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495 The First Meeting Of Two Devil Kings! Part 2

 Two chicken dinners and a second placing in the other match.

Since 4AM acquired those results in the Asia Qualifier, unquestionably, they were the final champion for the finals of the squad category!

As dazzling lights lit up the center of the stage, \"golden rain\" came down in the stadium.

The four players of 4AM stood on stage with golden pans in their hands. They waved to express their thanks to the audience that had cheered for them.

Upon seeing the confetti that showered them, Liu Zilang felt as if he had returned to the scene of the competition half a year ago.

The only difference was that he was not on the stage back then whereas this time, he was.

On the other hand, GodV squinted his eyes as he smiled and looked toward the awning as if something was flying toward him...

As for Cpt and Aluka, they were exhilarated as well. Being players who had once hit rock bottom, they were well aware that this very moment did not come easy.

Amidst the cheers, a female host called Qianyi walked up to the stage with a beaming smile on her face.

\"Firstly, congratulations on being the champion of the qualifiers and on qualifying for the world tournament. To put it in modern slang, that's Position C[1] qualification.\"

Qianyi continued with a sweet smile, \"I believe you're very excited now, am I right?\"

\"I'm alright, I'm alright.\"

\"I'm just a little excited.\"

\"Honestly, after winning the second match, I knew that we had secured our spot!\"


Qianyi was baffled, and she cursed to herself as their answers were not what she had expected.

Nonetheless, as a professional host, she quickly put a smile back on her face.

Qianyi commented, \"Alright, it looks like the players were very confident. Next, I'll do a brief interview with each player.

\"Let's start with Vic.\" Qianyi blinked and then smiled as she tilted her head. \"Uh, perhaps I should address you as Victor the black captain?\"

\"You can just call me Ah Lang,\" Liu Zilang responded with a shy smile.

\"Ah Lang, uh... that's a nice name.\"

Qianyi faked a laugh before she continued, \"I'd like to ask, why did you decide to return to the scene through the Asia Qualifier? Does it represent anything?\"

\"It's more like a coincidence.\" Liu Zilang shook his head.

\"I see.\" Qianyi nodded and then raised another question after looking at her script, \"I have another question for you. Your performance totally stood out in the competition today. Evidently, I'm sure that it's not easy for a player who hasn't been involved in professional competitions for almost a year to do so.

\"What's it that kept you strong all the while? I'm sure the audience is curious about this too.\"

When Liu Zilang heard her question, he pondered for a while and then replied seriously, \"Honestly, I've been at the bottom. I was at a dead-end and I tried to escape but through it all, there's always been this power inside of me that keeps pulling me back up.

\"I wasn't born strong but I was born strong-minded.\"

As soon as Qianyi heard his answer, she was in a daze.

On the spur of the moment, someone shouted, \"Vic, you're awesome!\".

Followed by that, the magical phrase somehow kick-started a craze in the stadium!


GodV, Cpt, and Aluka who were still holding the pans were interviewed as well.

It was worth noting that it was rather odd that the production crew prepared golden pans as the prize for the winners... One might think that they were being interviewed for having baked an \"exceptional pancake\".

Once the interviews ended, activities like a meet and greet took place.

Since Liu Zilang had always been inept at such activities, he left it to GodV and the others. He greeted Shen Zeyan, Li Muqiu, and some other players backstage and was ready to leave.

However, on his way out, he encountered Kim Doohwan.

Kim Doohwan's head hung low and was so dispirited that he looked like a golden retriever that had been snatched of its bone.

Liu Zilang felt bad for him, thus he walked over to give him a pat on his shoulder.

Kim Doohwan looked up blankly but the instant he saw Liu Zilang, he gritted his teeth!

'He's not going to bite, is he!'

Liu Zilang was taken aback and was suddenly anxious!

Nevertheless, he put on a casual smile on his face and held his hand in a fist. \"Fighting!\"

Right after he said so, he brushed past Kim Doohwan.

Later, he swung his team uniform onto his shoulder and then left without turning back.

In actual fact, he was prepared to flee at any time if the situation became unfavorable.

Kim Doohwan was somewhat startled. With a stunned look, he watched as Liu Zilang disappeared from the corner of the corridor.

If another player had approached him, perhaps he would have thought that it was a scornful comment.

However, Kim Doohwan clearly felt that Liu Zilang's tone was not scornful at all.

It felt like... he had met a puppy by the road and pat its head...

'Wait a second!'

Without warning, Kim Doohwan's facial expression froze and he gritted his teeth again!

'A! Ssi!!!\"


At the end of the corridor, Liu Zilang finally sighed a long breath of relief when he noticed that Kim Doohwan did not chase after him.

He sent a message to Zhang Xiaotong so that they would leave together.

Once Liu Zilang sent the text, he furrowed his brows a little as he felt that something was missing. It was like there was someone that he had not seen.

When he got to the exit, he noticed the person who wore a black hoodie, carried a backpack, and was pouting her lips in a silly way as she kept looking through a glass door.

Liu Zilang twitched his mouth.

Earlier on, he had a strange feeling. It turned out that he did not see his silly apprentice.

As soon as Misaka Mikoto found Liu Zilang, her eyes glimmered and she ran over to him.

\"Were you waiting for me?\" Liu Zilang was uncertain.

\"Mmm, mmm.\" Misaka Mikoto nodded.

Her cheeks were crimson and she looked like she had so much going on in her mind but the moment she looked at Liu Zilang in the eye, she lowered her head again.

Seeing as she was about to speak but stopped, Liu Zilang asked, \"What's wrong?\"

Upon hearing Liu Zilang's question, Misaka Mikoto finally plucked up her courage and popped her question, \"Shifu, you won't cast me aside, will you?\"

\"Hmm?\" Liu Zilang was confused but quickly realized what she meant, thus he chuckled. \"You still want to follow me home?\"

\"Mmm, mmm!\" Misaka Mikoto nodded.

\"What about your future training matches?\" Liu Zilang questioned.

\"They can be done online!\" Misaka Mikoto sounded like she had thought it through.

\"Your coach agreed to it?\" Liu Zilang turned to look at her.

\"Of course!\" Misaka Mikoto was very excited. \"I told them that Shifu will tame me, they're very happy!\"

Instantly, Liu Zilang was startled.

He frowned as he uttered, \"Ta...tame?\"


[1] In China, the saying 'Position C' means Carry or Center. For either term, it meant that 4AM had always been the core team of many competitions and has been the center of attention. Thus, it was expected that they would qualify for the world tournament