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479 Haunting Us Like Baby Spirits, Soldier 76!

 \"Xiu, xiu, xiu-!\"

When a hail of bullets attacked them from behind, the three players from KD who were running quietly on the hill were startled!

\"A! Ssi! They're catching up!\"

\"Damn it, those people are haunting us like baby spirits!\"

\"What do we do now?\"

\"What else can we do? Look for cover!\"

If they were near the hilltop, they could have dashed all the way up.

After all, should they pass the hill, they would instantly be out of 4AM's sight.

However, the players from KD were only halfway up the hill. Thus, since they were being attacked by countless bullets, they had to look for cover to counterattack.

Once GodV and the others noticed that they had successfully oppressed their opponents, instead of advancing recklessly, they looked for cover as well. With that, both parties began exchanging fire.

\"Vroom, vroom-!\"

Right then, the rumbling sound of an engine was heard!

The KD players who were behind a tree on the hill were appalled.

As soon as they turned around, they saw a UAZ zooming up the hill from the side.

\"By going around the KD's players, Vic is drawing the line of fire to himself. Hence, those players can no longer use the tree on the hill as cover.\"

Without having to think, the spectators and KD noticed that fact.

Nonetheless, noticing it was one thing.

In reality, they were being aimed at by GodV and two other players, hence there was no way they could move.

\"Do you guys have smoke grenades? Any of you have a smoke grenade?!\" Evermore yelled anxiously in their voice chat.

He was greeted with dead silence...

Soon, he too realized that if any of them had one, that person would have used it earlier.

A brief moment later, Mustang suddenly replied softly, \"Brother Pig, I have... a stun grenade.\"

Upon hearing his words, both Evermore and Style twitched their mouths.

Although they were clueless about the UAZ's specific location, they knew that it would not take long before it got behind them.

Should that happen, they would be sandwiched from both sides and would be doomed for sure.

When Evermore thought about the possible outcomes, he braced himself and said, \"Try it then. We need to get up there, we can't stay here anymore.\"

Once Mustang heard Evermore's instructions, he retrieved his stun grenade and took a deep breath.

Next, he peeked from behind the tree, leaped into the air and then threw the stun grenade as hard as he could!


\"Be careful! Somebody has thrown a grenade!\"

As soon as Aluka noticed an unidentified object being thrown from the hill, he alerted the rest.

\"That... probably won't reach us.\"

GodV who was more observant furrowed his brows and realized that it was not as simple as it seemed. \"Besides, I don't think that's a frag grenade.\"

Therefore, he quickly tilted his head from behind cover, held his M4 up and then scoped in on the unidentified flying object...


A rather sharp, deafening sound filled the air.

The instant GodV heard it, he came to a sudden realization and cursed to himself.

Sure enough, the world around him turned completely white not long after...

Aluka who was not far away from him remarked snappily, \"F*ck! Were they trying to frighten us? They tricked us into thinking that their stun grenade was a frag grenade.\"

\"Mmm... perhaps they really intended to stun us.\"

Cpt made a guess and then shook his head as he sneered. \"Hehe, which dumb*ss would be stunned by a stun grenade thrown from so far away.\"

Right after Cpt said that, he and Aluka burst out laughing...

It did not take long before their laughter was brought to a halt.

This was because they noticed that GodV's screen was entirely white...

Of course, nobody would ask a silly question such as \"GodV, why's your screen white? Is there something wrong with your screen?\"

Even a fool knew what was going on.

On the spur of the moment, the atmosphere became somewhat awkward.

Fortunately, the KD players on the hill forced them to break the silence.

\"Sh*t! They're getting away!\" shouted Cpt.

On the competition screen, one player from KD had stayed behind to provide covering fire while the other two players made their way up the hill.

At that moment since GodV was still blind, Aluka quickly gave instructions, \"I'll watch the one behind the tree, you shoot the ones who are running away.\"

\"No problem.\" Cpt nodded.

\"Da, da, da-!\"

In the blink of an eye, there was another downpour of bullets!

However, it was also then when the spectators noticed the sudden appearance of a UAZ on the northside hilltop.

Perhaps a more accurate description for it was, a UAZ that was sliding down slowly.

On the other hand, Liu Zilang who was holding a SCAR-L was following behind the vehicle.

Upon seeing this scene, all the spectators felt a sense of familiarity...

\"Soldier 76, are you escorting the target to its destination?\"

In the game, Evermore and Style were moving in zig-zagged manner to avoid being shot by Cpt who was firing at them.

As they ran up the hill, they looked up and were instantly baffled too!

'What the h*ll is going on?'

The next second, just like a ghost, Liu Zilang peeked from behind the UAZ!

\"Da, da, da-!\"

In a trice, a couple of bullets were fired from behind the vehicle!

\"Nice! 4AM made an extremely smart move!\"

\"That's right. Now that GodV has regained his sight, 4AM's firepower will be more powerful!\"

\"Oh! Pig Emperor has been knocked out by a final shot from Aluka, it's his second time being knocked out.\"

\"Even if it was his first, without any cover, his teammates won't be able to save him!\"

As a result of Liu Zilang's unexpected sneak attack from behind and the strong firepower from his teammates, KD was totally defeated. Their squad collapsed not long after.

A series of notifications appeared on the top right corner of the screen.

At last, Liu Zilang, Aluka, and Cpt acquired one kill each.

Although GodV who regained his sight joined in the battle and contributed too, he did not score a kill.

They were able to wipe out a full squad without losing any players of their own. Needless to say, Liu Zilang's contributions were certainly worth noting.

Hence, when he saw the crates on the floor, he swiftly went over to loot them.

However, owing to the fact that the KD players were too focused on fleeing, they had not looted much.

Apart from not being fully armored with a helmet and a vest, one of them had the weapon combination of an Uzi and a 98K. It was known as a \"heavy metal mix and match\".

Anyhow, the 98K was a good gun, thus Liu Zilang picked it up. It was a pity that the player did not have a scope, thus Liu Zilang could only aim down its iron sight at that time.

Subsequently, once 4AM was done looting everything they needed, they decided to search C Building again.

A gunshot was then heard!


A sniper bullet hit Liu Zilang who was running, causing blood to splatter from his body!

Since he only had a Level One Police Vest, his health dropped by half.

\"Somebody's there! On Duga!\" By listening, Liu Zilang identified the source of the gunshot right away and notified his teammates.

\"Xiu, xiu, xiu-!\"

A series of bullets were fired from a rifle.

At once, Liu Zilang turned to hide behind a tree.

Wood chips from the bark of the tree filled the air and it was like rain pattering on a beach. Just like that, countless holes were seen in the tree trunk!