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470 Three Consecutive Actions Profits The Fisherman?

 The Dodging-shooting Technique was neither hard nor easy.

Simply put, it was merely alternating between firing a few shots and taking cover.

However, if one were to have mastered this technique, the enemy would never know when you would peek out. Hence, they would not be able to open fire first.

They would have missed their shots if they were slow to attack.

One could often achieve miraculous results if they could attack at the right moment when one was defending against the enemies.

However, the timing was also the hardest to catch.

One would certainly have played themselves if they were shot in the head the instant they peeked out.

However, Li Muqiu had only taken a shot or two after revealing himself for four to five times!

As he continued to appear and hide, two of the three JT players had been knocked out by as they rushed towards him!

The reason they dared to charge in without any cover was that they had more people and firepower on their end!

Now that two of his teammates had been knocked out, Bullet was now in a situation where it would be difficult for him to advance or retreat.

Still, what was obvious was that it was too late for him to find a cover and duke it out.

He decided to go for it!

Bullet looked at the remaining ammo in his M4 and grit his teeth as he walked towards the execution ground.

Yet, he was prepared to open fire as he advanced.

Although Li Muqiu had less than half of his health left while he hid behind the abandoned car, he did not heal himself at all. Hence, his heart started racing as he watched the enemy advancing towards him!

The few instances when he popped out and attacked looked extremely safe and easy from the viewers' point of view.

However, only Li Muqiu himself understood what it felt like to walk across a wire thread ten thousand meters high above the ground.

The only thing separating them was just an abandoned car. Judging from the way he walked, Li Muqiu knew that he could no longer do the same thing.

He took a deep breath and came out just like a fierce tiger descending from its mountain!

Li Muqiu raised his AK and charged in.

Bullet was shocked. As he was on the other side of the abandoned vehicle, he immediately raised his crosshair and opened fire!

Since it was an exchange between two professional players, they had to aim at each other's head at this moment!

However, what Bullet did not expect was that Li Muqiu's movement could be best described in three consecutive actions.

When Bullet raised his crosshair, Li Muqiu immediately crouched down!

When Bullet moved his crosshair down while he opened fire, Li Muqiu started laying prone on the ground.

'What the f*ck!'

Bullet's eyes twitched as his heart jolted!

That was because, by the time he pulled his aim down, his vision had turned to black and white.

\"Se7en-Lech killed JT-Bullet with AKM!\"

Although Li Muqiu had moved his body down three levels, the AK in his hands was constantly spitting out fire.

As he moved from crouching down to lying prone on the ground, the powerful recoil from the AK did not even need to be controlled as it was always aimed at the player's upper body.

All the female fans in the stadium were so excited that they cheered for Li Muqiu chaotically when they saw Li Muqiu had miraculously killed everyone else.

On the commentary platform.

\"Tsk tsk, so this is the celebrity's true strength! They often behave similarly to Ruyi Jingu Bang (TN: Also known as Monkey King Bar.) as they have the capability of eliminating every enemy.\"

\"Indeed. Se7en's attack reminds me of the Japanese Squad SST. They were ambushed from the side as well and Menhera-chan was the only survivor.\"

\"Hehe. Menhera-chan might have been killed as well if not for encountering Vic while she was running away. Uhm... To be fair she ultimately died as well...\"

Meanwhile, in the game, all three fallen players from Se7en were screaming \"666\" as they watched Li Muqiu unleashed his skill and changed his fate.

\"That's more like it. You live up to your name Guru Qiu!\"

\"Holysh*t! We almost died! This squad from Taiwan sure is cunning!\"

\"Guru Qiu please save Er Dan first. He's fallen twice.\"

Li Muqiu recalled this idiot as he was about to heal himself first. He stopped healing himself and immediately ran towards him as he spoke to him impatiently. \"Er Dan you should worry less sometime.\"


Then, a bullet was fired at them out of nowhere!

The bullet was shot directly at SST's head as he kneeled on the ground!

SSR's body tilted as he fell to the ground. He looked like a salted fish that had lost his dream.

\"Be careful! Someone's ambushing us!\" SSR immediately called out.

\"Crawl towards me! The gunshot came from NE130!\" Li Muqiu looked and reported immediately.

He then took out a Smoke Grenade and threw it towards his friend without any hesitation.

Then, a Kill Notification appeared on the top right corner of his screen.

\"4AM-Vic killed Se7en-SSR by headshot with Kar98K!\"

'Why is it this guy again!'

Li Muqiu was shocked at the instant he saw this ID.

Meanwhile, he quickly ran towards the corner of the house and hid behind it.

Although Li Muqiu did not understand why the enemy did not attack him, he did not dare to stay there at all.

All he could do then was to hide behind the wall and lit up incense towards his two teammates... No, all he could do was to throw a Smoke Grenade and quickly find Liu Zilang's location as soon as possible.

However, the Smoke Grenade was not able to obstruct the enemy's vision immediately as it needed time to release its smoke.

As Li Muqiu kept searching, he saw a figure moving at the top of the building before a clear gunshot reverberated through the sky once more!


Blood erupted from Yongmo's head as he crawled on the floor. He instantly fell to the ground and lost his dreams once again...

Li Muqiu trembled and was extremely furious he instantly realized what the enemy was up to!

'What a cunning fellow!'

\"Tsk tsk, Vic's timing is perfect when it comes to stealing others' kill in this match. He's really capable of stealing others' kill\"

\"Indeed. The main factor is that Guru Qiu's squad has exposed themselves due to the gunshots. Furthermore, have you guys noticed that Vic's chain of thought was rather impressive. He'd rather kill his fallen teammates than to kill Guru Qiu instead.

\"Hehe. All we can say is that Vic has planned everything down to the last detail. He would only obtain one kill if he were to attack Guru Qiu, but he can get at least 2 kills with what he's doing right now.\"

\"There's only one left that's still on the ground but the smoke is starting to obstruct his vision. Now that Guru Qiu has located Vic and is covering his teammate, will Vic still have the opportunity to do so?\"

In the game through the big screen.

Liu Zilang pulled the bolt once again on the rooftop as he fired twice.

He looked at the smokescreen and recalled the enemy's location via memory.

He then immediately peeked out and fired at the smokescreen!


Blood erupted unexpectedly from Liu Zilang's head the instant the bullet was released out from the muzzle.

His vision trembled greatly as his health plunged to the very bottom!

Meanwhile in the Safe Zone.

One could hear a click after Shen Zeyan fired a shot at the Prison's rooftop!

He silently placed another bullet into the gun chamber.