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487 My Signature Airdrop-Looting Stance!

 As soon as the safe zone was updated, most of the squads started to make a move.

However, the two or three teams in a certain area, regardless of the fact that they were outside of the next safe zone, chose to hold their position.

This was because, at this point, there was still a little airdrop crate on a building's roof, with red mist slowly dissipating into the wind above.

At this point, all three teams were waiting...

Waiting for one of the other two teams to make a move, so they could swoop in and get it for themselves.

However, when the countdown to the fourth circle closing in was at around thirty seconds, the three teams were still in a stalemate.

\"Why don't... We take our leave first?\" One of the SST members suggested.

Hearing this, Misaka Mikoto sniffled a little bit as her eyes showed a hint of disappointment.

Although she truly wanted to get this airdrop for her team, she knew that she had her hands tied in this situation. If she were to continue to force it, she would just drag her own team down.

At this point, she could only nod her head at let out a frustrated \"OK\".

In the Tyloo squad voice channel, Hou Dongfang, who was still glaring at the building with the airdrop, suddenly said, \"Leader Bai, seems like the squad over there is ready to make a move.\"

Bai Shaobin nodded, his gaze remaining over at the IG squad that was also holding their position somewhere not far away.

As Er Gou in the squad saw the countdown timer, he could not help but say, \"If they aren't ballsy enough to take it, then why not we go up and have a go with a nade?\"

Bai Shaobin, still glaring at the IG crew, suddenly said after a while, \"That area outside the building seems to be visible from the enemies' position. What if they shoot you down after you toss your grenade?\"

Hearing that, the three other Tyloo players suddenly imagined themselves pulling the grenade pin and started aiming, before getting a bullet straight through their heads...

'When the hell was this a horror game?'

\"Then what should we do? The circle will be here soon.\" Hou Dongfang asked with an urgent tone.

Hearing those words, Bai Shaobin merely smirked and said six words.

\"They don't move, we don't move.\"

'Is IG gonna move?'

Both of these squads had come down together all the way from the top-right corner of the map. It could be said that they knew each other down to the bone. Naturally, they would not underestimate each other's mentality.

'You're not moving? Then we're not moving. Let's see who can out-stall who?'

As the players around the safe zone had started to make a move, there were suddenly two squads at a standstill, like two rocks in a flowing river. Naturally, this had also attracted the attention of a lot of people.

\"Hehe, IG and Tyloo are having a war of attrition. That makes things interesting.\"

\"It's mainly since the place that the airdrop landed was a bit too eye-catching. If you throw a grenade now, you'll have a huge target painted on your head. However, both of these teams seem to have their eyes set on this airdrop. Now, it's down to who can hold back longer.\"

\"Yeah, maybe these two squads are panning to fight it out with meds outside the circle, but the third circle's damage was still fine either way. It's not really insignificant, but it was still not too much damage. Furthermore, the two squads both had cars, there was still time for the follow-up.\"

A moment later, the countdown for the circle started.

As the blue radioactive barrier on Erangel started to move, slowly closing in on everyone.

Most of the squads outside of the safe zone had already rotated. Amidst the big \"Migration to the North\", there was another huge drop in the number of survivors, with only 49 players left on the field.

Soon, the area around the airdrop was completely enveloped by the radioactive barrier.

However, IG and Tyloo still had not moved.

At this point, whilst the rest of them were busy using bandages, Shen Zeyan and Bai Shaobin were all sneakily taking potshots at each other.

However, as they faced off in a sniping duel under these tense circumstances, they both missed each other.


However, at this time, the sound of a speeding motorcycle could be heard from the Southwestern direction from outside of the circle!

The next moment, a motorcycle sped up off a hill, drawing an arc in the sky before landing on the ground.

Naturally, this was the pitiful squad that had all the tires on their cars popped, the ones who had finally found a vehicle outside the circle.

This was the 4AM squad that was finally starting their rotation into the circle.


Naturally, IG and Tyloo would not let this \"easy money\" go to waste. Both teams instantly took aim and started spraying down at their prey, but due to the huge distance between them and the agility and speed of the motorcycle, they could barely get any shots in.

The instant Aluka heard the gunshots, he instantly swerved around, driving straight to the side.

At the same time, he rapidly reported the coordinates in voice, \"Be careful, people at NE150.\"

Inherently, Aluka's motorcycle was merely a \"forerunning scout\".

After all, in a squad game, once a car gets up close to another squad, they were extremely prone to having their cars blown up. 4AM, who had finally managed to get their hands on this little yellow sedan, chose to avoid the possibility of that happening. They had no choice but to let the fast and agile Aluka test the waters ahead.

\"We'll take a detour.\"

Hearing Aluka's words, Liu Zilang rapidly turned the car as he drove off to the side as well.

IG and Tyloo, seeing the small yellow car that turned away from their direction, knew that they had wasted their shot.

However, they were not too worried.

The position these two squads were in was en route to the safe zone after all.

Even if their enemy wanted to make a detour, that squad could at most only change the car's direction slightly and not drive up to them head-on. However, they would still have to pass by this area to get to the safe zone either way.

The following development went just as they had expected.

However, there was a single thing that completely exceeded their expectations.

The moment the little yellow car entered their sights, it was charging straight towards the area where the airdrop had just landed.

\"What's going on here? Is 4AM trying to casually take the airdrop since it was on the way to the safe zone?\"

\"That spells trouble for them. Maybe they don't know that the area near the buildings is completely within IG and Tyloo's line-of-sight, they won't even get a chance to park their car.\"

\"Yep, maybe there was some miscommunication on their part, but it seems like Vic is about to bring his passengers to the Final Destination[1].\"

The car engine's roaring got closer and closer.

In the blink of an eye, that speeding small yellow car had approached the building where the airdrop had landed.

However, just a small distance away, IG and Tyloo did not fire a single shot, but rather, they started to hide from sight.

Obviously, they were planning to wait for 4AM to get off the car and start to toss their nades.

Then, only would they assassinate these guys cleanly!

The next moment, as the yellow car was about to reach the building, right before those squad started to make a move, a miraculous sight appeared!

As the yellow sedan suddenly did a ninety-degree turn, causing it to drift as its momentum launched it off the hill right next to the building, flying straight to the roof of their building with an airdrop.

After slamming on the emergency brakes, the three rapidly jumped off the car.

\"Holy sh*t! AWM and a 15x scope!\" Cpt yelled as he opened the airdrop.

GodV who was trying to on defense duty looked ecstatic. He hurriedly said, \"Grab it, Vic! Cpt and I will defend you.\"

As the team's sniper, Liu Zilang was not planning on holding back. He rapidly took off all the accessories on his Kar98k and equipped the AWM from the airdrop, also putting on the Ghillie Suit.

However, the next moment, the three did not try to escape. They started holding their position on the roof.

Instantly, the tides had turned.

Although all three squads were outside the circle, IG and Tyloo, who were actually closer to to the safe zone, could not help but feel that they were now dancing in the palms of 4AM...


[1] Localized for Western audiences. The original term is the title of another Chinese novel \"\", lit. translated as Death Train