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490 A Loud Noise in the Air!

 There were no permanent enemies, much less permanent allies.

As soon as 4AM left, the IG and Tyloo remnants looked each other in the eye.

After giving each other \"the peep\", they knew which life they had to reap.[1]


Hot lead instantly started to burst out of the various muzzles!

At this point, who fired first was no longer important!

The important thing was...

Who could survive last...


At the edge of the circle, the moment the little yellow sedan passed through the radioactive barrier, the next safe zone was revealed.

Seeing this, GodV and the two others in 4AM looked back from the rear view of the car, trying to imagine the carnage that was about to ensue amongst the two groups they had just left in the dust. It was a cringingly painful thought!

Especially when they looked over at Liu Zilang, who was happily humming the tune of an Initial D Eurobeat song as he continued his leisurely drive. The trio was completely taken aback by the nonchalance of the guy.

This man is truly a motherf*cking Tactical Genius!

From having Aluka scouting out ahead, to the \"stunt-jump onto the roof\", and finally the \"pop-and-run\" tactic, all of them were planned by Liu Zilang.

Even in the end, it had gone all according to his plan.

The only unplanned thing here might be the fact that the two squads they met were IG and Tyloo who both had the powerhouses Shen Zeyan and Bai Shaobin in their respective squads.

Otherwise, they might have gotten even more frags from the whole ordeal.

However, the result was already quite satisfactory.

They managed to get their hands on an AWM and two frags, and most importantly, they managed to stall out two of their strongest opponents outside the circle, essentially eliminating two of their biggest threats of the game,

What better result could one ask for?

However, what Liu Zilang did not expect was that as they headed North, the sounds of the gunshots outside the circle died down after a brief but intense battle.

In this deserted wasteland of nothingness, there stood a single lone figure crouched on the ground as they bandaged themselves up and used a kit to get back to full health.

Then, almost like a lone wolf, they started to sniff around their fallen comrades' corpses, before coldly glaring at the North,

A moment later, they finally stood up, sprinting towards the safe zone in the North with all his might,

In reality, there was a huge distance between him and the safe zone. Without a vehicle in sight and only their two legs to rely on, any hope of surviving was microscopic at best.

As a professional player, there was no way they did not understand that fact.

However, they still kept running.

A moment later, they crouched down to use a kit.

And they continued running...

By the time Liu Zilang and company got into the circle, the countdown for the third last circle had already started. This circle was over at the Southern mountains of Pochinki, it was a \"final circle in the hills\".

After all the battles and engagements in the last round, at this point, there were only 24 players and 10 squads left.

Although Liu Zilang was quite confident in his own driving skills, he was not arrogant enough to be joyriding in a circle this small.

As 4AM approached the edge of the circle, they abandoned their car in a shady corner before they entered and made their way on foot.

As it would soon be evident, their caution was warranted.

As soon as they entered the circle and started to heal up, a gunfight suddenly broke out in their vicinity!

There's a teamfight going on!

GodV instantly pinpointed the direction of the gunshots and reported. \"Two teams, one on top of the mountain, and one at the bottom.\"

As soon as Aluka finished bandaging himself up, he started chugging down a can of Red Bull as he asked, \"What now? Are we gonna lend them a hand?\"

Liu Zilang merely chuckled. \"I feel like they do need a little helping hand.\"

Hearing Liu Zilang's words, GodV pondered briefly, \"Let's do this. We'll rotate over to the squad on top of the mountain and see if we're able to get some KS's or easy frags.\"

Catching GodV's words, the gang seemed to realize the rationale behind that decision.

In reality, the squad at the bottom of the mountain was much closer to them. However, that location would make them prone to being spotted by the people on top of the mountain.

At that point, they would easily turn into the new focus of both these squads. Hence, it was naturally much safer for them to move up the mountain instead.

With that in mind, the four hesitated no longer as they started their rotation over along the mountain path.

\"The two teams that are fighting right now is Se7en and the Korean squad BB. Hehe, 4AM's movement... Looks like they're planning on an ambush.\"

\"That'll get interesting. Speaking of which, out of the ten remaining squads on the field, the only teams left representing us locals are 4AM and Se7en. The damages from the 'civil war' back at the airdrop were too high.\"

\"Yep, I feel like Tyloo could still pull through, but it was really unfortunate for IG. Although IG did not get any chicken dinners in the first two matches, they still ranked quite high. If they could've just gotten another top-five finish in this tournament, then they would almost definitely guarantee themselves a qualifying spot. However, everything is now up in the air.

\"That is definitely quite unfortunate...\"

As Ms-Joy nodded, the observer suddenly cut over to the full map. Seeing that, Ms-Joy suddenly screamed, \"Ehh! Wait a minute! There's still a person outside the circle?\"

Hearing his shocked scream, the live audience was also completely dumbstruck!

It was already the third last circle, how could there possibly be a person chilling outside of the circle?

At this point, the observer rapidly focused on the figure out at the desolate wasteland covered in a radioactive aura.

The first thing that greeted everyone's ears was the buzzing of a motorcycle's engine!

The next moment, a speeding motorcycle outside the safe zone, spewing out black smoke, entered everyone's vision.

\"Master Ze! It's Master Ze!\"

The fangirls in the audience all started cheering out loud!

As the people glanced over at the IGN of that player, the audience's cheering started to spread, as everyone got onto their feet.


Just now, as Liu Zilang's car left their enemies behind in the dust, the observers had quickly given everyone a look over at IG and Tyloo's situation. However, it merely looked like the foreshadowing of their death.

Seeing despair in the eyes of the two squads, and that there were other teams starting to fight within the circle, the observer stopped giving everyone updates on the situation outside the circle.

No one would have expected to see the icon of a single-player speeding through the map outside the circle when Ms-Joy started to lament over the fall of the two teams.

How could anyone hold back their cheers when they saw that?!

\"Whew! Who would've thought that Master Ze would be able to make it out of that predicament? That's truly unbelievable! Could he really be the legendary Chosen One?\"

\"Hmm... Judging by the damage of this motorcycle, this must be something a squad abandoned when they were trying to get to the safe zone. They probably never would've expected that this motorcycle would become Shen Zeyan's savior.\"

\"Yeah, it looks like we still need to believe in miracles in the game PUBG. It's just like a soccer match, you never know what's gonna happen until the last second.\"

\"Ehh! But wait a minute, there seems to be someone camping near where Master Ze is trying to enter the circle. It's a solo player!\"

\"Master Ze has a decent amount of health, he probably had just finished healing up and topping up his drinks. However, the issue now is that his motorcycle's durability is too low. It might explode even if it so much so as to hit a tree, much less if it gets shot at.\"

Hearing the casters' words, the live audience opened their eyes wide as they had their eyeballs glued to the big screen.

'Will his great escape ultimately still fail?'

The next moment, the motorcycle charged up a small slope as it flew through the air straight into the circle.

At that precise moment, gunshots suddenly rang out!

\"Pew pew pew!\"


Instantly, a ball of flames burst out in mid-air!


[1] It is a netslang in the Chinese community where netizens start the sentence with \"\", which means \"After confirming with each other with a look\", and ending it in \"xxxxx\", creating a rhyme. It is based on JJ Lin's song \"Tale Of The Red Cliff\", with the first line \"\" being a line from the song.