabbed the opportunity by jumping down with his AK.

\"Tu, tu, tu-!\"

\"Tu, tu, tu-!\"

Owing to the fact that Liu Zilang had lost some health previously, and that the AK's damage was high, his opponent managed to take him down first. This would have happened no matter how fast he reacted.

\"Mr.Seven knocked out Vic123 with AKM!\"

At once, the spectators in Liu Zilang's live streaming channel were shocked!

'Oh no!'

However, it was then when Little Shou found a UMP9 upstairs and was running toward him!

\"Everyone, don't panic! I'm coming...\"

\"Tu, tu, tu-!\"

Before he could finish, the player who knocked out Liu Zilang tilted sideways and then fired multiple shots at Little Shou...


'Mr.Seven is really something!'

Liu Zilang's mouth twitched as he was certain that he was going to die for sure!


[1] A champion in League of Legends who uses a two-shell shotgun