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478 Human Umbrella Protection Technique?

 \"Have you found any weapons yet? Merald is down.\"

\"Huh? Wasn't he chasing someone with a weapon?\"

\"He got punched in the head and got knocked out.\"


KD's voice chat fell into silence when they heard Evermore's words.

Merald who was kneeling on the floor clenched his fists as he buried his head in embarrassment...

Style and Mustang who were heading toward the rooftop of Building No.1 immediately searched for weapons the instant they landed. However, they only found a shotgun, a Level Two Backpack, and some consumables.

When they saw Merald pick up a weapon confidently at Building No.2 and was chasing after a weaponless player, they thought that they would draw first blood in that match. They did not think much of it.

However, they did not expect Merald to be punched to death by the enemy while chasing him...

The other three KD players looked at Merald who had his head lowered. They were very tempted to pat his shoulder and comfort him.

'Brother, just quit the game!'

The last one in the sky, Evermore was about to land. When he noticed that Building No.1's rooftop had been looted, he went to the back and planned to enter the building through a window.

However, as he was descending to the window on the first floor, he heard a click above him!

'What the h*ll... What's that familiar sound?

'Not good!'

Evermore reacted immediately as his heart sank!

Since he had his parachute out, he was extremely restricted and the only thing he could do was to try and land as quickly as possible.

'Come on!

'Descend quickly!'

Then, there was a loud boom!

A huge fire ignited above Evermore!

The shockwave from the Frag Grenade's shrapnel rushed toward him.

He spat out a mouthful of blood and fell down as he wished. There was a loud thud before he covered his abdomen in agony on the floor.

\"4AM-Vic knocked out KD-Evermore with Frag Grenade!\"

Meanwhile, the viewers in the stadium watched the sadistic scene through the caster's perspective...

\"Holysh*t, 666! Vic is definitely the Grenade God. What an amazing show of using the grenade!\"

\"Vic: Frag Grenade? Don't make me laugh. Do you know what's a homing missile?\"

\"Tsk tsk! It's the art of attacking parachuting players! Reported, I'll see you at the International Military Court!\"

\"Puhaha, poor Pig Emperor. He'll be doubting his entire life if this keeps on.\"


\"A Ssi. It's that d*mned Vic again!\"

Three of KD's players had died in the early stages of the game in the previous match, and he alone was able to encounter Liu Zilang while hiding inside a toilet beside the road.

What made him extremely speechless was that he was cheated out of the toilet by Liu Zilang's Smoke Grenade.

The match at hand was even worse...

He had been blasted down before he could even land.

What did he do to deserve it!

\"How did you get bombed by a grenade? Didn't you just land?\"

The two were stunned as they were about to come out of the building with weapons in their hands to save Merald.

\"I got bombed while I was still in the air.\" Evermore gritted his teeth. \"Come and save me quickly, I'm running out of health.\"

\"B-b-b-brother... Please save me now! He's punching me!\" Merald's devastation could be heard through the voice chat.

Style replied immediately, \"I'll come and save you. You should go and save Brother Pig.\"

Then, a Kill Notification appeared on the top right corner of the screen.

\"4AM-Vic killed KD-Merald by headshot with fist!\"

KD's voice chat fell into silence when they saw the notification. They could even hear someone let out a long sigh.

\"Calm down. Let's not head over there for now.\"

\"You're right. Be careful of his teammates.\"

\"Yes... I'll come over and regroup for now.\"

Merald's eyes twitched as he stared at the black and white screen in front of him while listening to their heavy words.

'What the...

'You guys aren't planning to come and save me at all, right?'


\"Holysh*t. Are you serious?\"

The other three 4AM players were shocked when they realized Liu Zilang had punched an armed player to death!

\"It's a basic skill.\" Liu Zilang smiled calmly. \"Don't you know of the Invincible Iron Fist?\"

The three were speechless...

\"Oh right, how did you bomb the other guy?\" GodV recalled the explosion he heard earlier.

After Liu Zilang killed the enemy, he looted the SCAR-L from the crate and started searching Building No.2 as he entered through a window from the back. He started laughing and said, \"It's nothing, he was just some unfortunate guy who got bombed down by me in the sky but he must have been saved by his teammates by now.\"

\"I think that 'unfortunate guy' is the Emperor Pig Evermore.\"

Aluka seemed to have taken note of the Kill Notifications.

\"Oh, it's that idiot!\"

GodV smiled happily upon hearing his words. \"Brother! Nice bomb!\"

He recalled himself trying his best to crawl to the side of the toilet in the previous match when he was knocked out near Georgopol. He could remember the taste of despair in his mouth after he had he opened the toilet door. He felt excited as if he had taken his revenge.

No, he had to take his revenge.

GodV then asked in the voice chat, \"Has everyone gotten a weapon?\"

\"I've got an AK here,\" Cpt responded.

\"D*mn it, I only found a Tommy Gun.\" Aluka sounded frustrated. \"I can't aim with the iron sight on this weapon and its recoil makes me dizzy.\"

\"It's fine. I have a quick draw mag for Submachine Guns here.\" Liu Zilang who was at Building No. 2 laughed. \"All you need to do later is hold down your left mouse button.\"

Aluka was speechless...

\"Just a rough scour will do. All you need is a Helmet and armor,\" GodV's voice rang as he commanded calmly. \"Let's take care of them while they're a man down. We'll be vulnerable to ambushes when we fight against players outside of C Building later.\"

Liu Zilang and the rest were aware of that as well.

When they heard GodV's orders, Liu Zilang marked Building No.2 for Cpt who was lacking a helmet. Not long after, the four of them had their own respective beginner's set. They then split into two groups and started sneaking toward C Building No.1.

\"We can see that 4AM has decided to make the first move in Sosnovka Military base. They're going to clear out the remaining three players from KD.\"

\"What do you think KD will do? Huh? They seem to be on high alert! Sensing something, they're escaping through the back of Building No.1!\"

\"Judging from their direction, are they planning to escape Sosnovka Military Base?\" Hmm... Since they're a man down, perhaps this is a wise decision. Do you think 4AM will be able to stop them in time?\"

As the casters spoke, the viewers in the stadium and live stream had their eyes glued to the match.

In the game, 4AM arrived at Building No.1 from both sides.

GodV frowned as he tried to listen for any footsteps. \"I don't think there's anyone in the building. They left the place after scouring the area.\"

\"They shouldn't be that quick,\" Liu Zilang said.

They had gone after them right after obtaining weapons. KD's pace had been interrupted by Liu Zilang and logically speaking, they should not have been able to finish scouring that quickly.

Then, Cpt said out loud, \"I see them in the north! They're heading up the hill!\"

\"What should we do? Should we chase after them?\" Aluka asked.

\"We must end what we started. We'll kill them all!\" GodV decided on the spot.

\"You guys delay them, I'll go find a vehicle.\"

Liu Zilang looked to the side and immediately spotted a UAZ at the side of the road not far away from them.

The three KD players were obviously scared of startling them since they had chosen not to drive that vehicle. Nevertheless, they had been noticed by 4AM.

What came next were gunshots that reverberated around the area!