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481 As Long As You Have The Nerves!

 In Sosnovka Military Base.

One player each from Anarchy and IFTY had been taken down by Liu Zilang in a total of two shots.

Right away, their respective teammates began reviving them.

Nonetheless, both squads had suffered losses from 4AM before. More importantly, 4AM was leading in points.

If they wanted to win a placing that day, getting chicken dinner was secondary. The key was to lower 4AM's points in that match.

\"Flash\" naturally meant moving in and out of one's cover very quickly. It would undoubtedly reduce firepower.

With that being said, nothing could be done.

Since everyone knew of the existence of the man on the hill...

Who dared to peek, only to be shot in the head?

At the same time, Liu Zilang and GodV kept firing shots one after another. Though they no longer knocked anyone out since their opponents were being more defensive, they managed to provide covering fire for Aluka and Cpt.

A brief moment later, by paying the price of losing one of the back tires, Aluka and Cpt successfully shifted the vehicle to the slope at the back of the hill.

\"Quick, come up here. Cpt and I will cover you,\" Aluka immediately told them.

\"Mmm, Vic, get ready to retreat. Don't get too immersed in shooting them,\" GodV instructed.

\"It's such a pity that I didn't get to kill that player just now.\" Liu Zilang sighed and then put his gun away.

\"I'll countdown from 3 and we'll run together! Aluka and Cpt might not be able to cover us much since they're far away, it'll be up to our zig-zagged movements.\" GodV took a deep breath and then began counting down, \"3! 2! ...\"

Before he could finish his eyes twitched.

From the corner of his eyes, he saw Liu Zilang dash up like a wild dog let out of its leash!

'That guy's not human!'

GodV thought to himself as he strode his way up the hill as well.

\"Xiu, xiu, xiu-!\"

Seeing how the two of them were escaping, the two squads below the hill were not going to let them go that easily. Hence, they quickly fired shots at them.

All of a sudden, a hail of bullets were headed for them!


Blood spurted out from Liu Zilang's waist, causing him to lose a substantial amount of health.

He took a deep breath and noticed GodV who was happily running away. He had not suffered a single shot.

Dissatisfied, he wondered, 'Why are those players only shooting at me?'

Obviously, he underestimated himself as a threat and a revenge target to the players from IFTY and Anarchy.

It was worth noting that almost all of the bullets shot from Sosnovka Military Base were directed at him...

If it went on, before Liu Zilang could make it up to the hill, he would be dead.

Right then, it became chaotic at the police station!

The next second, Liu Zilang who had been running zig-zagged as hard as he could felt the pressure on him reduce.

'What's going on?'

\"Oh! It's the Thailand Macho Man Squad. They came from the boiler room and have sneaked an attacked on IFTY from behind!\"

\"That's right. VK who had just been revived has been knocked out again. What will happen? Anyhow, Big Brother's reaction speed was extremely fast! He knocked out one of their opponents too.\"

\"With that, Anarchy is the only squad left aiming at Vic and GodV. Looks like they have a higher chance of leaving Sosnovka Military Base now.\"

Upon hearing the commentators, the spectators became extra attentive too as they fixed their gaze on the players on the hill.

'Can they... escape?'



When Liu Zilang heard the intense and chaotic gunshots behind him, after thinking for a short while, he realized what was going on.

At that time, the pressure from one of the squads was gone and the distance between them and their opponents had been drawn further apart.

Although the Anarchy players on Duga had high magnification scopes, rifle bullets had longer traveling time and lower accuracy.

On top of that, with Aluka and Cpt covering him and GodV from the back of the hill, their opponents dared not attack them unscrupulously. It was such that they needed to crouch from time to time to avoid getting hit.

Therefore, Liu Zilang felt like a heavy rock had been taken off him.

Given the situation, he stole a glance at the police station and then chuckled.

After running two more steps, he turned around in between the gap when Aluka and Cpt suppressed the players on Duga.

On the spur of the moment, he blasted a shot!


At that time, the situation at the police station was very heated.

Though IFTY's overall strength was above MiTH's Squad, they had been attacked from the back earlier.

Hence, both parties had players who were knocked out.

As for the players who were still standing, they hid behind cover and attempted to shoot at one another now and then.

Since it was tough to determine a winner and a loser, they eventually ended up in a deadlock.


Without warning, a loud and long gunshot was heard.

It came from the hill!

Quickly after, a kill notification appeared on the top right corner of the screen.

\"4AM-Vic killed MiTH-CigaretteS by headshot with Kar98K!\"

Everyone was stunned!

He had stolen a kill!

Clearly, nobody expected Liu Zilang who was fleeing in desperation just a moment ago to take the opportunity to steal a kill.

\"F*ck! He's a lunatic!\"

\"I finally know why he can acquire such a high kill count, he literally values kills more than his life!\"

\"The main point is that he's so far away, how the h*ll did he get a headshot through an iron sight?\"

\"You're all too young. Go check out the Chicken King of Douyu's Attractive Section and his 'Imperial Hawkeye'?\"

One thing was for sure, even though it was the head of a fixed target whom Liu Zilang had shot from quite a distance away, it was remarkable!

In the game, the other three players from 4AM were dumbfounded as well when they heard the gunshot.

When they turned around and saw Liu Zilang holding his gun up, they were speechless!

'He truly avails himself of every opportunity!'

Upon seeing him, GodV quickly urged, \"Come up here now, don't provoke them further or all three squads will hunt you down.\"


Another gunshot was heard, it was followed by a kill notification that appeared on the screen. Liu Zilang stole another kill by killing VK from IFTY.

Nevertheless, he knew when to stop.

Before the squads could react to the situation, he ran up the hill hastily.

Behind the police station, the remaining players from IFTY and MITH were baffled when their teammates were killed.

Later on, they finally realized what was going on and pointed their guns toward the north hill. However, all the found was a player jumping like a rabbit. Before long, he went past the hill.

The players from both squads fell silent...

Especially for the players of MiTH, when they found out that IFTY was attacking Liu Zilang earlier, they regretted deeply!

'A brute like him should be pounced on by everyone, one after another!


Once Liu Zilang passed the hill, he got on the UAZ.

After acquiring two kills, he was totally unaware of the resentment of those players.

At that time, the first circle had refreshed to the bottom left area of the mainland but the West bridge's bridgehead and the rural area near it were still in the safe zone.

When GodV noticed how terribly equipped his teammates were, he suggested, \"Let's not cross the bridge first. We should loot the rural area near the bridgehead.\"

\"Mmm, that works too.\" Cpt agreed.

On the other hand, Aluka frowned. \"I recall seeing some players land around Sosnovka Military Base to loot the rural area around it.\"

\"I suppose it has been completely looted then.\"

GodV and Cpt were rather disappointed.

Right then, Liu Zilang smirked.

\"What if... it hasn't been looted?\"

The rest of them were startled when they heard Liu Zilang but quickly realized what he meant.

They giggled as they headed toward the area...