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494 The First Meeting Of Two Devil Kings! Part 1


Amidst the mixture of soil and dust that filled the air, an enormous shockwave in the form of heat attacked him!

In a trice, Shen Zeyan was blown away uncontrollably.

Despite that, since the explosion was not exactly close to him, he was not bombed to death.

Nonetheless, the spectators neither cheered nor rejoiced. On the contrary, they fell dead silent...

This was because the explosion threw Shen Zeyan outside the safe zone where the blue radiation net was.

Needless to say, given his health level at that time, it was unrealistic for him to heal himself in the blue circle.

As soon as Shen Zeyan landed, he instantly dashed toward the safe zone with determination!

Upon watching him race against death, his fans became anxious. They widened their eyes and began breathing heavily.

In addition, quite a number of female fans from his \"wife base\" cheered him on as loud as they could!

\"Shen Zeyan's women will never give up!\"

\"Master Ze, let's go!!\"

\"Let's go! Let's...\"

At one point in time, it was like the cheers had been muted as they came to a sudden halt!

Through the caster's view, Shen Zeyan who was left with little health appeared to be expressionless by the time he arrived at the border of the circle.

He leaped into the air swiftly!

Despite that, at the next second, his body slanted to one side and then collapsed to the ground. Subsequently, his dead body rolled down the slope.

\"IG-Wolves died outside Playzone!\"

When everyone saw the unexpected scene, the smile on their faces froze and they began mourning Shen Zeyan...

Nobody imagined that after all the hardships Shen Zeyan had been through previously, whereby he worked so hard to outrun the blue circle, he would die in the end.

\"Looks like everything was destined, Master Ze didn't manage to break free from his fateful death in the blue circle.\"

\"Mmm, but there's a huge difference in dying later than earlier. It wasn't easy for Master Ze to raise IG's rank to third place all by himself.\"

\"Now, the only squads alive are 4AM and Anarchy from Korea, we'll see if Anarchy is able to do wonders.\"

\"Uh...if Anarchy wins chicken dinner this match, they'll end up in a higher seed. Besides, it'll also affect the seed of squads like IG, Se7en, and even Royad.\"

As the three commentators analyzed the situation, acclamations filled the air!

When Ms-Joy looked up, he was dumbfounded as the match had ended!

\"Winner winner chicken dinner!\"

At last, it was a 4v2 battle. Without any cover around, the four 4AM players charged like tigers into the smoke toward where the two Anarchy players were at.

One direct confrontation and the outcome was decided.

Perhaps there was resistance but since Anarchy was consumed by superior firepower they clearly lost in a short span of time.

After a short moment of shock, Ms-Joy quickly applauded. \"Let's congratulate 4AM!

\"Their victory is well within our expectations but I didn't think that the final battle would end so quickly!\"

Su Changming nodded in agreement and said with a smile, \"In this match, 4AM won chicken dinner as a full squad! Indeed, they displayed their qualities as a strong team! With this, the current top 3 teams for this match are 4AM, Anarchy, and IG. As for the overall rank overview, it's still being tabulated.\"

Sy took a look at the big screen and could not help but shake his head. \"Master Ze had quite a tragic ending, it would've been great if he survived longer and ended up in second place! Speaking of which, in your opinion, which three teams will qualify for finals?\"

\"Hmm... of course, my personal wish is that the Hua Xia teams will be able to qualify.\"

Upon hearing him, Su Changming furrowed his brows as he recalled. \"But after all three matches, 4AM is the only one that won chicken dinner twice and placed second once. Not only did they secure their spot but they're basically the champions today. As for the other Hua Xia teams like IG and Se7en that are within the higher ranks, nothing is certain yet.

\"This is because squads like Royad and Anarchy have ranked quite highly throughout all three matches and can be considered as strong competitors.\"

Right then, the screen on the stage changed!

On the screen, the makeup photo of 4AM that won chicken dinner appeared. Followed by it was a column of data.

\"Team ranking: First!

\"Team kill count: 27!\"

As for Team MVP, it was Liu Zilang who topped the board with 18 kills!

Liu Zilang's total kill count from all three matches was a terrifying 66 kills.

Although it was comparatively easier for a sniper to acquire more kills in a squad, none of the spectators present from the whole of Asia had witnessed such a crazy kill count in a PUBG offline competition.

On the spur of the moment, the arena was filled with deafening cheers from the audience!

In the official live streaming channels of the competition, many of Liu Zilang's female fans who had been \"suppressed\" by the female fans of Li Muqiu and Shen Zeyan could finally comment proudly!

\"666, Vic is awesome!\"

\"Hahaha, you're the boss after all!\"

\"You're truly the FPS devil king! Your kill count is just so satisfying to look at!\"

\"What's the point of being handsome? Look at our Vic!\"

\"F*ck you! Are you saying that Vic isn't handsome?\"

\"Exactly, Vic is the streamer of Douyu's Attractive Section! (Remember to delete)\"

\"Go check out the Chicken King of the Attractive Section? Verified by Douyu as the most handsome streamer! (5 cents per comment)\"

\"F*ck, don't leave, what's your group number? Let's earn money together!\"


4AM's stats for the third match was displayed and after the crowd cheered in excitement, the stadium fell into silence once again as everyone fixed their gaze on the big screen.

This was because the final rankings of the whole competition were going to be shown!

The top three squads would be qualified to represent Asia in the PUBG World Invitational Tournament which would be held in California a month later. They would compete on the same stage as players from western countries.

That would be the real battleground of the FPS competition!

At that moment, both the screen and lights in the arena turned off!

Then, the screen lit up again.

\"Final rankings of the Asia Qualifier:

\"First: 4AM; Total score: 2730!

\"Second: IG; Total score: 1850!

\"Third: Se7en; Total score: 1745!

\"Fourth: Royad; Total score: 1740!

\"Fifth: Anarchy; Total score: 1700!\"

As soon as Ms-Joy saw the rankings, he was so thrilled that he stood up!

He held his microphone up high and yelled in high spirits, \"Hua Xia teams! The three teams that have won top 3 in the Asia Qualifier are all Hua Xia teams!\"

\"China No.1!

\"China No.1!\"

Right away, the audience roared in thunderous cheers!