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488 Life or Death Outside the Circle!

 A moment later, the circle had reached the safe zone once more.

The next safe zone had been revealed.

However, since the last circle, there had been three squads of \"Happy Bachelors\"[1] holding their positions.

By the time Aluka and his motorcycle came back around, the remaining 4AM people were menacingly glaring at the two squads who were also outside of the circle, all of them having devilish smirks plastered on their faces...

\"It must suck for IG and Tyloo in their position, the tides have completely turned in 4AM's favor.

\"Speaking of which, Vic's map knowledge really shined in this engagement. I never would've imagined that he would use this method to get to the airdrop. It looks like he must be pretty knowledgeable about the topography and land structure of this area. Otherwise, he probably wouldn't have been so confident in trying this maneuver.\"

\"Yeah, that's also the reason why so many players could make sound and rational decisions without even having to look at the map. They had the entire map burned into their heads.\"

\"Let's focus on the situation at hand. IG and Tyloo must be feeling quite upset right now. Look at their tires.\"



With the 4AM trio on the roof, they had the high ground, allowing them to have a clear vision of everything.

With the Liu Zilang and the \"Baddest Sniper of Them All\" - the AWM pinning the enemies down, GodV and Cpt started taking potshots, swiftly popped IG and Tyloo's tires.

\"This feels good! This feels good!\"

After they popped the tires, GodV and Cpt instantly felt refreshed, as if they had just shot away their frustrations of having their own tires popped earlier.

At the same time, IG and Tyloo were wincing in pain.

There was a single word that popped up in their mind, 'MOTHERF*CKER!'

At this point, they could not run even if they wanted, unless they manage to kill off the 4AM trio up ahead and run straight for the safe zone.

However, with that far a distance ahead and without a vehicle, by the time they make it into the current safe zone, the next circle would already have started to close in.

The damage of the fourth circle was not something to scoff at, it was a real possibility that the entire squad could die outside the safe zone at that point.

As concerns surfaced in their heads, IG and Tyloo all realized this troubling issue!

\"We can't drag this on any longer.\"

In IG's squad voice chat, the IGL CuoJue grit his teeth as he made a decisive call. \"Master Ze hold this angle, the three of us will smoke out and charge. We need to get rid of that team on top of the roof, otherwise, we won't be able to get into the circle.\"

After hearing the orders, Shen Zeyan merely just nodded.

IG's style had always been to just do whatever they decide on.

Seeing Shen Zeyan agreeing, CuoJue and company rapidly switched out to their smokes and tossed it ahead.


As soon as the sound of the smoke leaking out of the nade rang out, a white \"smoke tunnel\" suddenly appeared at the Farmlands before the Southern hills of Pochinki.

More specifically, two of those \"smoke tunnels\" appeared.

This was because just a short distance away, the Tyloo crew had also started to smoke out and attack, leaving their leader Bai Shaobin as the one holding down the angle.

Inherently, these two teams had the exact same idea.


At the top of the roof, the 4AM crew's car was tucked right behind the elevated portion of the roof. Unfortunately for their enemies, that means that they could not \"return the favor\".

At this time, seeing the \"smoke tunnel\" on the wheatfields, 4AM quickly raised their guard.

In this life-and-death situation, IG and Tyloo were obviously on a united front.

However, no one could find any fault with that decision.

There had always been one goal for players in PUBG - eliminate the biggest threat!

At this point, the ones who popped their tires and the ones who were in their way of entering the safe zone were 4AM, thus, making 4AM the biggest threat to both of their teams' survival.


\"We can't let them get any closer.\"

\"GodV frowned as he rapidly gave out orders. \"Cpt on me, we'll rotate over to the other side of the hill ahead to get a better angle.\"

Aluka cautioned. \"Be careful, I saw that not all of them are going through the smoke. There's a couple of them who remained behind on defense duty.\"

Hearing Aluka's words, GodV groaned in frustration, before giving out orders once again. \"Then let's try this. Vic, give us cover on the roof. Alu, try to suppress the team in the left smoke tunnel. Any problems?\"

In GodV's mind, even if there were two people behind the two teams in the smoke, Liu Zilang still had the AWM. A casual 1v2 should not be a problem for him.

Of course, if he had known the identities of the two defenders, he might not have thought that way...

Trying to solo against two of \"Asia's Top Sniping Gods\" was a thought that no one could even bear to imagine!

Obviously, since the opposing teams have not revealed their identities, the 4AM gang had no idea that the two teams in front of them were none other than IG and Tyloo.



Then, GodV and Cpt started their attack on IG first.


Almost as if the God of Thunder roared out in the sky, a loud but dull gunshot suddenly blared out in everyone's ears!

As soon as one of the IG members popped out of the smoke, he instantly dropped to the ground.

\"4AM-Vic knocked out IG-Kitties by headshot with AWM!\"

The moment they saw this kill notification, all three teams were shocked!

Up till this point, IG and Tyloo had no idea that the people blocking their path was the one team that shined the most in today's tournament - 4AM.

On the other hand, the 4AM squad also had no idea that one of the teams in front of them was IG.

On the roof when Liu Zilang, who was pulling the bolt of his AWM, saw the kill feed, his pupils dilated!

It was IG!

That meant that the person holding the angle behind was...

At this moment, Liu Zilang furiously crouched down, ducking right behind the airdrop.



Almost at the exact instant that he crouched down, he heard two sudden gunshots coming straight at him from the two sides of the wheat field in front of him!

Liu Zilang who barely escaped his demise could feel his heartbeat accelerate as the bullets just barely grazed past his ears.

Instantly, Liu Zilang could not help but curse out in his head, before using a bandage whilst he tried to calm himself down...

Even if he chugged energy drinks, he would never be at full health since he was still outside the circle. Hence, he would have been dead if a single bullet hit his Level-three Helmet.

At the same time, Bai Shaobin, who was originally confident that his shot would kill, was also dumbfounded!

'F*cking hell... Is that kid's reaction speed really that fast?

'Or was the killing intent I was giving off a bit too strong?'

At this point, Bai Shaobin had forgotten the possibility that Liu Zilang was only instinctively taking cover because he thought of the possibility that Shen Zeyan was on the other side. He never would have expected to be able to perfectly dodge both bullets at once!

After the shot whiffed, Shen Zeyan did not even seem fazed at all.

In his eyes, if one shot whiffs, it was just a matter of firing a second shot. After playing as a sniper for such a long time, he had trained his mentality to always remain as calm as possible.

At the three snipers were all deep in their own thoughts, GodV's trio and the IG and Tyloo players charging up in the smoke were already rapidly exchanging intense gunfire on the wheat field.

Based on the numbers alone, 4AM's opponents definitely had the upper hand.

However at this time, the IG and Tyloo group did not have any cover in the smoke, they had no choice but to try to hide from sight in the smoke, praying not to get hit.

With each side having an advantage, GodV and company were on quite even grounds with their opponents.

As for Liu Zilang who was still hiding on top of the roof, after he calmed himself down and finished his bandaging animation, he once again pulled out his AWM.

Suddenly, a fire was ignited in his heart.


[1] The Chinese term here is \"\", which means \"Happy Poison Male\". \"\" is netslang for a bachelor, since it is a homonym for \"\", which literally means \"Single Male\". It's now a double play on the words since Chinese PUBG players call the area outside the circle as \"poison\".