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491 Be Cheeky All You Want!

 Seeing the huge explosion in the air, both the live audience and the viewers could only think of two letters.


However, at this moment, the audience member's eyes widened!

Just a moment earlier, just as the motorcycle started flying through the air, they could just barely see a single figure dropping down from the air.

As it turns out, before Shen Zeyan's motorcycle exploded, he just barely managed to separate himself from his vehicle!

However, he did not try any fancy moves like the \"Flying Kick\" or some 360 hip-fire Kar98k shot.

He just silently allowed himself to freefall to the ground.

The moment he landed, Shen Zeyan let out a soft grunt!

As his health took a huge hit, his health bar instantly turned red.

However, his Kar98k had already appeared in his hands.




Without any unnecessary movement, he landed a perfectly clean hit, as he exuded an icy aura.

As his opponent's line-of-sight was being blocked by the flying motorcycle, blood instantly splattered out of their Level-two Helmet, as they dropped to the ground with a shocked face!

\"IG-Wolves killed SST-Menhera by headshot with Kar98k!\"

It was Menhera-chan!

Seeing this kill notification, the live audience members suddenly realized what had just happened as they started to cringe on behalf of Misaka Mikoto.

On the other hand, Misaka Mikoto could only look at the black and white game-over screen in confusion.

\"Team Rank #2!\"

\"Better luck next time!\"

Her brain unconsciously tried to review what had just happened. She was just standing there inside the circle behind a tree, minding her own business when suddenly a smoking motorcycle suddenly flew right over her head.

Jolting up in shock, she instinctively fired at this sudden invader.

The moment she saw the motorcycle explode, Misaka Mikoto let out a long sigh of relief.

Never could she ever have imagined the developments that followed.

Not only did the person riding on the motorcycle that she had destroyed not die, they even managed to get a counter-hit on her...

As she blankly stared over at that player's IGN, Misaka Mikoto had suddenly remembered who this person was.

Her little nose suddenly started to tremble, as she suddenly felt the urge to burst out in tears...

'Shifu's teammates... They're all monsters!'


On the other side of the safe zone, the 4AM crew had managed to form a beeline all the way over to the peak of the mountain.

At this time, as they suddenly noticed the kill notification that popped up on their kill feeds, they were utterly shocked!

'He's still alive!'

GodV could not help but shake his head. \"Master Ze is just one lucky bastard.\"

Liu Zilang, on the other hand, noticed the IGN of the player who became the victim. He could not help but chuckle bitterly.

'My silly disciple is really one unlucky kid!'

'If you've managed to survive as the last player of your team, all you had to do was to camp there quietly...'

'Why the hell did you just go poke a monster like this?'

If Misaka Mikoto could hear Liu Zilang's thoughts right now, she would most likely just bawl her eyes out on the spot!

However, now was not the time to discuss that.

As they saw the three people a small distance ahead happily firing down from the top of the mountain at the players at the bottom of the mountain, Liu Zilang and company suddenly halted.

It looked like they had successfully rotated over, the other teams had completely failed to notice 4AM's presence.


The next moment, a loud and dull gunshot rang out!


Blood spurted out of the black Level-three Spetsnaz Helmet on one of the BB squad players, as they instantly dropped to the ground.

\"4AM-Vic knocked out BB-Diner by headshot with AWM!\"

It was as if it was a warning shot and in the blink of an eye, countless lead bullets started raining down at the three on top of the mountain!

Almost as if they were being backstabbed by a sharp knife, within a blink of an eye, the three BB squad members were down for the count.

In 4AM's eyes, they were nothing more than a couple more frags in their books.


Hearing the gunshots from the top of the mountain and seeing the kill feed update, Se7en, who was at the bottom of the mountain, was utterly shocked!

This was especially so for Li Muqiu, who with the help of his two squadmates, managed to get halfway up the mountain.

His expression instantly changed as he shouted, \"Run! Stop holding that angle! Run, quickly!\"

\"Why though?\" Se7en's sniper SSR suddenly asked.

However, in the next moment, he was instantly silenced.[1]


A sniper bullet flew straight at him!

Before SSR could even react, he had already been shot.

Seeing his squadmate drop, Li Muqiu suddenly felt speechless.

'Are you an idiot?!'

'We've been fighting here for so long, if they managed to sneak their way up there to ambush our enemies, do you think they won't know that we're down here?'

'And that kid had enough luck to get an AWM, you'd be nothing more than a f*cking punching bag to him!'

However, what happened, happened and there was no point in saying more.

Li Muqiu called his squadmate to rescue their fallen friend, as he peeked out to attract some of the firepower.

However, since he knew that it was Liu Zilang holding the AWM, Li Muqiu did not dare to expose himself too much.

At this point, he started repeatedly switching his AK and SKS in his hands as he peeked out from both sides of the tree to shoot. Every time he peeked out, he instantly retreated back into cover.

This was truly a \"blind-fire\" shooting style!

'What the sh*t! What the hell is Guru Qiu doing?\"

\"Hahaha, I know, Guru Qiu must be acting! He wants to give off the impression that there are two people behind the tree.\"

\"That's GG! This acting is a lil' cheeky!\"

However, at this point, even Li Muqiu did not know who he was shooting at, much less the viewers.

However, the 4AM crew was initially quite shocked by the random shots coming from the midway point of the mountain, thinking that there were two people holding down the angle from behind the tree.

However, a brief moment later, Liu Zilang just frowned.

He felt that something was fishy.

Despite there being two different types of gunshots coming from below, they only ever fired one at a time. Never did they ever fire together in unison.

No duh!

Li Muqiu did not have a dual-wielding weapon, how the hell could he fire two guns in unison?

With that in mind, Liu Zilang could not help but aim down the 15x scope of the AWM and carefully looked at the silhouette peeking out left and right from behind the tree.

Gradually, wrinkles formed on his face as he frowned more and more!

'This f*cker is literally taunting me!

'Wait a minute!

'This is Se7en...

'So could this be that bastard Li Muqiu?'

Liu Zilang rubbed his chin as he suddenly let out a cheeky grin.

He patiently observed the movements behind the tree, as the crosshair of his 15x Scope remained right on the tree bark.

In his head, he mumbled to himself. \"Left right left, right left right...\"

The next moment, Liu Zilang instantly narrowed his eyes, as a glimmer could be seen!

He mumbled one word. \"Left!\"

Then, the crosshair that was glued to the tree bark suddenly flicked. Right before Li Muqiu peeked his head out once more, a gunshot suddenly rang out!


All of a sudden, it felt like the roar of the Thunder God pierced through the lands!

The moment the sniper bullet was shot out of the muzzle, it had seemingly disintegrated into a flash of light, piercing through the skies as it flew straight for its target!

The moment Li Muqiu herd that gunshot, his heart nearly stopped!

However, the head that he had just peeked out continued to move like flowing water, it was not something he could stop in time...


The sound of a bullet piercing through a helmet could be heard!

\"4AM-Vic knocked out Se7en-Lech by headshot with AWM!\"

As Liu Zilang looked at the nonexistent smoke coming from the muzzle of his gun, he just softly spat out two words.

\"Cheeky bugger.\"


[1] Author made an incomprehensible pun here, writing something along the lines of \"He was just 'why though'd'.