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484 A Salvo Farewell?

 On the ocean of surging waves, two speedboats sped toward the west.

There were a total of four players on the boat and from the looks of it, they intended to go under the West Bridge. They would then disembark at Primorsk.

On the bridge, as Aluka looked at the speedboats that were getting closer, he turned to ask GodV, \"What do you think? Are we going to fight?\"

\"This distance...\" GodV hesitated for a while.

Liu Zilang who was beside him responded with a smile. \"I think we can try, we have plenty of bullets anyway.\"

GodV pondered for a while and then nodded. \"Let's fight then. We'll retreat later when there's nobody else, I don't think anyone else from Sosnovka Military Base will cross the bridge anymore.\"

Evidently, as compared to whether they could hit their enemies, GodV was more worried that they would expose their location.

Upon hearing their responses, Aluka and Cpt were pumped up.

Soon enough, gunshots were heard when the two speedboats approached the bridge.

As tongues of fire intertwined, it appeared as if four fire dragons had formed a fire net that was then thrown toward the ocean surface.

\"Eh? 4AM has decided to fight. Will their 'salvo farewell' stand a chance?\"

\"The approaching squad on the ocean is KIZ. I recall that in this match, they found a vehicle outside Sosnovka Military Base, made their way to Novorepnoye and then traveled by boat from Novorepnoye.\"

\"Clink, clink, clink-!\"

The sound of metal vibrating was heard as bullets hit the boats, causing the boat's durability to decline right away!

Instantly, the KIZ players were baffled. They began moving in a zig-zagged manner on the water as much as they could.

\"Split up! Split up!\"

\"Yes! Don't let them gather all their firepower on us.\"

Subsequently, the two speedboats split left and right.

On the bridge, GodV made a prompt decision as he yelled, \"Right side! Shoot the boat on the right! Don't care about the one on the left.\"

\"No problem!\" With GodV's clear instructions, the four of them gathered their firepower.

Before long, just as the speedboat on the right began giving out black smoke, it happened to turn into the dock of Primorsk along the coast and disappeared from their sight.

\"Aiya! What a pity, 4AM was so close to making the boat explode.\"

\"Mmm. It would've been good if they managed to knock a player out too, what a pity.\"

\"I think that the outcome is normal though. Honestly, it's hard to aim at a moving boat. Besides, it got further away from them at the end, which made it even harder.\"

As the commentators sympathized with them, the audience was rather dispirited too.

With that being said, Zhang Xiaotong who was in the front row clenched her fists together and fixed her gaze at the screen on the stage.


It was at that moment when a loud gunshot pierced the air!

On the bridge, Liu Zilang had set his rifle aside and blasted a shot with his 98K!

On the screen, the caster managed to display the bullet's trajectory.

Everyone witnessed the sniper bullet zoom into the air, drop due to gravity and then fly past the dock in the end.

It disappeared from everyone's sight.


All of a sudden, a deafening explosion was heard. It was followed by flames that rose up in a mushroom shape!

Next, two kill notifications appeared on the top right corner of the screen.

Upon seeing the scene, all the spectators were left open-mouthed!

From when the speedboat crossed under the West Bridge, to the salvo farewell, the two boats eventually got further away and finally disappeared from 4AM's sight...

Nobody expected the plot to climax that way.

It simply toyed with everyone's feelings!

It was worth noting that all along, snipers in PUBG despised \"bullet drop\". That was because they either had to gauge their shooting angle whenever they aimed at a target that was far away or they had to estimate the distance to calibrate for zeroing distance.

For all that, nobody ever thought about utilizing bullet drop!

Therefore, Liu Zilang's final snipe that \"set the tone\" simply opened everyone's eyes and left them in awe. They were so astounded by Liu Zilang's shot that was described as absolutely crafty...

In the game, GodV and the others were struck dumb as well. They then recalled his shot that \"burnt souls\" during the previous Douyu PUBG Golden Legends.

Back then, everyone thought that it was merely an accidental shot, hence nobody expected to see Liu Zilang perform the same act again that day!

'Was that still... accidental?'

\"Stop looking, get ready to outrun the blue circle.\" Liu Zilang had entered the yellow car behind them and was urging the rest to leave.

At that time, the borders of the first blue circle and the safe zone touched. With that, the second safe zone refreshed to a smaller circle at the bottom left of the map. It was where Primorsk and Quarry were located.

Due to the intense \"salvo farewell\" by Liu Zilang's team, even if there were players left on the opposite side, those players would not dare cross the bridge anymore.

Hence, since waiting on the bridge would not benefit them any longer, it was better for them to enter the safe zone.

Only when Liu Zilang hurried them did GodV and the others return to their vehicles.

Once again, Aluka led the way with his motorcycle and the four of them headed straight for the safe zone.

Halfway through, GodV furrowed his brows as he studied the map. He then instructed, \"Let's not go to Primorsk first. Although there's a higher chance that the final circle will be there, it's likely a chaotic place to be in now.\"

\"Where should we go then?\" Aluka asked.

Liu Zilang who heard them took a look at the map and then marked a small housing area outside Primorsk as he suggested, \"How about this?\"

\"I think it'll be great.\" Cpt nodded and analyzed, \"If we're there... we'll be close to Pochinki. Of course, the main point is that the building structures are simple there so even if there are players there, we won't be easily ambushed.\"

\"Mmm, let's head there,\" GodV said firmly.

Thus, as they were nearing Primorsk, Liu Zilang steered away from the main road and drove toward the small housing area.

In that match, the locations along the flight route had a fair distribution of resources. Therefore, apart from Sosnovka Military Base that had more intense battles, other locations were quite peaceful.

On that account, even after the second safe zone spawned, only a few more than ten players had been killed. There were 83 players left on the battleground.

Based on the numbers, clearly, there were players from other squads who had the same thoughts as Liu Zilang and his teammates.

As soon as they approached the housing area, gunshots filled the air!

\"Ding, ding, dang, dang, ding, ding-!\"

A series of sparks were seen on the body of their vehicles.


Due to a forceful turning, the tires of their vehicles kept skidding.

Nevertheless, after going around the housing area for some time, Liu Zilang and the others noticed that there was only one buggy stopped outside a building. Right away, the four of them were struck with the same idea.