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496 The First Meeting Of Two Devil Kings! Part 3

 A while into their conversation later, Liu Zilang finally calmed down.

'I see, SST actually meant that I could assist them in training Misaka Mikoto. After all, Japan's eSports scene...


'But Misaka Mikoto, why did that silly girl use the word tame...'

Looking at Misaka Mikoto clench her fists together as she looked up at him eagerly, Liu Zilang let out a dry cough. \"Uhm... you can stay here.\"

Later, he continued in a serious manner, \"But don't mention anything about taming you, I'm not that kind of person!\"

\"Oh, yay!\"

Instantly, Misaka Mikoto was so elated that she did not pay any attention to the rest of Liu Zilang's words.

She jumped on him and gave him a big hug before rubbing her face against his arms adorably. \"Shifu, you're too nice!\"

'No, no!

'My health can't keep up.'

Liu Zilang pulled his arms out silently and then coughed a little before he mentioned, \"That, uh... you can stay but you'll have to be bear a small part of...\"

\"I know!\" Misaka Mikoto announced loudly. \"Shifu, I'll do the laundry, prepare meals, mop the floor, and...\"

\"Alright, alright.\" Liu Zilang cut her off and glanced at her with a rather upset look.

'Ah, I guess I can't ask her for rent anymore...'


Once they were at the exit, they met Zhang Xiaotong and Wang Qianqian/ They had been waiting for Liu Zilang outside the stadium.

When they noticed Misaka Mikoto who was behind him, there was a strange look on them.

Nonetheless, the expression on Zhang Xiaotong's face was quickly replaced by a joyful one whereas Wang Qianqian crossed her arms in front of her chest as she smirked.

'What are you smiling at!'

Liu Zilang glared at her snappily.

In addition, he felt somewhat downhearted.

This was because the instant he saw Wang Qianqian, he realized that Misaka Mikoto was not the only freeloader at home...

'What a big loss!'

By the time they arrived home, the sky dusked.

Since the curtains had descended on the Asia Qualifier, it was likely that the internet was going to be very lively that night.

When they entered through the door, they bumped into the housekeeping aunty who was about to leave.

After greeting her, Liu Zilang recalled something and quickly reminded the aunty that there would be four people staying at the house in the future. Hence, she would have to make more dishes for them.

Upon hearing Liu Zilang's request, the housekeeping aunty glanced at Misaka Mikoto and Wang Qianqian and then nodded with a smile.

However, when she removed her apron and was ready to leave, she suddenly looked at Liu Zilang with a complicated look.


Liu Zilang who was bringing the dishes out from the kitchen was stunned.


'Aunty, what are you trying to say?'


Before he could ask her, the housekeeping aunty shut the door.

Liu Zilang rubbed his chin and pondered to himself.

Right then, Misaka Mikoto carried out a big bowl of tomato soup and yelled all the way as she walked out of the kitchen.

Liu Zilang's eyes twitched when he saw her. He immediately took the bowl away from her, and walked toward the table quickly to place it down.


'That's f*cking hot!

'The problem is, why did you fill it so full?'

Nevertheless, when he turned around to look, he saw Misaka Mikoto blowing at her reddened fingers. Her eyes were filled with tears.

He could only sigh as he pulled her into the kitchen again and placed her reddened fingers under the faucet.

He then turned on the tap so cold water would flow down.


Misaka Mikoto sighed a long breath of relief and appeared to be satisfied. She uttered softly, \"It feels so good! Shifu~!\"

\"Thump, thump, thump-!\"


The kitchen door was pushed open.

Wang Qianqian peeked in to look. She stared at the two of them suspiciously.

'What are you staring at?'

Liu Zilang was confused.

\"Uh...\" Wang Qianqian realized that she had been staring for too long, and she chuckled. \"I was wondering if you needed help.\"

\"You're just in time.\" Liu Zilang continued, \"Mikoto burned her fingers, I'll go get some cream.

\"While I look for it... can you help bring these out?\"


Initially, Wang Qianqian was there to help.

However, since Liu Zilang had suddenly left everything to her, she was reluctant to help.

She blinked and then asked, \"Is it possible for me to apply the cream on her fingers, while you bring the dishes out?\"

\"Do you know where the cream is?\" Liu Zilang questioned her.

Wang Qianqian was at a loss for words. She watched Liu Zilang and Misaka Mikoto brush past her, she could only bring the dishes out.

After Liu Zilang applied some burn relief cream on Misaka Mikoto's fingers, the two of them made their way to the dining table.

At that time, Zhang Xiaotong had changed into casual clothes. When she saw Liu Zilang leading Misaka Mikoto out to the dining room, she was startled.

Later, she lowered her head and began eating quietly.

On the other hand, Liu Zilang did not think too much about the situation. As soon as they were seated, he reminded Misaka Mikoto, \"Be careful next time, I'm expecting you to do the laundry, prepare meals, and mop the floor.\"

\"Mmm, mmm.\" Misaka Mikoto quickly nodded.

In fact, those were the exact words said by Misaka Mikoto at the stadium in the afternoon and he only repeated it with the intention of teasing her.

However, those words sounded like sudden claps of thunder to Zhang Xiaotong and Wang Qianqian.

'Waiting for you to do the laundry, prepare meals, and mop the floor?'

Zhang Xiaotong who was eating with her head lowered froze upon hearing that.

On top of that, Wang Qianqian widened her eyes as well and shrieked, \"You're too...too fast!\"

\"What do you mean by fast!\" Liu Zilang scowled at her. \"And you! Yes, stop staring! I'm talking about you.

\"Given that it was my dad's idea for you to stay here, you don't need to do chores to pay off your rent.\"

Liu Zilang pondered and then giggled. \"How about this, in the future, you'll make tea and provide massage services!\"

Once Zhang Xiaotong and Wang Qianqian heard Liu Zilang, they quickly captured the keyword. They looked at each other. \"Rent?\"

\"Yes!\" Liu Zilang replied firmly. \"Are you going to freeload just like this?\"

Right away, Zhang Xiaotong looked relieved. She stared at Liu Zilang again before she continued munching on her food.

Wang Qianqian sighed at Liu Zilang and shook her head.


After dinner, Misaka Mikoto quickly washed the dishes and cleaned the table. She was eager to help out in everything.

At the sight of this, Liu Zilang was glad. He walked leisurely back to his room and then turned on his computer.

Since his squad had won the tournament in the afternoon, he needed to celebrate the occasion in his live streaming channel.

At the same time when Liu Zilang turned on his live streaming channel, another Douyu streamer with the surname Li did the same.

A rustic-looking young man who wore a team uniform and a pair of round glasses was seen playing a \"bridge-building\" game.


In the game, the instant two cars crossed the bridge, it collapsed...

\"Pfft, haha. This game is simply toxic!\"

\"Oh my god! Brother Li is truly a wizard at building bridges, Douyu has a new gem!\"

\"Speaking of which, isn't this game under maintenance? Brother Li, stop building bridges, go play PUBG!\"

\"Yes! How about a chicken dinner!\"

After someone started the topic in his live streaming channel, his bullet screen was filled with comments that said \"chicken dinner\".