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485 Being The Last To Know The Truth, I Wept…

 A buggy had only two seats and could take two players at most.

That was common sense.

Of course, as long as one was not in India.

After observing the area by driving around a few times, 4AM found only one buggy in a hidden spot.

With that, the seemingly intense gunshots were enough to tell that something was off.

It was a bluff attack!


\"There are probably two players at most in the building.\"

Aluka was thrilled. \"What do you say? Are we going to fight them?\"

\"I'm down.\" Liu Zilang who was driving nodded.

GodV hesitated for a while but soon became determined as well.

\"Let's fight them. They probably shot us from the second floor just now, we'll charge upstairs right away and settle it quickly.\"

A spontaneous plan was made like that.

The four of them did not waste their time.

Aluka started drawing the line of fire toward himself by riding his motorcycle.

On the other hand, Liu Zilang drove GodV and Cpt to the side of the building.


In a room on the second floor.

When Brother Benz and Kim Doohwan from Royad heard the sound of vehicles below their building, their hearts skipped a beat!

Previously when they were outrunning the blue circle, they accidentally encountered players from Tyloo and IG and were faced with Asia's Top Two Sniper Gods, Shen Zeyan and Bai Shaobin. Alhough Royad managed to breakthrough in the end, they paid the price of losing two players.

When they occupied their spot in the housing area, according to Brother Benz's initial plan, they were going to camp quietly in the building.

However, Kim Doohwan mentioned that he learned a new tactic from Hua Xia which was known as the \"complement of true and false\".

False was true, and true was false.

They intended to confuse their opponents.

With that being said, they did not expect the \"four strong men\" from 4AM to make such a bold deduction after noticing their buggy.

Moreover, it turned out that what they had deduced was the actual truth.

Royad had truly shot themselves in the foot.


Below the two-story building, the 4AM players jumped out of their vehicles as if they were from Special Forces.

Nonetheless, they did not notice that their car had not stopped completely and was sliding forward slowly.

\"There should be two of them.\"

GodV stuck his ear to the wall and listened for foosteps upstairs. Later, he retrieved his S1897 as he announced, \"I'll go first.\"

As a rifler, his standard weapon combo in the early phase of a match was a shotgun and an AK.

Before attacking the building, in order to prevent their opponents from blocking the stairway, Cpt reached for his frag grenade.


His frag grenade hit the wall of the stairway and rebounded upstairs.

Consequently, as a deafening explosion was heard, dust and smoke filled the air.


\"Deng, deng, deng-!\"

Upon hearing the undisguised footsteps, the players in the side room on the second floor became extremely anxious!

They knew that if they were to stay put in the room, they would be cornered in a dead-end. Not to mention, should their opponents throw a frag grenade at them they would be dead.

In that crucial moment, Kim Doohwan gritted his teeth. \"Wait up here, I'll jump down to go around the building.\"

Right after, he glanced at the few windows on the second floor.

With the new game update, sounds of shattered glass could be heard if a player crawled out of a window. For all that, Kim Doohwan and Brother Benz smashed all the window glasses when they shot at their opponents earlier.

That meant that he could jump down without making a single sound!

When Kim Doohwan thought about that, he no longer hesitated.

He supported himself at one of the window frames and jumped out.

Brother Benz took a deep breath as he watched and then held his gun tightly as he waited by the door.

He knew that he was not going to survive for long.

His only hope was Kim Doohwan and it depended on whether his strategy worked.

Right then, a \"bam\" was heard outside the window!

Out of the blue, a system notification appeared on the top right corner of the screen.

\"Royad-Azeael was ran over by vehicle!\"


'Crashed by a car?

'This isn't how it's supposed to be!'

At once, Brother Benz was baffled...'What the h*ll is going on!'

As compared to being puzzled, all the spectators roared with laughter.

'What a show!'

Earlier on, when Kim Doohwan decided to jump out of the window, the caster focused on him on the screen.

The moment he jumped out, a red sedan car slid toward his direction.

Kim Doohwan was immediately stupefied!

In spite of that, since he was in mid-air, there was nothing he could do to change the outcome.

It was just as expected.

The second Kim Doohwan landed, his body faced down involuntarily and he supported himself with both hands.

By the time he turned around, the front of the sedan car was in his face.

With that, the spectators witnessed a \"perfect connection\" between Kim Doohwan and the car.

As soon as he landed, his body was knocked over. It caused him to vomit blood. Just like that, he left his mortal frame...

\"Pfft, haha! Is he trying to make me die from laughing too hard so that he can take over my QQ Farm!\"

\"I feel sorry for the sniper god, he certainly died with remaining grievance!\"

\"2333. If I'm not wrong, it's his fourth time being ran over by a car?\"

\"Why did the first-generation sniper god end up like this? It's such an awful thing to be run over by a car four times!\"

\"Cry! All of you, cry!\"

\"Why should we cry? Haven't you heard that 'a god's life will be ended by a car'?\"


Owing to the fact that Kim Doohwan's movement was soundless, the 4AM players who were attacking the building were unaware of it.

By the time the four of them broke through Brother Benz's defense and took him down, they were surprised that he died right away.

'What's going on?

'There were definitely two people in the building.'

\"Did I hear it wrongly?\"

GodV questioned himself as he looked at Brother Benz.

Liu Zilang shook his head. \"I don't think you were wrong, I heard the footsteps of two players too.\"

\"Did the other player jump down?\" Cpt took a look at the window.

Upon hearing him, the few of them looked down from the window and were shocked by what they found.

'What the h*ll?'

When they turned to look at the sedan car that had slid further away, they came to a sudden realization.

'Wait a minute... that's too much!'

On one of the player seats on the stage, Kim Doohwan sat at a daze in front of his computer as he stared at his gray screen.

It was not that he had never been run over by a vehicle.

It was his first time being run over by a driverless vehicle...

Furthermore, it was also the time that made him feel the most hopeless!

While being absent-minded, Kim Doohwan had a thought in his mind as he looked at the driverless car that had slid far away.

'Have I been wrong all along?

'My biggest enemy in the Asia Qualifier is not a player but a vehicle?'