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480 A Spring Of Fire Sticks!

 The gunshots were too rushed, too fast, too sudden.

In spite of that, they were reasonable.

4AM and KD had been attacking each other at full blast for quite some time, by which gunshots filled the air.

As long as one had no hearing problems, one would have certainly heard them.

Even so, Liu Zilang was only dubious of one thing.

'Many players have landed in Sosnovka Military Base in this match. Theoretically, shouldn't they be fighting one another now? Why are they aiming at us?'

While he healed himself with bandages, he wondered as he was feeling frustrated...


Without warning, another bullet shot Liu Zilang's right leg from the side!

\"Be careful, there's a squad of players at the police station on your right too!\" GodV quickly alerted him.

Upon seeing the situation, Liu Zilang crouched to his left.

However, his actions somehow acted as a signal, such that countless gunshots were then heard from his right.

All of a sudden, he was being attacked by showers of bullets from both his left and right!

Instantly, the four players from 4AM hid behind the tree as they trembled. It looked like they were on a small boat which was undulating on the ocean's surface under stormy rain and would capsize at anytime.

\"4AM is in a tricky situation now, they seem to be in the same position KD was in earlier.\"

\"The awkward thing is that both 4AM and KD aren't developed. Even after taking down KD, 4AM is very poorly equipped.\"

\"Mmm, I noticed that GodV is the only one with a 2x scope whereas the rest only have regular scopes.\"

\"But the players from IFTY and Anarchy are well equipped with 4x scopes and 8x scopes, it'll be hard for 4AM to get away.\"

\"Do they have smoke grenades? If they do, instead of returning to Sosnovka Military Base, they can very well make their way to their vehicle to escape. After all, it's not a Sosnovka Military Base circle.\"

The commentators were right.

At that time, the players from 4AM were indeed asking one another for smoke grenades.

However in that match, as soon as they landed, they only picked up basic items as they were determined to take down KD as soon as possible. Initially, their plan was to attack Building No. 1.

Even if they had picked up a grenade, it would have been a frag grenade.

Naturally, none of them carried smoke grenades.

After a moment of silence, GodV uttered, \"How about this... Vic and I will provide covering fire while Cpt and Aluka will move the vehicle. Let's see if we can escape.\"

Right after he finished, he asked, \"Vic, you have a sniper rifle, right?\"

\"Mmm, I picked up a 98K just now.\" Liu Zilang nodded.

\"That's great.\" GodV sighed a long breath of relief.

He was reassured with Liu Zilang's sniping skill.

Nonetheless, Aluka who was near Liu Zilang subconsciously took a glance at his 98K and felt that it was odd.

The next second, he popped the question, \"Your 98K... isn't equipped with a scope?\"

Liu Zilang shrugged helplessly. \"I only have a holographic sight, it's on my rifle.\"

Upon hearing him, the others were dumbfounded.

When shooting at such a far distance, a 98K without a scope was almost equivalent to a fire stick.

GodV began to wonder if they should restructure their plan. For example, three of them could provide covering fire while one of them moved the vehicle...


Out of the blue...

A loud 98K gunshot pierced the air!

A muzzle flash could be seen coming from Liu Zilang's gun as he blasted a sniper bullet that zoomed far away!

Next, blood was seen somewhere on Duga!

'What's going on?'

GodV and the others were stupefied and extremely shocked when they saw the system notification on the top right corner of their screens.

\"4AM-Vic knocked out Anarchy-Suk by headshot with Kar98K!\"

'What the f*ck?!'

Upon seeing the notification, not only GodV but the spectators were struck dumb!

\"A man! A real man!!!\"

\"Pass an iced Cola to the iron sight boss!\"

\"Nice! Only a coward uses scopes, a real man uses only an iron sight!\"

\"Hey, don't boast! How about you try shooting with an iron sight?\"

In the game, GodV twitched his eyes when he realized what had happened. He then recalled the first time he played with Liu Zilang.

He remembered that at the door of A Building, Liu Zilang knocked out a moving target with a headshot with his 98K through its iron sights as well.

Although it was a random matchmade game, he still gasped back then because it was incredibly amazing to be able to get a headshot in such a situation.

He could not believe that Liu Zilang dared do the same in a professional competition.

In addition, he really pulled it off.

When GodV thought about it, he no longer hesitated and quickly ordered, \"Aluka and Cpt, leave first, Vic and I will cover you. Once you're past the hill, cover us.\"

\"No problem.\"

Aluka responded and then ran toward the UAZ with Cpt without turning back.

Evidently, after witnessing Liu Zilang's awe-inspiring headshot earlier, he was confident that his teammates had their backs.


In Sosnovka Military Base, at the police station.

When A+ from IFTY noticed two of them running up the hill, he said, \"Some of them are fleeing.\"

\"Flee? Did they think that it'll be easy?\"

VK who was the sniper held up his 98K that was attached with an 8x scope and then aimed at the UAZ's driver seat.

As soon as someone entered the vehicle, he would fire a shot!

SOSO took a look at VK's Level Two Military Helmet and was about to remind him to be careful.

At that time, Aluka who was on the hill was getting closer to the UAZ.

From behind cover, VK peeked out with his 98K!


An ear-splitting gunshot was heard.

It came from the hill!

The instant VK scoped in with his gun, before he could even pull the trigger... blood suddenly splattered out of his head and his sight became blur due to the bleeding.

Followed by that, his knees became weak and he collapsed to the ground.

When the spectators saw the unexpected scene, they were in a daze!

\"Iron sight... flick?\"

Ms-Joy who was on the commentary platform widened his eyes.

Once he blurted out those words, he swallowed his saliva a couple of times as if his throat was dry...

That was because on the screen displayed by the caster earlier, everyone saw Liu Zilang peek previously. His gun was not pointed at VK.

With that being said, when VK peeked from behind cover, Liu Zilang captured him right away.

As he swung his gun that was like a fire stick, a deadly spark ignited!

\"What sick dynamic vision and reaction speed!\" Right after Sy commented, he smiled bitterly.

He shook his head as he continued, \"Honestly, after playing as a sniper for such a long time, I can confidently say that I can do a flick as well. However, I personally feel that it's easier to flick with an 8x scope whereas flicking with a 4x scope doesn't feel that great.

\"As for an iron sight flick...

\"This... is my first time seeing it.\"

When the spectators heard him, they nodded in agreement too. They looked at somewhere in the player zone on the stage as if they were looking at a monster.

Iron sight flick?

The thought of it simply felt like a fantasy...

Nevertheless, that guy miraculously pulled it off!

'Is he even human?'