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466 The Art Of Baiting With Zigzag Maneuver!


It was a form of attitude!

Liu Zilang retreated to the corner of the corridor but soon reappeared once more after reloading his 98K.

It was another instant snipe!


A gunshot sounded clearly.

A sniper bullet was shot out instantly!

Across the long corridor, there was a man trying to crawl away while no one was looking at him.

However, Liu Zilang shot him in the butt and blood erupted out from it.

That man's health plunged to the very bottom.

It was a warning shot from his 98K!

The viewers in the live stream and stadium gasped.

'What a f*cking b*stard!'

\"Brother don't move! I'm coming to save you!\"

The guy behind the wooden door at the other end of the corridor watched his teammate who was being humiliated right in front of him...

He could not stomach it!

After consuming a first aid kit, he immediately peeked out from behind the door and raised his M4!

'Come on!

'Fight me if you've got any problems with us!'

After Liu Zilang fired a shot at the corridor, he switched the 98K in his hands to his M16.

Liu Zilang raised his eyebrow as he realized that the opponent was holding him back at the corner of the corridor.


He immediately came out afterward.

He scoped in his M16's Red Dot Sight and fired a three-burst shot at the door frame!

After firing the three-burst shot, Liu Zilang immediately his line of fire and aimed at the guy kneeling on the ground.

\"Thud thud!'

The shots fired went through that person's body and killed him instantly.

Liu Zilang then raised his weapon and aimed at the player hiding behind the door frame.

\"Pew pew pew!\"

As he kept pulling his line of sight up and down alternatively, the M16 kept spewing out bullets from its muzzle endlessly!

The player behind the door was forced to retreat after Liu Zilang had exerted his dominance with a series of three-burst shots.

When he realized that his teammate had been killed right before his eyes, he revealed himself out of rage as he aimed at Liu Zilang with his weapon.

In such a situation, it was hard to determine whether the M16 or M4 was more superior.

However, that gank had shown an obvious difference between both parties' reaction speed and accuracy.

On the big screen behind the stage, the caster showed Liu Zilang's perspective while they were fighting each other.

The viewers from the live stream and stadium realized something amazing.

When Liu Zilang opened fire, his shameless aura intensified greatly at the corridor!

His extreme zigzag maneuver was so extreme that his crossfire did not jitter a single bit. It made him like a hacker!

Then, there was a ceasefire in the corridor!

The player who was facing Liu Zilang flailed his hand about as he flew out the door. Blood oozed out from his head and two Kill Notifications appeared on the screen.

\"4AM-Vic killed KiZ-SRookie with M16A4!\"

\"4AM-Vic killed KiZ-shoroi by headshot with M16A4!\"

\"18 Kills!\"

Liu Zilang had killed the remaining two KiZ players and his kill count had increased to a whopping 18 kills!

He was in a one-man squad situation as of then. However, his kill count was so high that it left everyone in the dust!

On the commentary platform, Ms-Joy looked completely shocked. \"Vic's aim speed is simply too quick! I didn't expect him to be able to steal the two players' heads from Tyloo.\"

\"Indeed.\" Sy nodded at the side and continued explaining, \"There'd be nothing much to say if he killed Shoroi then. The amazing part is that Vic managed to forcefully kill off the knocked out SRookie while Shoroi was waiting for him. Then, he took out Shoroi in an instant as well. To be honest, his aim is so good that even I'm shocked by it.\"

\"I feel like Shoroi lost his cool at the end.\" Su Changming shook his head and sighed. \"In a fight between experts in an FPS game, what they were competing for was who could land a headshot regardless of the weapon of choice. You'd have no chance of winning if you can't land a headshot. It's obvious that Shoroi did not control his recoil after his teammate was killed as he seemed to be panicking.\"

\"That's the truth. If you're facing a legendary FPS player such as Vic head-on, you'd lose half the battle if you don't aim at his head. That's because all they see in you is your head.\"

\"Hehe. I guess Tyloo is the one who suffered the most in this battle. They took the effort of knocking out two players but their kills were taken away by Vic...\"

As the viewers in the stadium listened to the casters, they had regained their senses from watching Liu Zilang's amazing zigzag aiming technique...

They saw him running downstairs alone as his shameless and cunning aura filled up the area once again.


While Liu Zilang was having a massacre inside the building, the fourth circle had started shrinking on the battlefield.

A lot of squads who had picked the wrong location had started moving as well. Most of them had crossed the bridge linking Uptown and Downtown while they were on the move.

Those squads that had fewer players did not dare expose themselves to such risks. Hence, they chose to swim across the river east of Georgopol where the width of the river was the narrowest.

Naturally, the players who were in Uptown would not let those immigrants pass through easily.

Liu Zilang cleared up the crates as gunshots started to reverberate across Uptown.

Kill Notifications would constantly appear on the top right corner of his screen.

Amidst the intense battles, the third last Safe Zone spawned by the time the fourth blue circle merged with the Safe Zone.

The number of players left on the battlefield plunged down to 28 and there were ten squads left including Liu Zilang, the lone wolf.

On the commentary platform.

\"Alright. We can see that the next Safe Zone has spawned west of Uptown.\"

\"Indeed. Judging from the distribution of the squads on the field, all the squads except IG and Royad will have to switch their locations before the blue circle starts shrinking.\"

\"The current squad that's furthest away from the Safe Zone is the Japanese squad SST. They're starting to run away from the blue circle.\"

\"Wait a minute! The Singapore squad 5Peaks has just come out from the building in front of SST! Not good! The two squads have bumped into each other!\"

Just as the caster finished speaking, loud gunshots on the battlefield could be heard!

\"Du du du!\"

\"Da da da!\"

Although 5Peaks was a three-man squad and did not have the advantage in terms of numbers, they managed to take out one of the SST players the instant they met.

What was obvious was that if a squad did not have a player that was able to change his fate in their ranks, the situation would become very one-sided as one side of the party would lack firepower.

Soon, another SST member was knocked out.

Misaka Mikoto was the only one left as she was the first to find cover. She occasionally revealed herself and opened fire.

5Peaks swiftly took cover as well. One of them was camping for Misaka Mikoto at the front whereas the other two were moving to the back of Misaka Mikoto.

\"Escape as quickly as you can Menhera-chan!

\"Just leave us be!\"

The two SST members fell after one another as they shouted out loud since their health bars were depleting quickly.

Misaka Mikoto was extremely anxious as she realized the situation she was in. Furthermore, the enemies were coming for her.

She had no choice, and she ran to the back.

Meanwhile, Liu Zilang who was nearby had sneakily come out of the building.