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472 Peep Through The Hole, The International Battle In The Final Safe Zone! Part 2

 \"Direction SW185, someone has entered a building.\"

Inside IG's voice chat.

XiaoJue noticed a figure with his sharp senses.

Shen Zeyan was looking in another direction. He turned around when he heard him.

He then raised his 98K and scoped in.

From his 8x Scope, he saw a person sneaking about the entrance of a small building, that person was looking around the area.

CuoJue surveyed his surroundings and knew that it was time for the sniper to kill him with one shot.

If they were to open fire out of the blue, they would be able to kill him with one shot. Not to mention, their enemies would hide inside the houses as well. Hence, it would be extremely difficult for their enemies to peek out afterward.

CuoJue could not help but look at Shen Zeyan. \"Can you kill him? He looks like a lone wolf and we can occupy that building if you manage to kill him.\"

\"I'll try,\" Shen Zeyan said calmly.

His tone did not fluctuate at all.

However, CuoJue and XiaoJue felt assured the instant they heard Shen Zeyan. They had been teammates with Shen Zeyan for a long time and they knew him in and out.

Typically in a tournament, Shen Zeyan was very confident in such situations where he decided to shake his head or say that he would give it a try.

Their enemy was wearing a Level Two Military Helmet and was waving his head at the entrance of the building. For Shen Zeyan and his sniping skills that got him coined as one of Asia's Top Three Sniper Gods, the jittering motion did not affect his accuracy.

On the commentary platform.

\"Oh no! Vic has been spotted by IG while trying to enter the house! Master Ze seems to show interest in him!\"

\"Indeed. His Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet was shattered by Master Ze when he was on the rooftop previously and he's now wearing a Level Two Military Helmet. He'll die if he's to be shot in the head again.\"

\"Speaking of which, why isn't Vic going inside the building? What's he doing at the front door?\"

\"I think he heard Guru Qiu's footsteps when the latter came out of the toilet. Hence, Vic is observing his surroundings.\"

\"Master Ze is aiming at him! What do you think? Is Vic not going to leave?\"

The casters spoke on the commentary platform. On the big screen behind the stage, everyone could see Shen Zeyan lock his aim on Liu Zilang's head that was moving. Shen Zeyan was using a 98K that was equipped with an 8x Scope.

Shen Zeyan took a deep breath.

His gaze became focused as his expression became extremely cold!

He pulled the trigger!


A clear sound reverberated in everyone's ears as a bullet was released from the muzzle of the 98K!

The viewers in the stadium could imagine Liu Zilang's helmet being shattered and then him falling to the side the instant they heard the gunshot.

However, something shocking occurred!

In the game through the big screen, Liu Zilang crouched by the entrance and closed the door the instant Shen Zeyan opened fire!

He... closed... the door!


Shen Zeyan's long-predicted shot landed on the wooden door.

Splinters flew everywhere as a huge bullet hole appeared on the door!

Although one was able to break the wooden doors in PUBG, it was only limited to so and it was impossible to kill someone through the door.

When IG's CuoJue and XiaoJue saw the door close abruptly and then Shen Zeyan's bullet pierce through it, the edge of their eyes started twitching. They could not help but turn their heads and look at Shen Zeyan...

Shen Zeyan's expression remained indifferent. He squinted as his gaze became extremely cold.

The viewers in the stadium and live stream burst into laughter! The entire scene looked extremely mischievous as they did not know one could do such a thing in the game.

\"Puhaha. I'm going to laugh all eight of my abs out. Vic's a really mischievous guy!\"

\"Beep: your best friend 'bullet-proof door' is online!\"

\"I'm impressed! Others possess Level Four Pans but Vic has a Level Four Door!\"

\"That was definitely pure luck. Vic's as hard to kill as a cockroach. That's why evil never dies!\"

\"Master Ze: I really want to f*ck you up but I can't say it out loud!\"

In the game, Liu Zilang was shocked the instant he heard the gunshot and loud bang on the door the instant he closed it!

'What's going on?'

He turned around to find a hole in the door...

Liu Zilang then realized what had happened. His eyes started twitching, and he started to get angry.

'Who the h*ll could be this cunning!'

He was speechless as he looked at the hole while crouching.

It was simply not his style to not fight back!

Something flashed in Liu Zilang's head as he had a very daring idea.

He started sneering as the 98K that was behind his back appeared in his hands.

He crouched behind the door and observed the situation outside through the hole in the door.

Then, his cunning peeping tom aura was felt by the audience!

'What's he doing?'

The viewers in the stadium and live stream were interested in the situation so much that the caster's camera did not leave his side at all.

Everyone wanted to know what he was trying to achieve by holding his weapon and crouching behind the door.

'Wait a minute!'

Someone seemed to have realized what he was doing after looking at the hole!

Disbelief and shock started brewing inside him.

'What the... are you serious?'

The caster's camera then shifted to Liu Zilang's first-person perspective.

In the game through the big screen, the viewers in the stadium and live stream saw an entirely different world through the hole under Liu Zilang's guidance...

The blue circle had around ten seconds left before it started shrinking and the few players from IG had started moving into the Safe Zone.

They kept eyeing at Liu Zilang but the latter's door remained closed the entire time.

All they could assume was that Liu Zilang was so shocked by the situation that he had gone into hiding.

It seemed like they had completely forgotten simple primary-school physics.

While they were not able to spot Liu Zilang, the latter was able to spot them through the hole...


Without any warning, a clear gunshot reverberated from behind the door!

CuoJue's Level Two Military Helmet shattered and blood erupted from his head as he was running.

His legs gave way and he fell to the ground!

\"4AM-Vic knocked out IG-CuoJue by headshot with Kar98K!\"

The viewers from the live stream and stadium were in utter disbelief after trying to figure out what he was trying to achieve!

\"He succeeded... just like that?\"

\"What the f*ck! You can do that?\"

\"Notebook notebook notebook. I'm completely floored by that!\"

\"2333, is Your Majesty's surname Miao?\"

\"Miao? Miao Renfeng! It's you!\" (TN: Miao Renfeng is an unrivaled fictional character from Snowy Mountain Flying Fox.)


The three players from IG were shocked as they had been running away from the blue circle!

The first thing Shen Zeyan did was find cover. He then scoped in and aimed at the first floor of the building Liu Zilang was in.

However, there was nobody there.

He frowned slightly as he could not spot anyone with his 8x Scope.

Then, another gunshot was heard. It had come from the same building!

Shen Zeyan was shocked the instant he heard the gunshot and wanted to take cover immediately.

However... It was too late!