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467 Scream At The Sight Of Injustice!

 'Don't engage in battles and enter the Safe Zone quietly.'

This was GodV's strategy given to Liu Zilang from the side.

That made sense for a place such as Uptown.

Since he was incredibly powerful and he could fight one when he encountered one or could even eliminate the entire squad alone, it would be game over in an instant if there was one camper who unknowingly attacked him from the side or from behind.

Hence, Liu Zilang decided to follow GodV's strategy and got out of the house sneakily when there was a fight nearby.

When he got out, he did not see anyone nearby at all.

GodV started laughing at the side. \"See, no one will bother you if you enter the Safe Zone at times like this...\"

As GodV spoke to this point, he stopped abruptly as the smile on his face froze.

The instant Liu Zilang turned around, a player appeared at the corner of the house.

The edge of Liu Zilang's eye twitched when he saw this.

It was too late for him to find cover, so he started moving crazily while he pulled out the 98K on his back.

However, to his surprise, that player was holding a weapon but he immediately turned around and entered the building next door after staring at him for a second.


'What's going on?'

Liu Zilang was stunned when he took out his 98K and was about to scope in.

Then, his pupil shrunk!

That was because two more players entered his field of vision from the corner of the house.

Liu Zilang raised his 98K without any hesitation, scoped in and took aim!


In a blink of an eye, the ammo was released out from the muzzle!


The bullet pierced through the helmet as one of the players that had just walked out of the corner of the house fell to his knees as his knees gave way.

\"4AM-Vic knocked out 5Peaks-LanS by headshot with Kar98K!\"

The two 5Peaks player were shocked when they were ambushed out of nowhere!

'What's going on?'

They were chasing after the player that had just run pass the corner of the building, but why was there a player right in front of them?

Was it a trap?

They looked at his ID and realized that they were from two different squads!

However, when they saw the ID ending with \"Vic\", the two players from 5Peaks were startled!

\"Holysh*t! It's that demon king!\"

\"Hey comrade, we need back up!\"

\"Hold on, I'm on my way!\"

The 5Peaks player who was left behind did not bother killing the fallen enemies as he immediately ran towards them.

Liu Zilang's ID was incredibly threatening in this tournament!

While it was not to the extent of being afraid the instant they saw the name, the truth was that everyone would be extremely anxious the instant they saw him!

That was because for the past two days in the tournament, no one had really taken advantage of Liu Zilang at all. Instead, all of them suffered greatly after encountering him.

Meanwhile, Misaka Mikoto had not calmed down the instant she escaped into the building desperately before she saw the Kill Notification appeared at the top right of her screen.


'It's Shifu!'

In a second, she looked rejuvenated and extremely hopeful!

She had already forgotten about how she was being cheated.

Misaka Mikoto crouched inside the building anticipatingly as she waited for Liu Zilang to save her from the three \"tyrants\" who were chasing after her...

Meanwhile, Liu Zilang was behind the building.

After knocking a player out, he immediately crouched down and took the M16 on his back.

It was as if he had summoned a dragon when he took his weapon out!

The instant he raised his M16, he tilted his head left and right as he spammed Q and E while he fired at the corner of the wall as much as he could!

\"Du du du!\"

The muzzle flashed as bullets rained out from it!

The other 5Peaks player hid behind the wall and wanted to help to cover his teammate, but he was not able to even peek his head out from behind the wall.

As for the player that had been knocked out and was not able to crawl back in time, he was trembling as bullets were flying past above his head.

If Liu Zilang were to lower his flashing muzzle a little bit lower, he would have been dead.

However, the reality was that Liu Zilang had finished all his ammunition, yet he had the muzzle aimed slightly above the player from the beginning until the end...

The man kneeled on the ground in confusion. 'What the h*ll? Am I dead?'

'Wait a minute!'

He reacted swiftly as he was beyond devastated. 'Why are you playing with my feelings!'

The viewers in the live stream and stadium twitched their eyes when they saw this speechless scene.

\"GG! Are you itching for trouble again?'

\"Sob. Please give your international friend a quick death!\"

\"This is too funny. I wonder how traumatized this Singaporean player is feeling right now.\"

I'm telling you. It's unethical to do this, you'll be sent to the military court.\"

While the crowd was talking about the situation, the casters on the commentary platform had realized what he was doing.

\"Tsk tsk... Vic is giving his opponent a psychological pressure!\"

\"Yes. Frankly speaking, it's a taboo to immediately kill the enemy off after knocking him out when facing many enemies simultaneously.\"

\"Indeed. That's because when one of their teammates is knocked out, he wouldn't be able to focus since he would struggle to decide if his teammate is worth saving. He would have to think of ways to save his teammate too.\"

\"Indeed. However, if you've killed the player after knocking him out, you'd be helping the enemy in certain cases as they would have more time to focus on you.\"

\"Oh! It looks like the player from squad 5Peaks who had been knocked out had climbed behind the wall. What do you make of this?\"

In the game on the big screen.

Liu Zilang reloaded both his weapons before taking out a Frag Grenade in his hand.


The sound of him pulling the pin could be heard!

He ran a few steps forward as he cooked the Frag Grenade in his hand.

In TPP mode, the two players from 5Peaks were still able to see what Liu Zilang was doing even though they had retreated behind the corner of the wall.

AidreN's eyes shone brightly while he was saving his teammate when he saw that Liu Zilang was about to throw a Frag Grenade!

'This is my chance!'

He immediately released his teammate and pulled out his gun. He leaned against the wall, turned his body to the side and tilted his head as he opened fire at Liu Zilang!

\"Pew pew pew!\"

The densely packed bullets were whizzing towards him from the corner of the wall!

Since Liu Zilang was holding a Frag Grenade in his hand, he could not fight back immediately.

This was the opportunity AidreN was taking!

The audience in the stadium cheered the instant they saw this exciting scene as their heart started racing quickly!

As the bullets were whizzing towards him, Liu Zilang casually threw out the Frag Grenade off his hand and did a 360 jump!

\"Ding ding ding ding!\"

The instant he revealed his back, sparks could be seen on his butt!

It was the Pan!

As he was still in the middle of the air, the 98K behind his back was already in his hand.


Liu Zilang had fired his 98K from his waist the instant he turned back!

Gasps could be heard coming from the commentary platform!

\"Oh my God!\"

\"Is that... jumping with instant scoping?\"