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476 It’s Time To Go Home!

 4AM had obtained a total of twenty-nine kills in the previous match!

From then on, it was as if they had fated themselves tightly with that mysterious number.

Take the previous match as an example. In 4AM's overall result, Liu Zilang's ID which was ranked first had a whopping 29 Kills!

He alone had 29 kills!

Take out the first digit and he still had one more kill than Li Muqiu.

How could his fans in the stadium not cheer for him under such a frightening result?

On the commentary platform.

\"This is unbelievable. I knew that Vic had killed quite the amount of players but I didn't expect him to have killed so many of them!\"

\"Ah Lang, this kid definitely used his brains in the previous match. Not to mention, he's quite lucky since he was able to steal a few kills from other players. It's incredibly difficult to obtain 29 kills in a league tournament.\"

\"No matter how you look at it, I don't recall seeing a single player obtain such a frightening result of 29 kills in a PUBG offline tournament.\"

\"Uhm... I did hear rumors of Satan killing around thirty players in an offline tournament a while ago when he switched to PUBG. However, the scale of that tournament was no match to our Asia Qualifier as I heard it was a certain state's league.\"

\"Was there such a thing? Tsk tsk! It looks like these legendary players' talents are well admired by everyone regardless of which FPS game they're in.\"

\"The points are pretty meaningless right now. If this match's ranking is sorted by overall points, 4AM will definitely rank first.\"

As the casters finished speaking on the commentary platform, the ranking via points of each squad was shown on the screen.

When the result was released, everyone in the stadium was shocked even though they had been expecting it.

On the big screen, 4AM once again led in number two... Wait no! 4AM was once again in the lead as the number one chicken dinner winner. They had 210 points more than squad Se7en with their 890 points!

When everyone saw the shocking result, many fans of Liu Zilang and 4AM who were in the stadium cheered excitedly!

\"Tsk tsk! 4AM was able to outrank their opponent with their overall score even though they were ranked number two in the match. We've got the staff committee to thank for this!\"

\"Indeed. If the staff committee hadn't insisted on lowering the basic score for the ranking and didn't increase the score for killing players, 4AM's result in the second match may only have been equal to squad Se7en's.\"

\"You're right. It has affected the development of PUBG tournaments of this era. Although the game's main theme is survival, it's no longer a simple survival game. Battles and kills are something we have to competitively assess. Furthermore, they are what our viewers want to see.\"

On the walkway beside the contestants' seats, the contestants could hear cheers reverberating in their ears.

GodV, Aluka, and Cpt kept waving their hands at their fans throughout the intermission.

Meanwhile, Liu Zilang was seen lowering his head as he walked along frustratedly.

\"What's wrong? You look rather down.\" Aluka pinched Liu Zilang's shoulder as he walked beside him.

GodV and Cpt looked at them curiously when they heard Aluka.

Liu Zilang looked up and stared at the audience members surrounding him and said with a helpless look on his face, \"I have quite a number of female fans in my stream. Why are all my fans in the stadium guys? Why does Li Muqiu have more female fans than me?\"

The three were speechless...

Liu Zilang crossed his arms in front of him as he raised his arm to rub his chin. He then revealed a skeptical look. \"Perhaps those people in my live stream are all ladyboys? Is that possible?\"

\"What do you mean ladyboys?\"

Li Muqiu who was resting behind them had appeared out of nowhere.

Liu Zilang let out a dry cough as he turned around and glanced at him. \"Who said ladyboy? I think you misheard, no?\"

He refused to lose his dignity as well as he did not want to reveal his roots to Li Muqiu.

\"I misheard?\" Li Muqiu was skeptical.

\"Of course,\" Liu Zilang replied with a straight face. \"Look at you. All you can think about for the entire day are ladyboys. You've disappointed all your female fans!\"

Li Muqiu was speechless...

However, he was quick to react as he started sneering. \"Hah, I see what this is. You're envious that I have a lot of female fans!\"

\"Hehe. Do I even need to be envious of you? Asia's Killing God with only eight kills?\" Liu Zilang glanced at him. \"Furthermore, why don't you go and compare the number of female fans you have with Master Ze?\"

Li Muqiu wanted to defend himself when he heard Liu Zilang's words but he did not know what to say.

That was because Liu Zilang's twenty-nine kills were enough to oppress him. Liu Zilang still had one more kill than him even if he were to take out the first digit.

When it came to female fans, Shen Zeyan's \"wife base\" was not a joke.

Just by saying, \"Shen Zeyan's women will never surrender\", Li Muqiu's female fans present in the stadium would be oppressed in an instant...

Li Muqiu was incredibly frustrated as he looked at Liu Zilang's back!


'How frustrating!'


After the second match had ended, the intermission passed by in the blink of an eye.

Not long after, the contestants from each squad returned to the stage.

After two matches, every player had memorized their seats.

The squads who were ranked at the back looked rather calm as they seemed to have accepted their fate.

When Royad's Kim Doohwan entered the stage, he could not help but look at 4AM.

He looked at the familiar yet foreign face. For the past three days of the tournament, Kim Doohwan looked rather lost before the last match!

'He suffered three years ago... Will he suffer again three years later?

'Is it really impossible to break out of this curse?


Kim Doohwan lowered his head and gritted his teeth. He did not wish to experience it ever again.

Miracles. They would often come at the very last moment!

'Isn't it?'


The players from each squad entered the stage and started checking their gear.

On the commentary platform, the three casters had sat down as well.

After a short introduction and recap, the players in the venue were almost done preparing.

\"Alright, our final match for the Asia Qualifier is about to begin. Which three squads will ultimately win the right to represent Asia and participate in the World Invitational Tournament in California, USA? Let's watch and find out!\"

Just as the casters finished speaking, the stadium reverberated under an airplane's roar.

The big screen brightened up as an airplane was seen flying at the horizon on the sea.

\"What do you think... of this match?\"

On 4AM's seat, Aluka could not help but ask when he saw the flight route.

GodV took a deep breath and said slowly, \"It's time to go home!\"

A red mark appeared at the bottom of the map!

It was Sosnovka Military Base!