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492 One Town, Two Sheriffs!

 Title Translator's Note: Original term here was \"One Mountain, Two Tigers\", referencing the Chinese idiom saying that \"There can't be two tigers residing in one mountain\", which is in the same vein as \"There's only room for one sheriff in this town\".


Li Muqiu was completely dumbstruck as he dropped to the ground.

'This is f*cking illogical!

'When the hell did that brat become a psychic?'

However, thanks to him stalling for so long, Se7en's sniper SSR was revived.

As SSR started to heal up, he shouted, \"Stay there Guru Qiu, we'll come to save you!\"

'Save your motherf*cking *ss!'

Li Muqiu saw the four at the top of the mountain, and he could not help but frown.

He quickly shouted, \"Just leave me behind, you two need to leave.\"

With that in mind, he also remembered to remind them, \"Oh yeah, they have an AWM on their side, find cover as you walk and don't run about in open spaces.\"

\"Guru Qiu...\" One of them seemed to have something to say.

\"Stop being dramatic.\" Li Muqiu gritted his teeth. \"If you still want to live than escape now! Hurry!\"

As the standing leader of Se7en, Li Muqiu's words were filled with authority.

Hearing Li Muqiu's resolute words, no matter how bad the two Se7en players down at the bottom of the mountain felt, they had to continue to make their way toward the next circle.

\"Hehe, looks like the Se7en duo is going to abandon Guru Qiu.\"

\"It's not like they have a choice. They were quite a distance away. If they tried to force a res in that kind of situation, they'd probably be going on a suicide mission.\"

\"Yep, at this point, there are only seven teams left in the game. Although Se7en managed to break the curse and get themselves a chicken dinner in the second round, their ranking in the first match was less than ideal. Hence, they must prioritize their ranking in this match.\"

In the game, as soon as Liu Zialng had headshoted Li Muqiu, 4AM started rotating over toward the latter's direction. They wanted to pick up the pieces.

However, by the time they rotated over, there was not a single soul in sight. They started to wince in their heads at that time.

After going behind the tree, the trio saw Li Muqiu kneeling on the ground. He was randomly dropping stuff from his inventory.

Seeing him, Liu Zilang's mouth twitched. The f*cker was being cheeky even though he was half dead.

If the tournament had allowed for \"all-voice\", Liu Zilang would have asked him to save his effort. They had fought their way all the way there, and they were not interested in the wares he had.

However, an idea popped up in Liu Zilang's head and he let out an evil chuckle.

He sleazily walked over toward Li Muqiu's butt.

As soon as Li Muqiu dropped something, he crouched down to grab it.

The whole scene reeked of shamelessness.

Eventually, Li Muqiu started to think that something was fishy.

He turned around to look at Liu Zilang who was behind his rear and was dumbfounded...

At that time, Liu Zilang raised his hands and then threw a fist right into Li Muqiu's *ss.


'F*ck me!'

Almost instinctively, the observer plastered Li Muqiu's facecam on the big screen.

Seeing Li Muqiu's frowning face, both the audience and livestream viewers could not hold back their laughter.

\"Buahahaha, Vic's a literal beast this round!\"

\"Guru Qiu: Is that guy ok in the head?\"

\"I feel like there's nothing wrong with this. Vic just wants everything he drops.\"

\"Drop what? The soap?\"


Since he had been abandoned by his teammates, the valueless Li Muqiu was no longer of any use to 4AM.

As Liu Zilang practiced his boxing skills on Li Muqiu's butt, he eventually finished off the poor man.

GodV and the others watched Liu Zilang \"mercilessly torture\" his former teammate, and they could not help but feel a chill go down their own spines.


'Lucky! Lucky! Lucky we're currently teammates!'

At that time, they obviously forgot that \"current\" would eventually turn into \"former\".


Then, as the clock ticked, the time for the third last circle to move drew closer. However, not a single intense battle was going on at that time. The number of players left remained at eighteen for quite some time.

Although the mountainous regions did not have a lot of cover, they were quite good areas for a stealth game. Occasionally, a player could lay prone in the grass under some shade and no one would bat an eye. Inherently, they were one of the locales that campers loved the most.

However, it was all temporary.

As soon as the third last circle started to move, those people lying on the ground or hiding behind the trees would be forced to make a move. At that point, there would definitely be another round of casualties.

\"Now that there are only fifteen seconds left till the circle starts to close in, we can see that the only team with a full squad left is 4AM.\"

\"That's right, it seems like 4AM are the destined ones who'll get the chicken dinner this round. Furthermore, their current position is quite invincible. If the next circle ends up at their location, all they needed to do is keep control of that peak and not push too far. Then it would be GGEZ for them.\"

\"We can see that Anarchy is starting to make their move. They are the team that dropped in the military base alongside 4AM at the start of this match. However, they only have two players left.\"

\"The three-man VIPER squad is also making a move! Wow! I feel like this situation is similar to a bunch of firewood scattered all around. One fight and everything will go down in flames!\"

\"Yep, the final circle tests a player's aim, reaction speed and instincts the most. It's now a matter of who can do better in these tests.\"

At that exact moment, the live audience widened their eyes in anticipation.

The next moment, a loud gunshot was heard!


Before the VIPER trio managed to get into the circle, the Level-two helmet on one of their heads was shattered into pieces.

That person was knocked back, and he instantly fell onto his knees!

\"IG-Wolves knocked out VIPER-Kulir by headshot with Kar98k!\"

A moving target headshot!

Seeing the scene, the live audience cheered in shock!

\"Holy sh*t, Master Ze's aim is a little too OP!\"

\"Speaking of which, Master Ze embodies the aura of ''If you're good enough, you have nothing to fear'. I never would've thought that a solo player would be so cocky.\"

\"Hehe, the VIPER crew was just running along, minding their own business but they still got headshoted... Looks like this will traumatize VIPER quite a bit.\"


It definitely did a little.

As the VIPER trio saw one of their squadmates accidentally get picked off, they cringed inside.

If they were not running for the safe zone, they would try to save their downed teammate.

However, they were in an open plain. If they wanted to save their squadmate, they would have to toss a smoke. Not to forget, the circle was closing in and there was no way they had enough time.

At that point, the VIPER duo did not hesitate as they continued to scurry off.

However, what they did not know was that Shen Zeyan's shot previously had completely exposed their position.

As soon as the VIPER duo approached the circle, two more gunshots rang out!



One of them was crisp and clean!

The other was loud and dull!

The next moment, blood splattered out of the two VIPER player's heads!

The two of them who had been running for their lives were instantly flung forward!

\"4AM-Vic knocked out VIPER-fable by headshot with AWM!\"

\"IG-Wolves killed VIPER-acekal by headshot with Kar98k!\"

Another two moving-target headshots!

Seeing the tragic sight, the audience and viewers started paying their respects to the fallen players of VIPER.

Who the hell did they anger?

In the game, the instance Liu Zilang and Shen Zeyan heard each other's gunshots, they merely looked over. It was as if they were exchanging glances across the distance!