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475 Asias Killing God Doesnt Need To Explain His Coolness!

 Liu Zilang had purposely run to the other corner so that he could jump down without being noticed.

However, when he lowered his head, he was shocked to find out that someone was below his feet!


He seemed to have stepped on something...

Meanwhile, XiaoJue shouted out loud the instant he saw Liu Zilang jump down from the rooftop that he had been keeping an eye on the entire time, \"He's jumping down! He's jumping down!\"

He then raised the M4 in his hand.

\"Where is he?\" Shen Zeyan looked around.

\"He's on top of your head!\" XiaoJue said anxiously but he realized that something was not right.

It only then did Liu Zilang take out his M16. He did it while he was on top of Shen Zeyan!

Muzzles flashed endlessly as gunshots reverberated.

The two were engaged in a crossfire.

In such a situation, Shen Zeyan would definitely act as well!

Although the player character sizes and models were very realistic in the game, it was not as realistic to the point where players could form a human pyramid in the game.

After Liu Zilang had landed on top of Shen Zeyan's head, he swiftly slid down to the ground.

Hence, by the time Shen Zeyan pulled his line of sight up, all he saw above him was the big round Sun.

'Where's that guy?

'Not good!'

\"Du du du!\"

Liu Zilang who had slid to the side of Shen Zeyan immediately opened fire at the back of the latter's head.

\"4AM-Vic knocked out IG-Wolves with M16A4!\"

XiaoJue's crossfire was aimed at Liu Zilang the instant the latter was seen falling in the air.

However, XiaoJue unconsciously put down his weapon the instant Liu Zilang dropped behind Shen Zeyan...

Although Liu Zilang's name appeared in the Kill Notification prompt, many articulate viewers in the stadium realized that Shen Zeyan had been knocked out way too soon.

It was as if two weapons had been firing at him simultaneously...

Since the scene happened in the blink of an eye, most of the viewers did not notice that at all.

Hence, when the Shen Zeyan who was in the middle had been knocked out, Liu Zilang and XiaoJue were once again exposed to each other's line of fire.

When two rivals encountered each other in a narrow path, the victor would always be the braver one. At that very moment, there was nothing more convincing than their bullets!

One was an automatic rifle, an M4 whereas the other one was a semi-automatic rifle, an M16A4.

The muzzles of both guns flashed as densely-packed bullets pierced through the air at an extremely close distance!

Liu Zilang did not aim as he opened fire from his waist!

At the same time, he moved to the side as he kept spamming the C button on his keyboard.

He looked like he had a seizure.

That was right. It was greeting marksmanship!

When fighting at a close distance, the shooting technique's main effect was to scare off the enemy.

Naturally, it was also a way to reduce one's surface area to avoid getting hit by bullets. The enemy would have a harder time aiming and it could also forcefully control the player's recoil, allowing them to fire out a more focused attack.

XiaoJue was obviously not scared of such a tactic.

However, he frustratingly noticed that while aiming with his Red Dot Sight, his hand started to cramp up as he tried to follow Liu Zilang's movements...

'Are you f*cking serious!'

Just as the thought appeared in his mind, XiaoJue's vision turned black and white whereas Liu Zilang survived with very little health left.

\"4AM-Vic killed IG-XiaoJue with M16A4!\"

The crowd in the stadium cheered loudly as they watched the miraculous comeback and saw the red-lettered kill count float in front of Liu Zilang's screen!

\"Nice! Vic's amazing! He's performing at his utmost limit!\"

\"It's unfortunate for Master Ze. Tsk tsk! Vic's jumping angle was too cunning. Master Ze didn't have the chance to fight back.\"

\"Indeed. If my eyes didn't deceive me earlier, I think XiaoJue shot Master Ze once or twice as well...\"

\"Uhm... That's hard to say for now. It's better for us to watch the replay.\"

\"The only ones left on the battlefield are Vic and Guru Qiu. What do you think of this battle... between two legends?\"

As the casters spoke excitedly on the commentary platform, Zhang Xiaotong who was sitting in the front row clenched her fists out of nervousness. Her eyes were glued to the big screen behind the stage.

Zhang Xiaotong's face turned pale as she opened her little mouth out of shock.

From the reflection of her eye, a person had jumped down from the first-floor balcony!

\"Du du du!\"

He was still in mid-air but the muzzle of his gun was emitting intense flashes!

'It's a flying dragon... Ah no! It's a flying kick!'

Liu Zilang had a hunch and immediately made a run for it the instant he killed XiaoJue!

However, Li Muqiu had unexpectedly jumped down from the balcony.

The result was apparent.

All it took was only a greeting before the heavily injured Liu Zilang fell to the ground...

\"It's an ultimate kill! Guru Qiu killed Vic as he jumped down!\"

\"I have to admit. That's indeed a lethal kill!\"

\"Congratulations squad Se7en for breaking their curse in this match. They have successfully obtained chicken dinner in the final Safe Zone!\"

\"Congratulations to squad Se7en!\"

The spotlight in the stadium lit up as victory music sounded!

The crowd clapped as female fans cheered excitedly!

On the big screen, the camera was pointed toward team Se7en's seats and everyone could see Li Muqiu let out a sigh of relief as he laid back on his gaming chair. He had reached out both of his hands and celebrated with his excited teammates.

When he realized the camera was pointed toward him, the edge of his lips curled up.

He revealed his index finger and thumb, formed them into the shape of a gun and then pointed it toward his own temple before firing it while facing the camera!

It was the simple celebratory gesture of squad Se7en.

The female fans screamed even louder when they saw the gesture.

They were so excited that they could not close their legs!

Liu Zilang could not help but pout when he took off his headphones and heard all the cheers.

'How annoying!'

GodV, Aluka, and Cpt gave him a pat on the shoulder as they tried to comfort him.

The three were not really disappointed since ranking second as a one-man squad was a tough feat even for Liu Zilang to achieve.

Then, the big screen shifted as it started to show each squad's overall score.

The first one to appear on the screen was obviously squad Se7en who had won the most recent chicken dinner.

\"Squad rank: Number 1\"

\"Squad's Total Kill Count: 12 Kills!\"

What came next was their individual kill counts, rate of headshots and general parameters such as total output damage and so on.

The last man standing, Li Muqiu had obtained a generous amount of eight kills and was without a doubt crowned as the MVP in his squad!

The female fans in the stadium cheered excitedly once again when they saw the results!

\"Qiuqiu is amazing!\"

\"Asia's Killing God! He doesn't need to explain his coolness!\"

\"Ahhhh! Qiuqiu I love you!\"


As the venue drowned in cheers, the big screen shifted once again to the first runner up, 4AM.

The cheers in the stadium seemed to have been muted by someone when they saw the results on the big screen.

Only a few wild female fans had kept cheering with their hands high up in the air!

Then, they saw the horrifying 29 Kills on the screen...

The crowd gradually stopped waving their hands as they opened their mouths in shock.

They could not believe what they saw...