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486 The Law of Nature!

 After a miraculous success in storming the building, they miraculously managed to get a spot for themselves in this safe zone.

At this point, the 4AM crew could finally relax a little.

However, they were originally only planning on using this building as a temporary settlement. Never would they have expected to still be in the circle by the time the third safe zone updated.

\"This circle is really out of everyone's expectations, who would've thought that it wouldn't be in Primorsk?\"

\"Yeah, there are still 66 players left right now. On average, the casualty count in-game would usually hike up exponentially from the third circle onward.

\"Yep, especially with so many people currently hiding in Primorsk. I fear that then these guys start running to the safe zone, there would most likely be a ton of fights.\"

\"Speaking of which, 4AM who dropped at Military Base are performing quite well. Originally, we thought that it was an early GG for them, but who would've thought that not only did they survive that predicament, they even managed to come out of Sosnovka unscathed.\"

\"Hehe, although their path might've been a bit thorny, they did manage to salvage the situation quite a bit, leading the field in team kills.\"

\"That's right, I feel like 4AM is almost guaranteed to come out as the top seed at this point. The real question in this tournament right now was whether they could get another chicken dinner after that missed opportunity in the second match, getting the achievement of a 'double chicken dinner top-seed'.\"


At this time, a cargo plane suddenly appeared in the observer's camera.

As the plane flew past a certain cluster of buildings, a small black dot appeared right below the plane.

Then, a red and blue airdrop suddenly descended with a parachute, slowly wobbling its way down.

As the observer rapidly showed the resources within the airdrop, the live audience suddenly erupted into cheers!\"


Magnum ammo!

Ghillie Suit!

15x Scope!

Level-three Helmet!

Without a doubt, this is a top ninety-five percentile airdrop.

Furthermore, to the people within that cluster of buildings, this airdrop was literally being delivered straight to their doorstep.

That was literally the best RNG a player could get!

At this point, the squad at the buildings south of Gatka Trenches were naturally...

Not 4AM.

For something like having an airdrop with an AWM being sent to their doorstep, it was merely wishful thinking.

Maybe it was only something that the \"Lucky Mascot\" Misaka Mikoto's luck could achieve.

In reality, the squad that was in the cluster of buildings right now was precisely the Japanese SST squad.

However, when they saw the airdrop slowly descending upon them, instead of being happy, the SST crew suddenly started to get anxious.

If this was still the first circle, it was still fine, they would just grab the airdrop without hesitation.

At that point, everyone would be busy gathering their resources on their own, no one would even bat an eye at you trying to grab the drop.

However, it was now the third circle, nearly everyone inside this circle could see this giant airdrop dropping right into this particular neighborhood.

Under those circumstances, it was no longer realistic to hope to grab the airdrop silently without anyone noticing.

As expected, before the airdrop even landed on the ground, the entire area was suddenly surrounded by the sounds of engines roaring.

It looks like there were at least two squads heading over.

'Why don't we make a strategic rotation first?\" The squad leader Wesker asked.

Hearing that suggestion, Misaka Mikoto pouted, her cheeks puffing out like two buns.

With persistence in her eyes, she said, \"We can't just back off! Since we're already occupying this area, why not we just try to fend them off?\"

'Why not we just try and fend them off?'

Hearing these words, the remaining three SST members all cringed.

'Why else?'

'It's because we're too noob and can't fend them off!'


As a slight difference in opinion emerged within the SST squad, a loud and dull sound could be heard nearby.

The airdrop landed.

As the SST members turned around, their eyes could not help but twitch.

As it turned out, that airdrop had somehow managed to land right on top of that green roof, leaking a thick and enticing red mist...

\"This airdrop is... Err... Interesting.\"

\"Hehe, we were still joking about how Menhera-chan was the 'Lucky Mascot' of the Land of the Rising Sun. Never could we have expected that this airdrop did not land on their doorstep, but rather, their rooftop.\"

\"As we can see, the squads roaming around the airdrop right now are IG and Tyloo, both of them desperately needing a resource boost from the airdrop.\"

\"That's right. For a team like theirs, both housing Top-tier Sniper Gods Master Ze and Nighthawk respectively, if they manage to get their hands on the biggest baddest sniper of them all, their combat potential would rise exponentially.\"

\"However, looking at the current situation... It seems like they could try to use some Frag Grenades to knock it down, but I doubt anyone would attempt it whilst being surrounded by so many people.\"

\"Yeah, that's why IG and Tyloo also halted their plans. However, they don't seem to be moving away just yet. Maybe they're trying to find a chance?\"

Just as the three casters were analyzing the situation over at the airdrop, the third circle had started to close in.

From the observer's minimap, it was clearly shown that the squads outside the safe zone had started to make their move, especially the ones over at Primorsk.

Instantly, the gunshots started to ring out!

As if the floodgates had just opened, cars started streaming out of the town one after the other.

At this point, although the cluster of buildings 4AM was residing in was still within the circle, it was also en route to the next safe zone for the people currently escaping from Primorsk.

Hearing the unending sounds of car engines roaring, they could occasionally the two cars dueling each other in the distance.

At that point, the 4AM crew decided to just let loose and started getting some DPS in from the second-floor window.

After getting in a few potshots, they had actually managed to knock out two players from the speeding cars.

However, at this point, these squads could not afford to care about their downed squadmates as they had their hands full dealing with the other squad. They could only pray for the best.

Under these circumstances, 4AM naturally had an easy time picking off a few kills.

However, although they could not do anything about their downed squadmates, it did not mean that the other squads could not do anything about 4AM.

As soon as a couple of other squads got into position into the safe zone, they immediately gave 4AM the \"Tire-popping Value Meal Set\".

At that time, the cons of having a house with a simplistic structural design were apparent. Other than Aluka's motorcycle that he drove into the house escaping the disaster, both the buggy and the sedan that they had parked outside had all their tires popped after one short spray of bullets due to the lack of cover.

The 4AM crew upstairs winced at the thought as they heard the sounds of tires popping.

'Son of a b*tch!'

However, they were all inside the circle, they were not in a rush to rotate.

At this point, what's done was done, they could only stay there and take it on the chin.

Then as time passed, the third circle slowly closed in on the third safe zone as the fourth safe zone was revealed.

Seeing this circle, everyone in the game including the 4AM gang were completely shocked...

Early on when the first circle started, nearly every single team here was \"betting\" that the last circle would be somewhere Southwest of Primorsk.

However, reality proved otherwise.

Currently, the circle was leaning over in the Northeast direction.

Seeing this fourth circle, the safe zone had straight-up gone over to the mountain area Northeast of Pochinki...

Could they really not escape the law of nature - \"Buying high-odd bets, have your mansion set\"?