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498 Brother Li Is Hung, And He Grows Toward Death?

 In the game, they were brought to Miramar by a random pick by the system.

The flight route extended from Prison which was on the bottom left corner of the map, to Campo Militar which was on the top right corner of the map. It had split the map diagonally into half.

Liu Zilang took a look at the map and then casually marked Pecado with a yellow mark.

When Brother Li saw his mark, he trembled in fear as if it had triggered an unpleasant memory of his.

He scratched his head as he suggested, \"That... how about we change the location to somewhere else?\"

After Miss Cola translated, the spectators in his live streaming channel convulsed with laughter.

\"Brother Li remembered the terror he felt when he landed as a crate previously.\"

\"Pfft, haha, I can't believe that Brother Li is terrified.\"

Upon hearing him, Liu Zilang cracked up too.

Nonetheless, he was unfamiliar with Miramar because apart from Pecado and Hacienda del Patron, he barely explored other areas.

Once he thought about it, he asked their fourth teammate who had the ID \"LifeIsStressful\", \"Little Shou, do you have anywhere to recommend?\"


When LifeIsStressful heard Liu Zilang's question, he twitched his mouth.

As if he had been wronged, he responded, \"Brother Lang, how about you change the way you address me?\"

\"Oh, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.\"

Liu Zilang immediately apologized as he was aware that it sounded somewhat inappropriate, thus he quickly corrected himself, \"I'll call you Shoushou then.\"

Right away, LifeIsStressful shivered, and replied with tears in his eyes, \"Brother Lang... you... you can just call me Little Shou.\"

\"You should've said so earlier,\" Liu Zilang complained. \"You clearly liked how I addressed you in the first place, yet you made me correct myself. You weren't being honest at all.

\"Alright, I'll call you Little Shou.\"

\"...\" Little Shou was speechless.

\"Pfft, haha!\"

In the voice chat, Cola chuckled when she heard their conversation.

Before this, she had heard of how the Chicken King of Douyu's Attractive Section was a very playful one. Now, she had finally witnessed that his playfulness had no limits!

At last, owing to Little Shou's suggestion, the four of them decided to land at Prison.

Other than its poor geographical location and its lack of access to transportation, it was quite a resourceful spot. After all, so long as the flight route passed by it, many people would land there.

For example, the situation at hand.

Once Brother Li jumped off the airplane and noticed the number of parachutes around him, he cursed to himself!

He felt as if he was back in Pecado.

Nevertheless, they did not know that while they landed at Prison at the bottom left corner of Miramar map, a squad of players had landed quietly at Valle del Mar. Valle del Mar was across the bridge north of Prison.

\"Huan Yu, didn't we agree that we'll snipe Vic? Why are we here?\" A player called Zejw asked.

\"Exactly! Why the f*ck did I jump here with you guys?\" Wolf A raised the question.

On the other hand, Randy was feeling dubious. \"Don't tell me you're scared? Huan Yu?\"

The spectators in Liu Zilang's live streaming channel would understand at once if they saw those players' I'd. This was because those players were the Douyu Emperors on the weekly announcement board of Liuzilang's live streaming channel.

Seeing as the two devil kings had collaborated, those players were thrilled to join them in the same match and they actually succeeded!

In actual fact, sniping squads like these were common in live streaming channels. Despite that, due to the fact that there were so many players in PUBG's international server, even if players clicked \"Ready\" at the same time, it was not easy to be matched into the same match as the streamer. Hence, the \"4 Emperors Squad\" was one of the luckier squads.

As Huan Yu heard the comments from his teammates, he replied in disdain, \"Are you a fool! Aren't we just courting death if we jump to where Vic is?

\"We'll loot this area first! Once we're done, we'll block the bridge. Doesn't that sound great?\"

\"Eh? That makes a lot of sense!\" Randy nodded.

\"I never knew that you were so far-sighted!\" Zejw praised.

Right then, Wolf A raised a question, \"What if... the safe zone spawns to the southern island?\"

When they heard Wolf A's concern, they all fell silent...


Those who had plans for the future would find trouble at their doorstep too.

Even if Liu Zilang was aware of the 4 Emperors Squad in the north, he would not be bothered. This was because after making a rough estimation, he realized that including them, there were a total of three squads that had jumped to Prison.

If he was together with GodV or Shen Zeyan, the other two squads would be a piece of cake in a random matchmade game as such.

However, his teammates were Brother Li who played the game like it was a parachute simulator, Little Shou, and Cola whose skills were still unknown.

Given his squad composition, Liu Zilang was not confident if he could survive long.

With that being said, after jumping off the plane multiple times, he wanted to let Brother Li have a good experience of the game. Therefore, Liu Zilang instructed, \"Brother Li, don't run away once you land, stick with me.\"

As soon as Cola and Little Shou heard him, they asked, \"What about us?\"

\"Cola, you're his translator, come with us.\" Liu Zilang thought for a while and then continued, \"As for Little Shou... we'll meet again when fate brings us together.\"

\"...\" Little Shou was speechless.

\"Pfft, haha! This is too real!\"

\"He hammered him in his face! I don't think Vic is a gay, he rejected him just like that.\"

\"I think it's hard to tell, we shouldn't exclude the possibility that he was doing it on purpose. For all you know, he may secretly add Little Shou on WeChat later.\"

\"Nonsense! Vic isn't like that, is he? Eh... maybe he really is!\"

Since it was a straight jump down from the flight route, soon enough, they arrived at the height that their parachutes had to be opened.

\"Poof, poof, poof!\"

The sound of parachutes being opened filled the air!

On his way down, Liu Zilang spiraled and landed at the entrance of the middle building in Prison.

In spite of that, just as he was about to enter the building, Brother Li shrieked in the air.

\"Brother Li's hung up there!\" Little Shou yelled.

When Liu Zilang turned to look, his eyes twitched the moment he noticed Brother Li hanging on Prison's metal frame.

'What the f*ck!'

He quickly shouted at him, \"Brother Li, don't panic! I'll go in to get a gun first, try pressing your F key a few more times.\"

Right after that, he rushed into the building.

Whenever many people landed at the same spot in PUBG, every second mattered.

Earlier when Liu Zilang turned around, he missed his golden opportunity to pick up a gun.

As expected, as soon as he entered the building, he saw someone picking up an S1897. That person turned around with an evil smile on his face...

At that moment, it was difficult for Liu Zilang to escape. He quickly instructed Cola and Little Shou who were behind him, \"Quick, quick! Attack together! Let's punch him!\"

Right after he finished, he wielded his fists as he ran toward that player.

Despite that, when he turned to look, he realized that Little Shou and Cola were nowhere to be found!

'F*ck! They're not faithful at all!'

Liu Zilang was extremely furious and began losing hope.

In any case, Brother Li was hung up there...

Having said that, just as he launched a fist at his opponent at the corner of the wall, the next second, something unexpected happened!