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468 The Cheerful Girl Will Always Be Lucky!

 He flew as swiftly as a frightened swan but his attacks were as strong as the dragons!

When Liu Zilang did a 360-jump scope, it gave everyone the most straight forward experience.


The sound of the magnum bullet piercing through the helmet sounded when the player shooting at the corner of the wall looked up into the sky all of the sudden and fell to the ground in disbelief.

His intention was to kill Liu Zilang in an instant when the latter was trying to throw his grenade.

However, he did not expect Liu Zilang to jump high up with his back facing him, causing all of his shots to land on Liu Zilang's Pan before he turned around and fired a shot at him.

What made it worse was that Liu Zilang knocked him out with that ridiculous shot!

'Why should I even continue playing this game!'

\"Oh my god! He hit him! Vic has landed a headshot on AidreN while he was in the air!\"

\"Nice! What a beautiful comeback shot! Vic is really showing off his skills!\"

\"Indeed. 5Peaks is now left with HipsterD at the back. Oh! He's coming over!\"

The third player from 5Peaks arrived at the scene as the casters finishing speaking on the commentary platform!

When he saw Liu Zilang landing his feet on the ground with a 98K in his hand, he immediately raised his AK and fired at Liu Zilang!

\"Du du du!\"

The muzzle flashed intensively as countless bullets rushed out mercilessly from the muzzle!

Liu Zilang still had his 98K in his hand. He was shot twice by the previous enemy and he had slightly more than half of his max health left.

If he were to swap his weapon and return fire now, it would be impossible for him to win the fight.

It looked like the script's finale was for him to die right after pulling off a beautiful stunt!

The viewers in the live stream and stadium could not help but sigh as they watched.

However, what they did not expect was that when the last player from squad 5Peaks was firing with all his might over there...

There was a loud explosion!

A Frag Grenade exploded!

The powerful shockwave instantly came from his side alongside with a bright flash and smoke!

The player who was firing freely did not even react when the shockwave blasted him away like a kite with a loose thread!


The player fell to the ground, elevating all the dust on the ground.

After rolling on the floor a few times, he laid on the ground with all four limbs spread out. His eyes were spinning about as he looked up into the sky!

He seemed like he was done with this world's nonsense...

Truthfully, it was not just him, the victim who felt this way.

The viewers in the stadium and live stream were completely flabbergasted by the sudden change in events!

\"I remember now! It's that Frag Grenade... It's that Frag Grenade Vic threw earlier!\"

\"Holysh*t! That's way too coincidental! Did the enemy really step onto the landmine?\"

\"Seeing how Vic doesn't die in this scenario, I finally understood what people mean by evil lives for a millennium.\"

\"Do you guys think Vic has been planning this since the very beginning?\"

\"I think that praise is going overboard. He hasn't even arrived yet, how could he even predict that?\"

\"Hehe, man's seventh sense I guess?\"


The stream's bullet screens showed heated discussion all of a sudden.

Meanwhile, Liu Zilang who had just escaped death did not stay at the place for long as he recalled someone entering the building earlier who had yet to showed herself.

Soon, Liu Zilang did not even try to loot the crates as he immediately headed towards the other corner of the house, crouched down and healed himself up.

His original plan was to run away from the blue circle thirty seconds before it started shrinking.

However, the blue radioactive web outside of Uptown had already started shrinking due to the interruption.

Liu Zilang pondered for a while before he decided to ignore the rest and entered the Safe Zone for now.

He had already spent too much time here.

Meanwhile, Misaka Mikoto did not hear any commotion outside, so she peeked out like a mole-rate as she looked to the left and right.

Liu Zilang had already left the area and all there was were three crates laying on the ground.

When Misaka Mikoto saw the three crates on the ground, she was extremely touched as her eyes shone brightly.

'Shifu treats me extremely well!'

She immediately ran out of the building and started looting the crates.

However, she soon realized something was wrong!

The blue circle was heading towards her!

Misaka Mikoto immediately gulped down the energy drinks as she watched the blue radioactive web approaching her. She then quickly crouched down and consumed a first aid kit and chased after Liu Zilang.

Misaka Mikoto soon found Liu Zilang observing his surroundings cunningly after chasing after him from two blocks away.

\"Not good! Menhera-chan has discovered Vic! What do you think? Will she attack him from behind?\"

\"Huh? Menhera-chan isn't opening fire! She keeps following Vic from behind. What is she trying to achieve? Tailing... Ahem...\"

\"Hmmm... I think I know what she's doing now. Menhera-chan is now alone and she would be easily attacked if she were to run away from the blue circle alone. I'm guessing she's using Ah Lang as a scout to scout the area for her. You can say it's a viable strategy.\"

The truth was accurately described by Su Changming.

For the next few moments, while Liu Zilang was scouting the road at the front, he did encounter other enemies and had to stop and fight back.

Misaka Mikoto did not fire a single shot as she followed tightly from the back. She looked like a puppy following the owner cautiously from behind, hoping to not be caught when the owner went out.

Soon, the two had traveled the entire east of Uptown and had arrived at the edge of the Safe Zone on the west.

However, a problem had surfaced.

Liu Zilang running at the front had entered the Safe Zone but Misaka Mikoto was still within the blue zone.

Perhaps, it would be more accurate to say that Liu Zilang had been advancing at the edge of the blue circle whereas Misaka Mikoto was running outside of the blue circle, tanking the damage the entire time.

It was then Misaka Mikoto hid behind the short enclosure wall, used a first aid kit and gulped down an energy drink.

Misaka Mikoto clenched her fist when she realized that Liu Zilang had disappeared after entering the Safe Zone.

'Shifu has already led me so far!'

'It's time to rely on myself to pave my own future!'

Misaka Mikoto then climbed over the short enclosure wall and rushed into the Safe Zone!

\"Oh! I didn't expect Menhera-chan's strategy to work. She managed to enter the Safe Zone without having to fire a single shot.\"

\"Hehe. It looks like she has paved a new way for the lone wolves to advance in the game.\"

\"However, this blue zone is quite painful to stay in. Menhera-chan has depleted all her consumables and she doesn't have much health left. Will she be able to reach the Safe Zone in time?\"

\"Menhera-chan is extremely close to the Safe Zone! She only has a little bit of distance left to cover and I believe that a cheerful girl will always be lucky!\"

While the casters were speaking, Misaka Mikoto ran across the road and sprinted down the hallway until a short wall was blocking her path!

All she had to do was to climb over it and she would be in the Safe Zone!

Misaka Mikoto was so happy that her adorable dimples appeared when she smiled when she looked at the amount of health she had left.

'The future is within my reach!'

'Aiyaya, what if I accidentally win the chicken dinner?'

As she was thinking of this nonsense, she had already arrived at the short wall.

She raised her hand, climbed and shifted her center of gravity.

She instantly leaped across the wall with great agility!

Then, without any warning...


A clear gunshot sounded and blood erupted from the figure's head who had just climbed over the short wall.

Misaka Mikoto's body started leaning forward. Her legs crossed as she leaned against the wall with her head on the ground and legs at the top...

\"4AM-Vic killed SST-Menhera by headshot with Kar98K!\"

The audience in the stadium was startled when they saw this sudden ambush.

In that instant, someone seemed to have heard someone's heart breaking...