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497 There’s Only One Brother Li On Douyu!

 There was only one Brother Li on Douyu and that person was definitely not Li Laoba.

Brother Li was an outstanding mid player of a squad. His real name was Li Xianghe and he had remarkable talent as well as perseverance in MOBA eSports games. Hence, he was titled \"devil king\" by his fans.

He was absolutely in love with games.

Nonetheless, throughout his professional career that was like a rollercoaster ride, it was not his losses at competitions that were when he hit rock bottom. However, it was when he encountered a man called \"Ma Datou\"...

Of course, that was another story.

That night, Brother Li streamed live on Douyu at an irregular time and the game server was temporarily under maintenance.

Therefore, he could only \"build bridges\" by himself.

At that time, Cola the translator noticed his spectators'\"dying wish\" in the bullet screen. Hence, she could not help but ask him in Korean.

\"PUBG?\" Brother Li adjusted the glass on the bridge's nose and then asked as he was unsure, \"Are there many spectators who want to watch?\"

\"Yes, yes! Many, many spectators want to watch you play!\"

Cola replied with a sweet voice but also a rather exaggerated tone.

\"Oh.\" Brother Li pondered for a while before he nodded. \"Alright, I'll play a few rounds.\"

Since he was an amiable person, he rarely rejected his spectators' requests.

Hence, after creating an account, Brother Li the devil king went offline.

With that, Parachuter No.1 Li Xianghe came online.

Five times in a row, before Brother Li could even get an idea of what a blue circle was, he was dead.

\"This is cracking me up, I can't believe that Brother Li actually went through such a miserable phase.\"

\"In just ten minutes, he's been on the plane five times, what a bargain!\"

\"Brother Li is expressing how fun the parachuting game is!\"

\"I noticed that Brother Li is improving a lot, his instant death is not inferior to Teacher Ma's at all!\"

\"Please, stop it, go look for someone to carry Brother Li!\"

\"I think Vic is online! Anyone wants to go to the Chicken King's live streaming channel with me to request for reinforcements?\"

\"Attention! Later at the Attractive Section, remember not to fall behind no matter what! Don't click into any young lady's channel.\"


Concurrently, in Liu Zilang's live streaming channel.

After turning on his live stream, he was about to chat with his spectators about the competition that had taken place that afternoon.

Right then, a group of spectators flooded his channel and began spamming the bullet screen.

\"Chicken King, please carry Brother Li!\"

\"Brother Li is about to become autistic from parachuting.\"

\"GreedForEarthlyBonds sent the streamer a super rocket - Streamer, please let Brother Li experience the game!\"

\"SugarCube sent the streamer a super rocket - Quick, tell Brother Li that PUBG isn't a parachute simulator.\"

When Liu Zilang saw the bullet screen on his live streaming channel, he was confused. \"Brother Li? Who's Brother Li?\"

Upon hearing Liu Zilang's question, the viewers flooded his bullet screen with comments once again.

\"There's only one Brother Li in Douyu, that's my Li Xianghe!\"

\"Of course Brother Li is the devil king, Faker!\"

\"Both of you are devil Kings. You can't just watch him die, Chicken King!\"

Seeing as the fans from another streamer's live streaming channel had sent him super rockets, Liu Zilang would have felt bad if he did not agree to it.

On the other hand, he was also curious about Brother Li who was mentioned because his name sounded familiar.

After thinking about it, he laughed as he said, \"Alright, ask him to join me on YY. Oh right, spectators who clicked in, remember to subscribe!\"

However, it was not Cola the translator who contacted Liu Zilang later but the official staff of Douyu.

It turned out that once the super admin noticed the situation and reported it, the manager of Douyu's live streaming channel realized how it could be a subject of a talk. Hence, he quickly arranged a meeting for the two of them.

Before long, the officials set up a train banner on the homepage with a title that read, \"Shocking news! The first collaboration of the two devil kings, and it's actually because...\"

When Liu Zilang noticed the banner on the homepage, his face turned dark!

'Shocking my*ss!'

All of a sudden, the sweet voice of a lady was heard in his YY.

\"Hey, hey, hey, are you there? Are you there?\"

\"I'm here, I'm here,\" Liu Zilang quickly responded, \"I'm Vic.\"

\"Hehe, call me Cola, this is Brother Li.\"

\"Annyeonghaseyo...\" Li Xianghe immediately greeted him but he sounded shy.

Although he could not speak Mandarin, he was familiar with the name \"Brother Li\", which was what his Hua Xia fans usually called him.

Thus, as soon as he heard Cola say that, he replied.

\"Brother Li? It's an honor to meet you at last!\"

Liu Zilang did not say that out of courtesy. Instead, he had spent some time searching on Baidu and found that apart from Brother Li's glorious and legendary professional career, there was also something interesting about him...

Nevertheless, it was not the time for it. Since everyone was ready, Liu Zilang asked, \"What are your IDs? I'll add you in.\"

\"Mine is CoCo, let me check Brother Li's ID... it's Hideonbush, I've shared it on the public screen.\"

Cola smiled with her eyes squinted. \"I'll join you guys, mainly to translate for Brother Li. Don't despise me for being a noob.\"

\"No worries, no worries, just protect Brother Li.\"

Liu Zilang chuckled and then copied their IDs to add them into his squad.

Once the three of them were ready, the screen changed.

\"Are we playing a three-man squad?\" Cola asked.

\"I think it'll be four of us, I forgot to deselect the auto-matching option.\" Liu Zilang shook his head as he laughed. \"Forget it, we'll just carry that other player.\"

Next, the three of them appeared in Mirama's prison spawn area.

When the match began, before the three of them could say anything, a loud shout was heard in their voice chat!

\"F*ck! I did it! I got matched with them!\"

\"Really? F*ck, you did it, brother!\"

\"Quick, say hi to them!\"

\"Vic, you're awesome!\"

\"F*ck, is that how you greet someone?\"

\"Brother Li, all the best! Hammer Ma Datou in his face! Be brave to love!\"


Liu Zilang almost dissolved in laughter when he heard the last comment.

Brother Li heard someone call his name but he was rather baffled so he asked, \"Ma... Ma Datou?\"

The spectators in their live streaming channels burst out laughing upon hearing his remarks.

'Looks like we've been matched with a university student who lives in a hostel. It explains the overflowing youth...' Liu Zilang thought to himself.

At that moment, someone spoke while trying to hold back his excitement, \"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, my roommates like to fool around. Vic, I'm your ultimate fan!\"

\"Fella, you have good taste!\"

Liu Zilang was instantly overjoyed and could not help but ask, \"Between Master Ze and I, who do you think is better?\"

\"Uh...\" That person hesitated for a while before he answered, \"Fifty-fifty?\"

Upon hearing his answer, before Liu Zilang could express his dissatisfaction, it seemed like the answer triggered Brother Li's memory.

That was because being in Korea, he vaguely remembered being rated the same way with another person...