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474 That Feeling When You Jump!

 In the game through the big screen.

Liu Zilang's Frag Grenade could be seen flying across the building and then crashing through the window on the first floor of the other building.

There was a loud clank!

It was the sound of a window shattering into millions of pieces.

The Frag Grenade had entered the building!

On the ground floor of the building, Royad's Kim Doohwan and Brother Benz heard the window shatter on the first floor.

Kim Doohwan frowned slightly. \"Who threw that grenade?\"

\"It should be the guy right in front of our building,\" Brother Benz guessed before turning around. \"It's fine. The grenade landed on the first floor.\"

Just as they finished speaking, they heard a clank!

Something had crashed into the corridor's wall.

Kim Doohwan's heart stopped unexpectedly the instant he heard it.

He then watched a Frag Grenade roll down from the staircase to their feet.

Brother Benz who had been smiling instantly froze!

'What kind of grenade is this?'

If the scene were to be replayed in slow motion, perhaps the viewers in the stadium would have seen Kim Doohwan and Brother Benz turn around simultaneously when the Frag Grenade landed in front of them.

Unfortunately, they...

Hence, all the viewers in the live stream and stadium could see was a bright light appear on the floor.

Then, a powerful shockwave came as it pushed the two in opposite directions.



The two were slammed right into the wall.

Then, the two fell to the ground as they laid motionless on the ground and stared each other in the eye.

Both of them were at opposite ends of the building as they died innocent deaths...

\"4AM-Vic killed Royad-Azeael with Frag Grenade!\"

\"4AM-Vic killed Royad-Benz with Frag Grenade!\"

The stadium fell into silence the instant the audience saw everything through the big screen!

Everyone had their jaws dropped in disbelief, and they had goosebumps from what they saw...

'That b*stard...'

'What kind of grenade did he throw?'

Meanwhile, the bullet screens of all the major platform live streams were flooded!

\"Woc! Is is is... Is he the reincarnation of the Grenade God?\"

\"Someone give this guy a chill pill. I'm impressed that he's able to blast people from that distance!\"

\"Who told you that was a Frag Grenade. That was obviously an intercontinental ballistic missile.\"

\"Calling it an intercontinental ballistic missile is too much of an exaggeration. According to my experience, it should be Armstrong's particle-accelerated jet-propelled cannon!\"

\"Quit your bullsh*t guys. The two Korean squads must be devastated.\"

\"Speaking of which, Royad was bombed to death in the final Safe Zone in the last match as well, right?\"

\"Your memory didn't deceive you but I have to add that it's the same person that killed them.\"

\"Tsk! That's the true power of the grenade. Vic's skill is really frightening!\"

\"It's another double kill. Does anyone know how many players Vic has killed? I feel like he's literally the reincarnation of death!\"


In the game, Liu Zilang who was on the rooftop was stunned as well when the two Kill Notifications appeared.

Liu Zilang was even more shocked when he saw the floating red text that read \"27 Kills\" in front of his screen.

He did not feel like he had achieved anything in that match.

All he did was run away from the blue circle, occasionally deliver justice to the weak and steal other peoples' kills... He had unknowingly killed a lot of people.

GodV and the other two were so excited that their jaws dropped when they saw Liu Zilang's kill count!

'It's a firm victory!'

'It's time to head to California!'

\"Hold on a little bit longer! There are only four players left. The chicken dinner's definitely within our reach!\"

\"Exactly! This chicken dinner is ours! We won't give them a chance!\"

\"Buckle up!\"

The three started cheering for Liu Zilang from the side.

Evidently, the other three had given up by the third Safe Zone as Cpt and Aluka had died in Pochinki while GodV had died in the middle of the road...

All they hoped for was Liu Zilang to rank as high as possible.

However, they did not expect Liu Zilang to be so cunning along the journey... Ah no, he was extremely lucky!

He had unexpectedly survived until the final safe Zone and had obtained such a high kill count.

It was definitely out of their expectations!

\"Don't worry. I've been playing safe the entire time.\" Liu Zilang tried to comfort the three excited men who were beside him.

Then, he heard footsteps come from below the floor.

It was Li Muqiu moving about on the ground floor. He must have guessed Liu Zilang's location when he saw the Kill Notifications.

Li Muqiu ascended up the staircase with an AK in his hands as he wanted to block Liu Zilang from going anywhere on the rooftop.

The edge of Liu Zilang's lips twitched. He wanted to get down from the balcony when he heard movements from the first floor.

That guy was quick with his actions.

Then, the entire situation turned into a...

'Come down if you dare!'

'Come up if you have the b*lls!'

Ultimately, no one was willing to make the first move.

On the commentary platform.

\"Vic is quite good with Frag Grenades. He's taken out two Korean Royad members in an instant.\"

\"That was indeed an international level grenade throw. The battlefield is now left with three Hua Xia squads and you can consider this an internal civil war. Furthermore, these three were comrades in the past as well.\"

\"It seems like Vic and Guru Qiu have come to a standstill. Oh right, Boss Su, who do you think will win the chicken dinner for this match?\"

\"Uhm, according to their location, Lil Qiu will have to head down and deal with the two IG players. In comparison to Ah Lang who's stuck on the rooftop, I think he has a higher chance here.\"

\"About that... I think Boss Su... you're being too obvious in helping the others. Did Vic do anything bad to you in the past?\"


Meanwhile, the camera shifted to the two IG players.

There was less than a minute left before the blue circle started shrinking. However, Shen Zeyan and XiaoJue were not moving toward Liu Zilang and Li Muqiu.

Instead, they were heading toward where the two Royad players had died.

\"Huh? Are they trying to loot their crates?\"

\"However, it's this late in the game. What could they be lacking?\"

Squad IG soon finished looting the crates and began heading toward the building Liu Zilang and Li Muqiu were in.

It was only then the crowd in the stadium realized what they were lacking...


A Frag Grenade was thrown toward the rooftop without warning.

Then came a second one, a third...

XiaoJue had even thrown a Molotov Cocktail!

In the blink of an eye, the rooftop Liu Zilang was on was engulfed in explosions and fire...

Li Muqiu who was on the first floor wanted to ambush them when he heard footsteps outside the house.

However, he immediately canceled that thought the instant he realized what was going on at the rooftop. Instead, he happily decided to wait for someone to jump off the building.

Meanwhile at the rooftop.


Another Frag Grenade was thrown up to the rooftop the instant there was a flash and Liu Zilang was incredibly frustrated by the situation.

'Holysh*t... these people are sadists!'

As the sound of grenades landing kept reverberating in Liu Zilang's ears, he felt as helpless as players who had lost a game of football.

He closed his eyes and jumped down from the building.

However, he did not expect someone to be waiting to catch him at the bottom!