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483 Stunt Team!

 Accompanied by the rumbling sounds of engines, three vehicles emerged at the bridgehead.

Instead of stopping, they sped toward the other bridgehead.

\"A car's coming!\"

\"Hold it, shoot when it's closer!\"

The players on the opposite of the bridge were thrilled as they spoke.

They were surprised that their attempt to block the bridge was going smoothly, such that as soon as they set up their \"toll booth\", they were greeted with their first customer.

What a good sign!

On the bridge, Aluka who was leading the way accelerated his motorcycle, sped like a wind-chaser, and arrived at the middle of the bridge not long after.

\"Aluka, is anyone there?\"

Cpt who was driving the buggy behind him asked.

\"It's not clear yet.\" Aluka shook his head. \"I don't think anyone would block the bridge at this time, let's just charge forward even if there are people.\"

Right after he said so, his face changed.

\"Someone's there!\"

In actual fact, there was no need for Aluka to say anything else because gunshots could be heard from the other bridgehead.

\"Tu, tu, tu-!\"

As sparks ignited from the muzzles of their opponents' guns, countless bullets poured down like rain.

This time, JT's division of work was reasonable and tight. In pairs, they positioned themselves at the front and back on both sides. They formed two diagonal lines of crossfire, hoping to get a good start.

Given the distance, there was no way they could stop their vehicles.

Aluka was left with only one choice, which was to charge forward!

The question was, how was he going to do that?

He turned his motorcycle abruptly, leaving an arc-shaped mark on the bridge.

With that, he stormed toward a slanted plate at the side of the bridge!


Like an arrow that left its bow, the instant Aluka's motorcycle zoomed up the slope, it flew into the air!

Afterward, by making use of the beams of the bridge, it shuttled itself unbelievably.

\"Ding, ding, dang, dang, ding, ding-!\"

As a result of the bullets fired, sparks ignited between the bridge and the bottom of his motorcycle. In addition to that, the sound of metal vibrating could be heard!

\"F*ck, that fella's riding skill is super cool!\" One of the players from Taiwan's JT Squad who was at the first hurdle exclaimed.

\"F*ck you! Shoot him down!\"

Another player shouted snappily.

By then, GodV and Liu Zilang who were in the red sedan car had caught up with their teammates.

Seeing as there were two players in front of them aiming at Aluka, instead of stopping their car by drifting it to counterattack, Liu Zilang decided to step on the gas and accelerated straight into their enemies!

On the other hand, GodV who was on seat number three stuck his head out of the window and then fired multiple shots with his AK!

Consequently, the two players bled due to the damage. Only when they were shocked by the attack did they realize that a sedan car was heading straight for them.

At once, they retreated behind a ruined car, resulting in a discontinuity of the intense gunshots!

Upon noticing this, Liu Zilang shouted, \"Cpt, speed up now! I'll suppress them for now.\"

Since Cpt drove the buggy that lacked speed and defensive capabilities, it was naturally the easiest vehicle to be destroyed.

As soon as Cpt who had been hiding behind Liu Zilang's car all along heard him, he quickly charged forward without the slightest hesitation.

However, not only did their opponents have players obstruct them from the front, there were another two players behind them.

\"He still has the nerve to charge forward? I'm afraid Cpt is going to take one for the team this time!\"

\"What happened to 'sacrifice Aluka, everlasting magical power'? Is 4AM changing their sacrificial offering for this competition?\"

\"Tcch, tcch-!\"

A hail of bullets later, blood splattered out from Cpt's body and one of his buggy's front tires went flat.

Judging from the looks of it, it would be impossible for him to pass the \"second obstacle\". At that moment, Cpt's heart sank as well as he knew that he was done for sure.

Despite that, without warning, a thundering \"bam!\" was heard from behind him!

Followed by that, he suddenly felt a shadow fly over his head. The spectators exclaimed out of astonishment!

Through the caster's perspective, Liu Zilang's red sedan car was seen flying into the air after it collided with the ruined car.

It did an ultimate Armstrong spin that went 360 degrees backward!

As it transformed into red glowing light, it knocked the two players who were aiming at Cpt. They were volleyed into the air!

Since they had been caught off guard, the two players were instantly knocked out by the spiraling car.

They collapsed to the ground right away.

Everyone was even more stupefied when they saw Aluka's motorcycle finally land from the beams of the bridge. He had crashed into those two players.

For that reason, they met their ends...

\"F*ck! 4AM is a f*cking stunt team! Their chemistry is off the top!\"

\"Awesome, awesome! Was that the legendary Spiraling Ascension?\"

\"That was the most real car accident scene I've ever seen!\"

\"What do you mean by car accident scene? Go check out automobile geometry?\"

\"2333, automobile geometry. That works too.\"

Owing to that intense performance, the bullet screens of all the official live streaming channels were flooded.

The \"cooperation\" between Liu Zilang and Aluka simply took the live stream viewers' breaths away...

In the game, Liu Zilang and GodV quickly got off their car. Like dogs in a manger, they shot back at the \"toll booth\".

Behind the ruined car, two JT players were left.

When they saw their teammates die violent deaths, they quickly hid on the other side of the car.

Instead of forcing an attack, Liu Zilang and the others retrieved their frag grenades.

A brief moment later, four frag grenades were thrown toward their direction!



The two players from Taiwan's JT Squad cursed.

In that situation that was near hopeless, one of them was struck with an idea. \"Jump! Quick! Jump off the bridge!\"

As he said so, he supported himself on the railing of the bridge and lifted himself up.

His teammate immediately followed his footsteps and climbed up the railing too!

Anyhow, Liu Zilang and his teammates had cooked their grenades for a while before throwing them.

Almost the instant the grenades landed on the ground, they exploded!


As an outcome, enormous flames and clouds of smoke could be seen along with an immense shockwave!

Before the two players on the railing could cross their legs to the other side, they were forced down...



By the time Liu Zilang and the others looked down from the side of the bridge, they saw two bodies laid out with their backs flat and eyes staring right at the sky.

Beside them, were two cinerary caskets...

\"Were we too cruel?\" Aluka scratched his head as he felt a little bad.

Liu Zilang replied calmly, \"It's alright, I heard that many people have been jumping off buildings lately. The two of them must've decided to jump off the bridge since the balcony is full.\"

The others were at a loss for words.

Since the four of them were not exactly well-equipped yet, after looting the two players on the bridge, Aluka made his way to the beach by motorcycle to loot the two other crates.

At that time, the first blue circle had shrunk halfway.

Even after waiting for a while, they did not encounter any more players from Sosnovka Military Base.

With that being said, the sound of a boat was suddenly heard coming from the quiet ocean.