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493 Art Is Explosion!

 \"Oh my god! That was brutal!\"

\"VIPER had terrible luck to have encountered the two killing gods.\"

\"They were sandwiched between the two of them! Anyway, why do I feel like Vic and Master Ze are fixed on each other now?\"



Two sniper gunshots that overlapped each other pierced the air at the hilltop!

The instant the gunshots were heard, both of them retreated behind their respective trees at the same time.

They were unusually synchronized.

The next second, the sniper bullets crossed paths in the air and flew past their ears!

Both of them reacted quickly, and they were extremely alert!

On top of that, their movements were so quick that it was a feast for one's eyes.

They blasted shots as soon as they peeked and retreated right after they scoped out!

The entire process had been carried out in the blink of an eye.

When the caster displayed their battle on the big screen, the spectators were put into a daze. Most of them were astounded by the way experts sniped at each other...


Not in their dictionary.

It was even more unbelievable when the two of them peeked from their right, pulled back when their eyes met and then without any hesitation, crouched to the left to blast a shot!

It was worth noting that their awareness and reaction speed were over the top!

It definitely made one's heart beat faster.

This was because nobody could predict what would happen next, be it the angle that they would shoot from or the body part they would hit...

\"Aiya! What a pity! I thought their bullets were going to hit.\"

\"It's mainly because their reaction speeds are too fast. They're almost at their limit in terms of physical movement given that both of them are snipers of many gradations. It's more of a mental game.\"

\"Mmm. Honestly, I admire Master Ze in this battle because of his courage to snipe at someone who has an AWM when he only has a 98K. It's rare for a sniper to have that much composure in such situations.\"

Nevertheless, PUBG was not a solo game after all. After they had exchanged fires for a while, other players who were entering the safe zone noticed them.

\"Xiu, xiu, xiu-!\"

Bullets were shot toward them and wood chips filled the air.

Liu Zilang and the others knew that their locations had been exposed, thus they quickly shifted diagonally forward.

On the other hand, even though Shen Zeyan was in a similar situation, he was at the border of the zone. Hence, he only needed to guard one side and did not need to shift positions.

After some time, the second last safe zone of the match refreshed.

However, everyone was in despair when they saw where the safe zone was. It was at the open field in the middle of the area where trees were scarce.

The only cover there were two trees.

In the case where there were still 15 players alive, unless one could climb up a tree, it was obviously unrealistic for one to simply rely on them.

\"This safe zone is an interesting one, it perfectly excludes all players.\"

\"Yes, especially for a hill final circle, everyone prefers to camp at the border of the circle. Hence, when the safe zone shrinks, nobody will be inside it.\"

\"That's right. Actually, I feel like there are no longer advantages or disadvantages of holding a spot in the safe zone. Instead, the advantage of having more teammates in a squad shouldn't be overlooked as it means having more firepower.\"

\"Given the location of the safe zone, nobody will enter it in advance since it's in such an open area. Whoever enters it first will definitely be aimed at.\"

Just as the commentators were analyzing the situation, players from a few squads began fighting each other.

Soon enough, the number of players alive went from 15 to 11. Apart from that, two players were seen knocked out on the floor and it was unlikely that they could have been revived.

By the time the two players were killed, the number of players alive dropped to a single digit.

The only ones left were four players from 4AM, two players from Anarchy, and three solo players which included Shen Zeyan.

Since it was a 4v2v1v1v1, it was evident that 4AM had the upper hand.

Nonetheless, when the blue circle began shrinking, many people decided to throw smoke grenades at their intended spots inside the safe zone.

A brief moment later, at the border of the second last safe zone, smoke filled the air...

In actual fact, those players had a good plan.

By utilizing the situation whereby they were few in numbers, they decided to be like fish in troubled waters.

With that being said, although it was a good idea, the players from 4AM were not going to get into the water with them.

Despite hearing gunshots come from all directions, 4AM decided to occupy a higher position in the safe zone.

Liu Zilang held his AWM, while GodV and the others retrieved their frag grenades!

\"Tss-! 4AM is going to bomb the fish!\"

\"Tsk, tsk! That's so ruthless of them, I think the other players are going to be seen crying later.\"

\"Boom, boom, boom-!\"

Accompanied by deafening explosions, black smoke spread everywhere along with dust and bits of grass!

For the player who was the first to run into the white smoke when the final circle began shrinking, he was surrounded by enemies in all directions. Hence, his sense of security... vanished just like that!

It would have been alright if only one frag grenade had been thrown.

Since the area covered by the smoke was neither big nor small, one could still shift around the space.

However, 4AM was still a full squad, thus every attack they made comprised of three consecutive explosions.

It was like the \"hammer effect\"!

Once the player in the smoke suffered an unfortunate death by a grenade, another player who realized the unfavorable situation quickly escaped from the smoke through the other side.

In the end, as soon as he took one step out of the smoke, a low thundering sound was heard!


\"4AM-Vic killed 5Peaks-LanS by headshot with AWM!\"

Upon seeing this, all the spectators knew that it was not going to end well for the other players. They wondered to themselves, '4AM is too merciless with their schemes, they're not sparing anyone at all!'

Seeing how everything was developing, the remaining players were not bothered anymore. They began throwing all their throwables such as frag grenades, stun grenades, molotov cocktails, and so on.

All of a sudden, the open field on the hill became chaotic.

Right then, one of the audience members shrieked!

It turned out that the caster had displayed Shen Zeyan on the big screen. He had been prone beside the smoke the whole time and was finally forced to make a move.

After all, in a battle of frag grenades, it did not matter if one was a sniper god or not.

Unexpectedly, Shen Zeyan made an abrupt stop between two clouds of smoke and then scoped in to aim at a player on the hill who held an AWM.

At that time, Liu Zilang and his teammates were totally immersed in encircling the players in the smoke and were unaware of Shen Zeyan's presence.

Unquestionably, it was an unforeseen sneak attack!

Despite that, before Shen Zeyan could shoot, a burst of flames emerged from the smoke beside him!