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473 It’s All Fate, The International Battle In The Final Safe Zone! Part 2

 At that distance, the bullet fired from the 98K landed the instant the gunshot was heard!


There was no resistance...

The instant Shen Zeyan retreated, his Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet shattered and his health plunged to the very bottom!

It seemed like Liu Zilang had shot him!

However, the fallen CuoJue managed to crawl behind cover as Shen Zeyan had delayed Liu Zilang.

CuoJue was about to tell Shen Zeyan that he could be saved but his face turned pale the instant he lowered his head and saw the blue circle!

They were planning to make a run for it in the final ten seconds. It was a flawless plan.

However, Liu Zilang had interrupted them. Not to mention, the blue circle around them carried a deadly aura as it slowly shrunk toward them...

It was the second last blue circle and its damage output was astronomical.

Even if XiaoJue were to revive CuoJue, he would most likely not have the time to heal himself and would fall once again.

\"Ignore me, you guys go ahead.\"

CuoJue was determined when he realized the situation.

XiaoJue hesitated for a moment but he ultimately turned around helplessly.

Then, Shen Zeyan squinted and said with a cold tone, \"Be careful, someone's behind that door.\"

CuoJue and XiaoJue looked at where the gunshot originated from confusingly...

'Behind the door?'

The two did not follow up as they did not understand what Shen Zeyan was saying.

It was understandable if it was behind a window but how could someone knock them out from behind a door?

Shen Zeyan hid behind cover as he consumed a first aid kit and gulped down an energy drink before responding indifferently, \"There's a hole in the door and I saw a flash come from it earlier.\"

'A hole...'

'A flash?'

CuoJue and XiaoJue looked at the door Shen Zeyan had sniped earlier and finally understood what was going on.

'What the... can you be more cunning than that!'

Meanwhile, Liu Zilang pulled the bolt of his 98K once again behind the door.

The feeling of being able to shoot others while they could not was really satisfying!

He took aim by the hole.

\"Thud thud thud...\"

Then, Liu Zilang could hear footsteps come from outside.

They were very faint...

The enemy had obviously started walking around the area.

Liu Zilang immediately switched the 98K in his hands to the M16 as he became alert as well.

'F*ck. That kid has amazing hearing.'

Li Muqiu scolded in his mind as he heard someone swap weapons inside the house.

He was not that cautious when he heard footsteps from within the house as he came out of the toilet. It was only until he heard the gunshot where Liu Zilang had knocked out CuoJue.

Li Muqiu only reacted when he saw that Kill Notification!

It was fate!

However, he did not expect Liu Zilang to be so alert when he was attacking someone else. He had been spotted when he reached the building.

'Is that guy a bat?'

Li Muqiu scoffed but he did not stop moving.

Since he had been discovered, there was no need for him to hide.

The other three Se7en players had died by Liu Zilang's hands in that match. He had to avenge his teammates!

Li Muqiu took out a Frag Grenade and cooked it in his hand before throwing it into the window.

'Fire in the hole!'

When Liu Zilang heard the enemy pull the pin of a frag grenade, he immediately ran upstairs.

He had always respected and tried to get as far away from a Frag Grenade as it was a rather miraculous weapon!

Li Muqiu heard footsteps inside the building the instant he threw the grenade. When he charged into the building through the door with an AK in his hand, he coincidentally saw Liu Zilang's back run up the staircase.

\"Du du du!\"

Li Muqiu raised his weapon and opened fire at the figure!

\"Ding ding ding clank clank clank!\"

Sparks flew everywhere on the staircase's railing and Liu Zilang was shot in his leg before he was able to get up.

\"Holysh*t... who's this aggressive guy!\"

Liu Zilang scolded in his mind.

He thought that the enemy would wait a while more before entering the building after throwing a Frag Grenade. He did not expect the enemy to barge in the instant the latter heard his footsteps.

The enemy seemed to be in a rush to kill him and Liu Zilang's health was not at its maximum. Naturally, he was in no position to fight his enemy face on. Hence, he took out a Frag Grenade and threw it toward the corridor.

'Come on!

'Come after me if you're not afraid of death!'

Li Muqiu was shocked and stopped chasing after him the instant he heard a \"clank\" come from above.



Two explosions were heard in the two-story building...

\"Tsk tsk. Vic and Guru Qiu really can't avoid each other. They've met each other again.\"

\"Looks like the two are in a stalemate but they're now inside the Safe Zone.\"

Indeed. I think it's a good choice that these two lone wolves have decided to stay in the same place.\"

\"Wait a minute! Royad has encountered squad BB while they were running away from the blue circle. It's a civil war for the Koreans!\"

The casters spoke.

After intense gunshots, the number of surviving players dropped from ten to six.

Four players were removed from the match in an instant.

Out of those four players were the remaining two players of squad BB. However, squad BB in returned had taken away Royad's entry-fragger, TaPel.

The last player was CuoJue who had been knocked out by Liu Zilang outside of the Safe Zone. The other two IG players were not able to save him in time, and he had been eliminated by the blue circle.

The last Safe Zone appeared when the blue circle merged with the previous Safe Zone.

The crowd in the stadium gasped when they saw its location!

That was because the Safe Zone was located at the building which Liu Zilang and Li Muqiu were sharing.

In the game, Liu Zilang was shocked the instant he saw the Safe Zone. All he could think of was one word!


However, he was thrown into frustration the instant he recalled Li Muqiu who was downstairs...


The last blue circle was different compared to the previous ones as the duration before it started shrinking was three minutes fifteen seconds.

That was because the final Safe Zone was so small that it typically housed only one player.

However, if they could live until the very end of the match, Liu Zilang and Li Muqiu could stand on the same spot but on different floors simultaneously.

Evidently, that was impossible under normal circumstances.

Hence, the three minutes and fifteen seconds were given to the players to settle the game via violence before the circle started shrinking.

At that time in the game, all six players had occupied their own buildings but none of them were dumb enough to attack first.

In such a situation, Liu Zilang and Li Muqiu's fated house turned into an artificial red zone.

The remaining IG players kept throwing Frag Grenades into the building through its windows.


The building was bombarded as flashes of light and smoke filled up the area.

Liu Zilang was extremely furious with the bombardment of grenades he was under.

Seeing as Li Muqiu had yet gone for him from downstairs, he pondered for a moment before he sneaked to the balcony's backdoor on the first floor.

Liu Zilang jumped onto the rail guard the instant he opened the door and then jumped up to the door before climbing up to the rooftop.

\"Tsk tsk, Vic is going to do his mischief on the rooftop!\"

\"Huh? I think that's a good location. His line of sight is pretty broad up there.\"

In the game, Liu Zilang looked around from the rooftop and realized that the two IG players had retreated.

It seemed that they were almost done with throwing their grenades.

Although his sight was obstructed, he could hear gunshots coming from a building not far away from him.

Liu Zilang took out a Frag Grenade, ran for a few steps on top of the roof and then leaped just as he reached the edge of the building.

He then threw the Frag Grenade high up into the sky!

The Frag Grenade drew an arch in the sky and flew over the building in front of him.

It was like a home run that had been kicked by a superstar player as it flew toward Royad's building!