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471 The Grand Escape, The International Battle In The Final Safe Zone! Part 1

 Behind the corner of the wall, Li Muqiu saw blood erupting out of Liu Zilang's head as he held his SKS in his hand.

He was shocked and felt incredibly happy afterward. \"Haha. That kid got shot in the head. Er Dan I'm coming to save you!\"

He immediately ran out from behind the wall as he spoke.

\"Quickly! I'm running out of health!\" Er Dan sounded anxious inside the smokescreen.

Although the shot Liu Zilang fired into the smokescreen earlier had missed him, Er Dan was on the verge of death since he had been bleeding for a very long time.

\"Hold on hold on!\"

Li Muqiu rushed into the smokescreen.

The two were mere steps away from each other.

Just as Li Muqiu arrived beside Er Dan and was about to pull him up, Er Dan who was kneeling on the ground inside the smokescreen fell and laid on the ground...

Both Er Dan and Li Muqiu were speechless...

Liu Zilang felt an ache in his heart when he saw the Kill Notification related to squad Se7en on the top right corner of his screen.

He healed himself up as he muttered at one side. \"Isn't it better if they could give me the kill count. What a waste to give it to squad JT.\"

GodV and the other two twitched their eyes when they heard him.

'Can you be more shameless than that?'

On the commentary platform.

\"How unfortunate. Although Master Ze's shot made it in time, he was still unable to save the last Se7en member that had been knocked out.\"

\"Indeed. Se7en has his full team just a moment ago and is very likely to win the chicken dinner. It looks like they've yet able to break the curse.\"

\"However, it's still too early to tell. Take Vic for example, he's been alone since the third Safe Zone and he's still alive and healthy. Furthermore, no one can really tell just how far he can go in this match.\"

\"You're right. Sometimes I get this feeling that these world-class players would often show us something never seen before the instant they lost their teammates. It's as if their teammates were holding them back the entire time.\"

\"Let's watch Guru Qiu's performance for now but I believe his main objective is to run into the Safe Zone.\"

At the top of the third floor, Liu Zilang gradually healed himself to full health and restored his boost after using a first aid kit.

He was actually not within the Safe Zone, but he stayed here to steal the headcount because he was close to the Safe Zone.

GodV frowned. \"Your location on the rooftop has been exposed. I think it's best for you to enter the Safe Zone for now.\"

\"Are there others trying to ambush me?\"

Liu Zilang laughed. \"Am I hated by everyone?\"

The three of them looked at him in unison from the side the instant they heard his word.

'Don't you have any idea whether everyone hates you or not?'

Liu Zilang was startled when he realized the stare and let out a dry cough. \"I think it's a good idea to take a detour. Players play quite a lot of mind games lately. Sigh.\"

He had even sighed when he spoke and this made GodV and the other two utterly speechless.

After Liu Zilang went downstairs, he did not walk out through the front door. Instead, he went out from the rear door and took a turn from the enclosure wall, entering the Safe Zone quietly.

Meanwhile, near where Liu Zilang had entered the Safe Zone.

\"Why is he still inside?\"

Royad's Brother Benz was skeptical of the situation. \"You said the gunshot originates from here right?\"

\"Yes. I'm sure it's that building.\" Kim Doohwan stared at the front as his murderous aura leaked out. \"He's just a lone wolf. We'll definitely kill him here!\"

\"Let's wait him out here, yes?\" Their squad's entry-fragger, TaPel asked.

\"Let's wait a while more.\" Kim Doohwan nodded indifferently as his gaze became colder by the second.


As time passed, the blue circle was about to shrink.

From the caster's perspective, there were still thirteen players from six squads in the game and a squad or two were at the edge of the blue circle.

All of them had basically occupied a place in the Safe Zone, this included both lone wolves, Liu Zilang and Li Muqiu.

Since the last Safe Zone had spawned in the housing area, lone wolves were hard to detect as there were many covers.

If it were situated in the plain field, Liu Zilang and Li Muqiu would probably be focused and killed by everyone else.




The countdown had ended!

In that instant, the gazes from the three players from squad Royad became excited as they camped at the edge of the blue circle. It was as if they were watching a lady taking off her last layer of the veil.

Soon, the blue radioactive web shrunk and went over the small building.

\"Why is he still inside?\" Brother Benz was suspicious.

Kim Doohwan frowned and guessed. \"Perhaps he's healing up.\"

Many players had the habit of boosting up before they ran away from the blue circle.

Soon, the radioactive web had merged with the Safe Zone.

The second last Safe Zone spawned and the three Royad players realized something was wrong.

'Is this guy really healing inside the building?\"

'That's impossible!'

The viewers from the stadium and live stream burst into laughter when they saw this scene.

\"Puhaha. Royad's going to wait until they die of old age at this rate.\"

\"Royad: Report him! I want that report that guy for freezing his health points!\"

In the game, Kim Doohwan stared at the building outside of the blue circle in confusion.

Then, a Kill Notification appeared on the top right corner of the screen, suggesting that someone had fallen outside of the Safe Zone.

Kim Doohwan was alarmed!

However, his expression became extremely annoyed as he looked at the ID.

That player was obvious not Liu Zilang who had entered the Safe Zone from behind. Instead, it was a two-man squad that was stuck outside of the Safe Zone at the other side as they were oppressed by squad IG at the top of the Prison.

Their fall had served them as a hint that no one was able to tank in the blue zone for so long!

Royad finally realized that they had been fooled and they were all extremely irritated by it.

\"That guy is extremely cunning!\" Kim Doohwan said furiously.

\"He must have run from behind.\" Brother Benz guessed before he continued. \"Alright let's stop obsessing him for the moment. We'll definitely see him again if he can live for that long. Let's discuss how we should proceed for now.\"

As the last third blue circle finished shrinking, both squad IG and squad Royad still had three players remaining. Korean squad BB had two players left and Liu Zilang and Li Muqiu were the only lone wolves left.

The battlefield was left with ten players from five different squads.

The stadium became tenser and tenser over time.

The second last Safe Zone remained within the housing area but none of the squads were inside it. Hence, the squads had to decide how and when they should enter it.

While these squads were discussing these details, Liu Zilang had quietly sneaked into the edge of the Safe Zone from a two-story building.

Unbeknownst to him, Li Muqiu had opened the toilet door not far away from him and walked out from it as he was moving forward.

From the caster's perspective, they could see two lone wolves moving cunningly to their destination.

Did no one really spot them at all?