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489 Sniper and Enchantment!

 After various efforts of getting into the safe zone and escaping death, at this point, every surviving team had managed to get into the circle.

Just as these teams were breathing a long sigh of relief, enjoying the momentary peace within the safe zone, somewhere outside the circle, a battle was starting to heat up.


Amidst the sea of gunfire, the loud and dull AWM gunshot rang out once more!

Liu Zilang grasped his chance, instantly standing up!



Take cover!

All of those actions were done in one swift motion!

Blood suddenly splattered out of the body of one of the players in the smoke.

This was not a headshot, but since most of the players in the smoke had already taken a couple of shots each, their health bars were naturally not at a good spot.

In this kind of situation, even a player with Level-three Armor would not be able to withstand the sheer dominance and power of the AWM!

\"4AM-Vic knocked out Tyloo-Audi with AWM!\"

At this point, the Tyloo and IG players were still in the smoke in the open field. Even disregarding the damage ticks outside the circle, they did not have any place to take cover.

With that, getting knocked out was equivalent to a death sentence.

As expected, a moment later, Audi's health quickly dropped to zero as the damage from the circle ticked down, awarding the kill to Liu Zilang.

\"Tsk tsk! Vic's being a little scummy over here, he just KS'd one of the Tyloo members.\"

\"Yeah, I originally thought he would be focusing on his duel with Master Ze and Nighthawk.\"

\"I feel like this is also a kind of sniper duel in itself. They're competing on whether they can manage to pick off their opponents' teammates whilst being pinned down by their opponent sniper.\"

\"Yeah, the first lesson that snipers need to learn before they go off on their killing spree is the art of concealing themselves. Putting Master Ze and Nighthawk aside, Vic's proficiency was quite high as well. Under these situations, he has no choice other than to help his teammates to break through the stalemate.\"


Without warning, a crisp gunshot rang out!

4AM's Cpt's head burst into a ball of blood!

\"Tyloo Nighthawk knocked out 4AM-CPT by headshot with Kar98K!\"

It turns out that Bai Shaobin had already rotated over to the small tree at the end of the wheat fields, obscuring his playermodel from Liu Zilang's line-of-sight by using the tree leaves.

He had managed to take out one of 4AM's men as well.

\"Are those bastards over here yet?

Cpt, kneeling on the ground, was a little anxious.

GodV pulled out a smoke grenade and shouted quickly, \"Don't panic! We have cover on our side, we can revive you!\"

\"I'll defend you guys, they probably won't charge straight towards you guys.\" Liu Zilang offered.


With that, the two remaining players on the right, XiaoJue and CuoJue felt an urge to rush towards the 4AM duo but decided against it since Liu Zilang could scope-in on them with the AWM at any point.

Instead of suddenly charging out, they used this opportunity to replenish the smoke, trying to find a way to get closer to their targets.

After seeing his targets' actions, Liu Zilang did not try to fire blindly into the smoke.

It was not a matter of whether he could hit the shots, it was a concern regarding Bai Shaobin and Shen Zeyan's muzzles pointed right at him. The risk was just too big.

Seeing the countdown for when the next circle starts to move, Liu Zilang urged. \"Time's almost up. Come back as soon as you guys revive and heal, we need to go.\"

That was right, they had never planned to get two full squad wipes in the first place. The whole reason they were camping here in the first place was to stall for time, wasting their opponents' meds.

If they had just let these two squads off, these prey would undoubtedly be able to make it into the circle in time. By that point, these prey would become a threat to 4AM's rear.

However, by the time the fourth circle starts, even if these two squads could manage to make their way back into the safe zone, a squad that had used up most of their resources would not even think of getting out of the circle again.

A moment later, GodV had finished reviving Cpt.

Seeing that the two IG players were getting closer, GodV and Cpt hurriedly retreated back to the building with the airdrop.

As Bai Shaobin, who was still holding the angle from behind the tree saw this, he instinctively glanced over at the countdown timer. His facial expression instantly sank, he had realized what was going on.

He quickly peeked out and tried to scope in.

However, at this time, a dull gunshot blared out once more from the roof afar!

Bai Shaobin, who had originally thought that he was hidden from Liu Zilang's line-of-sight, never would have expected Liu Zilang to be able to catch a glimpse of his movements from in between the tree leaves.

Liu Zilang had just fired a no-scope AWM shot at him!


The moment he sensed danger, Bai Shaobin instinctively retreated back into cover.


As a Magnum bullet pierced through the Level-three Armor he was wearing, his health instantly dropped down by more than half.

Luckily for him, he was diligently using his bandages even behind the tree, so his health was in a pretty good position before he got shot. Otherwise, he would have ended up like Audi, being one-shot by that gunshot.

At the same time, the moment blood burst out of Bai Shaobin's body, another gunshot rang out, this time coming from Shen Zeyan's side!


A sniper bullet ripped through the air like a flash of lightning!

'Oh no!'

As soon as Liu Zilang fired, he rapidly crouched back down whilst he was still pulling the bolt of his gun.

Theoretically, he should have been able to do the same as before, barely escaping his opponent's gunshot.

However, out of everybody's expectations, the instant Liu Zilang crouched down, blood gushed out of his head!

\"IG-Wolves knocked out 4AM-Vic by headshot with Kar98k!\"

\"Beautiful! Master Ze predicted that Vic would crouch!\"

\"Predicted that he would crouch? Err... In other words, Master Ze was aiming for Vic's knees when he fired?\"

\"Buahahaha! Vic and Nighthawk were at it for so long whilst Master Ze was just silent. Must be all the pent-up emotions bursting out!\"

'What the flying f*ck?!'

Liu Zilang was completely shocked as he dropped to the ground, before finally realizing what had happened.

Seeing that GodV and Cpt had already retreated, Liu Zilang hurriedly limped off of the roof, being \"caught\" in GodV's arms.

Then, as GodV was reviving his squadmate, he started giving out orders. \"The car has already rolled down. Cpt, defend us. Alu, come back now, we're about to make out getaway.\"

\"Wait a minute, do y'all have any smokes?\" Liu Zilang suddenly asked as he was lying on the ground.

\"I do, why?\"

Aluka and Cpt were a little suspicious of him.

Liu Zilang just chuckled. \"Don't they just love smoking? Then, why don't we just give these smokes to them?\"

Hearing those words, the two were confused. However, as they realized what was going on in Liu Zilang's head, they also started to chuckle.



As the sound of smoke grenades rang out, the wheat fields in front of the buildings were once again covered in thick smoke.

By the time IG and Tyloo tried to make their way out of the smoke, as they got to the end of their smoke tunnels, they were confused over why they were still seeing f*cking smoke everywhere...

'Who am I?'

'Where did I come from?'

'Where am I going?'

Instantly, the atmosphere on the wheatfields took a \"philosophical\" turn...

Out of the blue, they heard the sound of a car nearby from inside the smoke.

'There's still a car out here?'

The next moment, they suddenly realized something!

'Oh no!'

As the two parties immediately started running madly in the direction of the car sounds.

However, by the time they finally got out of the smoke, they could only see a small smoking sedan going off into the horizon...

And right beside them, the \"allies\" had just fought the bloody battle together with them.