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477 A Courageous Idea!

 The match's flight route was vertical, it traveled from the bottom of the map to its very top. It was as if the entire map was split into half with a watermelon knife.

As the flight route had split the map uniformly, the resource points on the map had certainly spread out equally as well.

As the airplane flew over the sea and was about to arrive at Sosnovka Military Base at the bottom of the map, a bunch of black dots appeared below the cabin.

Many players had chosen to jump to Sosnovka Military Base.

Among those squads, some of them had a solid plan in their minds while the rest were purely there because they were ranked in the twenties after the previous matches.

They chose the military base to gamble and enjoy the game.

If the match still followed the usual point system, the squads that ranked in the twenties had the chance to win chicken dinner if the highly ranked squads were wiped out during the early stages of the game.

However, they were still outmatched in terms of kills. That was the main reason why those squads had chosen Sosnovka Military Base.

\"It seems like there are quite a few squads that have chosen to land in Sosnovka Military Base. We can also see that squad BDG which has landed in Sosnovka Military Base throughout the past two matches is going to do it again.\"

\"However, they seem to have the habit of scouring the rural areas around Sosnovka Military Base instead of going into the base.\"

\"Indeed. Furthermore, it looks like the two Korean squads, KD and Anarchy as well as our own local squad, IFTY have chosen the Sosnovka Military Base.\"

\"Oh! Nice one! Looks like there'll be quite a number of aggressive players in Sosnovka Military Base.\"

\"It's within my expectations that KD and Anarchy have chosen to land in Sosnovka Military Base because their rankings for the past two matches were not within their standard.\"

\"You're right. It's time for the squads to gamble everything in Sosnovka Military Base.\"

The casters kept analyzing the situation on the commentary platform as if everything was within their expectations.

Then, Ms-Joy said in shock, \"Wait a minute! 4AM has chosen to land in Sosnovka Military Base as well?\"

In the game through the big screen.

Everyone could see the four members of 4AM jump out of the plane's cabin above Sosnovka Island. They were heading straight toward Sosnovka Military Base.

\"That's weird. 4AM won chicken dinner in the first match and was ranked in the second game. They're currently leading in the scoreboard. A squad in the lead like theirs is guaranteed to maintain their ranking as long as they camp in a spot until they're in the top ten. Yet, they've chosen to land in Sosnovka Military Base.\"

\"Indeed. If they are to make any mistakes, squad Se7en, IG, and even Royad might catch up to them since they are just behind them.\"

The inattentive viewers in the stadium who had their heads lowered as they looked at their phones raised their heads up and looked at the screen upon hearing the casters' words.

The match in Sosnovka Military Base did not seem as simple as it looked!


As the airplane arrived at its final destination, Severny, the last two or three squads finally left the cabin.

Both squad Royad and squad IG were the last to leave the cabin. However, squad Royad was gliding toward Stabler on the right side of the map and did not seem to intend to fight IG over Severny.

The camera then shifted toward the few squads just above Sosnovka Military Base.

\"Holysh*t... Have these guys taken too many pills? Why are there so many people in Sosnovka Military Base?\"

Aluka said while he trembled as he looked around and gathered intel.

\"Don't panic, don't panic!\" GodV looked at the C Building below him. \"We'll go according to our strategy during the skirmish. Let's occupy C Building No.2 and No.3.\"

\"I'll head to Building No.2,\" Liu Zilang said.

\"Okay. Cpt and I will head to Building No.3.\" GodV nodded.

Aluka who was gliding above them warned them out of the blue, \"Be careful, someone has decided to join us in the C Building.\"

The lot turned around to see a squad rotating toward them.

\"Should we change locations?\" Cpt sounded worried.

\"The entire Sosnovka Military Base is filled with players. Unless you want to scour the rural areas, it's too late to change our location.\" GodV shook his head without any hesitation. \"Let's just head in together. It's not like no one tried to snatch the building away from us during the skirmish.\"

However, the enemy squad did not force themselves when they saw 4AM focusing on Building No. 2 and No. 3 as they headed toward Building No. 1 that was in the north instead.

However, Aluka who was in the sky shouted when Liu Zilang landed!

\"Vic be careful. Someone has landed on Building No. 2 together with you.\"


Just as Liu Zilang landed on the rooftop, he heard someone pack up his parachute.

He turned around to notice that someone had landed near him.

However, that was not the main point.

The main point was that the enemy seemed to have noticed the weapon on the rooftop when he was at low altitude. The instant he landed, he was like a wild dog without its leash as he immediately ran toward it.

Liu Zilang's eyes twitched as he saw everything.

He estimated the distance between them and believed that he had the chance to snatch the weapon away from the enemy. Hence, he immediately ran toward the weapon as well.

The camera soon realized what was happening on the rooftop of Building No. 2 and focused its attention here.

\"There's a brawl already? This is way too intense!\"

\"The loser will be the one who fails to get the weapon. This is quite interesting!\"

One step, two steps...

Liu Zilang's heart sank!

\"Tap tap tap!\"

That man was a step quicker than him.

When Liu Zilang arrived, he only managed to loot the 30 5.56mm bullets from the ground...

\"IT's KD's Merald. He's got the weapon!\"

The enemy crouched down and picked up the SCAR-L. He smiled at Liu Zilang as he reloaded the weapon.

'What the f*ck!'

Liu Zilang muttered as he started throwing punches at him.

Merald was not an idiot as he started moving away from Liu Zilang while reloading his weapon.

Liu Zilang realized he was in trouble as he immediately ran toward the back of Building No. 2. He then picked up a Frag Grenade as he walked past the edge of the building on the rooftop.

He then leaped and jumped down from the building.


Merald had finished reloading and he immediately chased after Liu Zilang as he saw that the latter was trying to run away.

He jumped down from the building as well.



Liu Zilang supported himself with both his hands and immediately stood back up as soon as he touched down.

However, he did not look as anxious as before. Instead, he looked up calmly.

As expected, a figure had jumped over the railing as well.

Merald thought that Liu Zilang would immediately hop over the window and enter Building No.2 so that he could play hide and seek with him the instant he landed.

However, as he lowered his head, he was shocked to see an idiot looking back at him from below!

'What the h*ll?'

\"Da da da!\"

He held his gun by his waist and executed a drop shot!

Firing from the waist was never stable to begin with, and to top it off, he only opened fire halfway through.

Hence, he had only fired a few rounds before he landed on the ground.

Merald bent down as he supported himself with his two hands.

As he was about to get up, he saw a big fist come right toward his face!


He was One-punch Man!

Merald had been punched in the chest by Liu Zilang earlier and the last punch was more than enough to take him away!

\"4AM-Vic knocked out KD-Merald by headshot with Fist!\"

The crowd could not hold in their excitement when they saw Liu Zilang's amazing punch...

'This guy is way too cunning!'

KD's Evermore was in the same position as Aluka. He was in the air collecting intel.

When he saw his teammate's tragedy, his eyes twitched as he immediately called the others for help.

Meanwhile, after Liu Zilang had knocked out Merald, he noticed someone gliding slightly above him and had a courageous idea out of nowhere.