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482 One Man Can Hold Up Against All His Enemies!

 The heaving of waves could be heard from the ocean.

Under the blazing Sun during noon, a flock of seagulls hovered above the ocean from afar.

By the beach, a fleet traveled along the coastline. It comprised of a motorcycle, a sedan car, and a buggy.

\"After looting the housing area in front, we'll cross the bridge.\"

\"Loot quickly, we don't have much time left. We might get blocked at the bridge if we leave later.\"

\"It's alright, we can opt for a boat if everything else fails and get off at Primorsk.\"

\"Everyone, be careful. We can't make mistakes anymore, we've lost our chance.\"

\"Mmm. If we encounter 4AM, we'll just leave. Especially if we meet Vic, that fella is our bane!\"

Upon hearing the last sentence from their captain, Kendesu, the other three players from BDG nodded in agreement.

They had been wiped out by 4AM entirely in the first match that day...

Since they knew that they were less competent, they conceded to defeat!

However, in the second match where their boat had been overturned by Liu Zilang on the inland river's bank, the four of them were stuck inside the stuffy boat and had been bombed to death in the end...

That feeling...

One would weep from the thought of it!

Therefore, all of them were of the same mind as Kendesu.

Quickly after, the four of them went around the Ferry Pier before they stopped their vehicles.

\"The doors are closed, nobody's here.\"

\"Let's just be careful, we need to advance steadily in this match. We'll loot in groups of two.\"

Right after Kendesu instructed, he opened the door to the building cautiously while holding his gun in another hand. Takomayo, the rifler of the squad, followed closely behind him.

Once they noticed resources like a medkit and consumables on the floor, they sighed a long breath of relief.

It seemed like the place was indeed vacant.

\"Be quick.\"

Kendesu picked up the medkit on the floor and then opened another door in the building.

The next second, Kendesu was starting at two guns that were aimed right at his face... his pupils shrunk right away!

\"Surprise, motherf*cker!\"

\"Tu, tu, tu-!\"

In that narrow space, fiery gunshots echoed!

Before Kendesu could hold his gun up, he collapsed to the ground.

\"Somebody's here! Two of them!\" After being stunned for a while, he yelled, \"Don't come over here!\"

The instant the other three BDG players heard the gunshots, their hearts sank as they knew that something terrible had happened.

At that time, Takomayo who had entered the same building with Kendesu did not charge into the room recklessly. Instead, he fled to regroup with his other teammates.

Subsequently, the other BDG players rushed over to back them up. With that being said, the moment the three of them gathered at the building's entrance, two players stood up without notice from the bushes near them...

\"Da, da, da-!\"

\"Da, da, da-!\"

Unforeseen gunshots filled the air!

When the volley of bullets had been fired, it appeared as if two tongues of flames intertwined into a fire net. It struck the three players at the door.

\"Behind! Someone's behind!\"

One of the three players who had been abruptly attacked at the door was instantly knocked out. Upon seeing that, the two remaining players naturally headed inside.

Despite that, since the little wooden house had a rather narrow door, and the two of them were \"telepathic\", they got stuck at the door...

Owing to the fact that it was a world competition, the spectators were dumbfounded to have witnessed the incident, hence they dissolved into waves of laughter!

\"Motherf*cker... they're here to joke around, aren't they?\"

\"Pfft, haha! That cracked me up! They were stuck under the boat in the previous match, and now they're stuck at the door. BDG is literally the joke of today's competition.\"

\"Speaking of which, out of all the Japan teams that participated, Menhera-chan did the best, didn't she?\"

\"I think so, looks like Japan's eSports scene lost to Menhera-chan!\"

\"Now that you mention it, why do I feel like Japan's FPS eSports still has a long way to go!\"

\"23333, I strongly request that Japan recruits Shiba Tatsuya[1] for future competitions!\"


In the game, how could BDG that had only two players left alive survive?

Inside the room were Cpt and Aluka whereas Liu Zilang and GodV were outside. Before long, the four of them attacked the two BDG players from both sides. BDG died right away...

Looking at the four crates that were laid out neatly on the ground, GodV and his teammates were startled as if they were in disbelief having eliminated a squad so easily.

In past competitions, each time they encountered an enemy squad, they always had to pay a price.

However, after defeating BDG, not only were they still a full squad. None of them had suffered any damage at all...

When they thought about it, they glanced at Liu Zilang and praised him from the bottom of their hearts, \"You're really full of tricks!\"

After all, such closely linked tricks of an LYB would not come from just anyone.

\"You're flattering me, you're flattering me!\" Liu Zilang who was the one behind the play smiled humbly. \"It was because everyone cooperated.\"

The others cursed to themselves and thought, 'Don't put us in the same category...

'Whatever, looting is more important!'

One thing was for sure, BDG's crates satisfied their long-felt needs!

They had been very poorly equipped since the beginning off the match, hence they quickly looted the crates.

It felt so good!


Once they were done looting, there were 30 seconds left before the blue circle began shrinking.

\"What do you think? Should we go through the water or cross the bridge?\"

As Aluka touched his fully attached M4, he somehow showed a sense of respect for the players of BDG.

After all, the area around Sosnovka Military Base was not rich in resources. It must not have been easy for the players of BDG to develop in a short amount of time. Not to mention, they had delivered it to their doorstep.

When GodV heard Aluka's question, he scoped in on the bridgehead. \"The bridgehead on this side of Sosnovka Military Base is still in the first circle, I don't think anyone will be blocking the bridge. We can try crossing it. Vic, what's your opinion on this?\"

\"I think that'll work.\" Liu Zilang nodded.

At the end of the day, not only did BDG send them equipment but they brought them three vehicles too. If they were to leave them there, it would be quite a pity.

Hence, 4AM formed a fleet as they made their way across the bridge.

At that moment, the final \"ruler of Sosnoka Military Base\" was not there yet and was probably not done fighting.

If they were to cross the bridge, Liu Zilang and the others would definitely not mind staying to collect their \"toll fee\".

\"Ahem, the players of BDG were too careless.

\"But I would say that 4AM was really patient. Who would've thought that after camping for such a long time in the housing area, they would encounter BDG.\"

\"Mmm, the squads from Sosnovka Military Base are about to leave now. After all that they've been through, 4AM is still not at a dead end.\"

\"Looks like 4AM has decided to drive across the bridge. However, it seems like someone is coming from the other side of the bridge.\"

At the bridgehead.

After looting around the \"Twelve Golden Palace\", when the players of Taiwan's JT Squad looked toward the island opposite them, they felt like they could hold up against anyone!


[1] The main protagonist of The Irregular in Magic High School