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469 A Gorgeous Floral Blouse!

 Everyone saw her crossing her legs and hanging against the wall while swinging strangely... The viewers in the stadium and live stream widened their eyes as they questioned if he really needed to be this cruel.

\"Wow! What a f*cking b*stard. He showed no mercy at all!\"

\"I've heard that Vic is her master. Did the master just kill the disciple here?\"

\"Menhera had tried to stop Vic from entering the Safe Zone earlier. It's truly an unfortunate fate between the master and disciple. Why are they in a rush to kill each other!\"

\"Don't cry Menhera-chan! We will avenge you today no matter what! Is anyone here willing to form a squad? Let's gather at the toilet when the tournament ends.\"

\"Wait a minute! The toilet? What are you guys trying to do? Vic is still a kid. You guys have to bring me along!\"


On the balcony of a three-story building.

Liu Zilang was about to turn away and put his weapon away after firing that shot.

However, his eyes twitched as he unconsciously looked at the Kill Notification.

'Why is this idiotic disciple here again?'

As a league player who had incredibly ridiculous eyesight, Liu Zilang had already noticed someone tailing him when he was running away from the blue circle.

Since the enemy did not seem to be using any unique spying technique and had even forgotten that this match was played in TPP mode, he could see his surroundings clearly when he was running.

The reason Liu Zilang did not make any moves was that the enemy seemed harmless and he was already reaching the edge of the Safe Zone.

He would have exposed himself if there was a squad camping by the edge of the Safe Zone.

In this situation, Liu Zilang basically watched amusingly at the player tailing him the entire time.

As a player who loved helping others out, he did not mind scouting and clearing obstacles for her.

Naturally, it was only until he had found a good spot once he was in the Safe Zone.

Liu Zilang believed that it was only reasonable to collect a \"protection fee\".

However, what he did not expect was that this person tailing him was no other than Misaka Mikoto.

Speaking of Misaka Mikoto, no one else would do this other than her...

Liu Zilang looked at the player hanging by the wall that was swinging like a pendulum as the wind blew. He had no choice but to turn around quietly and move away with tears in his eyes.

'Stupid disciple!'

'Shifu I... isn't worthy for you!'


On the commentary platform.

\"Ahem, what should we say about this... All I can say is that this is fate. Menhera-chan almost got into the Safe Zone successfully.\"

\"This Ah Lang is quite a playful one. He would only open fire at you at the most optimistic moment.\"

\"This has the same feeling when you do a leap a faith at the edge of the Safe Zone in the final Safe Zone only to die and have your corpse flying out of it... It's really a bad feeling.\"

\"Hehe. We're still hoping Vic could bridge the relationship between China and Japan. I'm sure the girl will be hating him from now on. Tsk tsk, Vic is going to be lonely forever!\"

\"Alright let's cut the idle stuff and let's continue with the tournament. The third last Safe Zone has already spawned and it has moved further up in Uptown and squad IG is the only squad in the Safe Zone so far, which is the Prison.\"

\"Indeed. There are only 19 players and 7 squads left on the battlefield. Judging by the squad's preserved strength, squad IG, Royad, and Se7en have the highest chance to win the chicken dinner.\"

\"Surprisingly, none of the Squad Se7en's players have died yet. This squad's playstyle is heavily influenced by Guru Qiu. They're too impatient and they're not highly ranked for these three days in the tournament. Are they going to get their first chicken dinner today?\"

\"Hehe. Boss Su, I suggest you stop jinxing them. Se7en's fans in the stadium may come after you if you keep talking about them.\"

\"Hey wait a minute! Se7en and Squad JT from Taiwan have encountered each other! Although squad JT is a three-man squad, they opened fire first from behind. What do you make of this?\"

As the casters on the commentary platform raised their pitch, the audience in the stadium were glued to the intense battle on the battlefield.

In the game, the countdown of the blue circle had been reduced to only one minute and thirty seconds. This meant that many squads did not have enough time at all. Hence, it would make sense for all four Se7en players to move into the Safe Zone as early as possible.

However, they did not expect to be ambushed by squad JT from behind while they passed this housing area!

\"JT-Stone knocked out Se7en-SST with AKM!\"

\"JT-Bullet knocked out Se7en-Yongmo with M416!\"

In PUBG, the advantage of ambushing other players from behind was more than apparent and there would not be many campers in the game if not for it.\"

Hence, JT was able to hold the higher ground even though it was a three against four.

Two Se7en players were knocked out the instant they opened fire!

The instant two Se7en players were knocked out, the viewers had already assumed that squad Se7en was a goner.

Squad Se7en continued to suffer and soon their third member was knocked out!

\"Sigh... JT has caught them at the perfect time! Their cooperation was incredibly good as well as they had killed them instantaneously!\"

\"Indeed. Se7en had three players knocked down in an instant and they did not even have the chance to fight back at all!\"

\"It looks like JT has already spotted Se7en from the very beginning and already have plans for them in this ambush. This gank has once again told us just how important intel gathering is in this game.\"

\"That's right. Guru Qiu is now the only one left in Se7en and it looks like it'll be very hard for him to break this curse. All three JT players are already heading towards Guru Qiu who was hiding behind the abandoned vehicle!\"

\"What do you think of this. Is Se7en really going to be eliminated before the final Safe Zone? That's really unfortunate!\"

Then, the caster shifted the camera to see Li Muqiu's expression live on the stage!

On the screen. Li Muqiu did not look too anxious at all. Instead, he squinted and looked extremely focused.

However, what was the most eye-catching was his colorful floral blouse underneath his jersey...

\"Ahhh! Good luck Qiuqiu!\"

\"Qiuqiu you're the best!\"

\"Kill these b*stard ambushees Qiuqiu! We love you!\"


The caster's camera had ignited every female fan in the stadium as they kept screaming excitedly!

If Liu Zilang saw this scene, he would definitely pout just as he would three years ago...


'This is so frustrating!'


Pushing the cheers at the stadium aside for now, the three players from squad JT would obviously not tell him that they loved Qiuqiu in the game.

If they want to love him, they would only express their love with their weapons.

One was moving on the left whereas the other two were moving on the right. They then started moving towards Li Muqiu hiding behind the abandoned car after splitting up.

Li Muqiu panicked as he immediately revealed himself from behind the abandoned vehicle and opened fire with his AK.

He had chosen to engage the battle!

\"Du du du!\"

\"Da da da!\"

\"Du du du!\"

Intense gunshots reverberated everywhere before coming to a halt in a flash!

After Li Muqiu stood up to reveal himself, he immediately hid.

In a blink of an eye, he immediately stood up and revealed himself again!

\"Dodge-shooting technique?\"

The audience in the stadium gasped as they watched!