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465 What Truly Is Shamelessness?

 One could say that the Stun Grenade came without any warning.

It was equivalent to someone letting out a silent fart in the elevator. No one was ready for it.

\"How did you throw that Stun Grenade?\" Hou Dongfang asked as he was caught off guard.

TwoDog immediately defended himself, \"I didn't throw it! My Stun Grenade is still in my hand! You can have a look if you don't believe me!\"

The three were speechless...

'We can't see you little sh*t!'

The three were extremely annoyed when they heard TwoDog's words.

Since it had happened, what was most important to them was to survive through that blinding period.

Bai Shaobin calmed down as he said, \"You all remember the direction right? Fire a few shots there so that the enemies don't have a chance to enter.\"

Bai Shaobin was extremely calm.

When one was blinded by a Stun Grenade, the most forbidden thing to do was to move around like a fruit fly. Not only would one not able to see anything but they would also have lost their sense of direction as well.

\"Da da da!\"

The other three Tyloo members immediately opened fire toward the direction of the door they had memorized earlier as soon as they heard Bai Shaobin's words.

Their firepower did not seem incredibly powerful but their plan was to prevent KiZ from running into the house while they were blind.

It seemed that they had assumed that the Stun Grenade was thrown by KiZ from outside the building.

Since there were only them inside and outside the building, who else could it have been if not for KiZ?


At the corner of the corridor on the first floor.

Liu Zilang had descended quietly to the ground floor while they opened fire. He could not help but laugh when he saw all four Tyloo members shooting crazily at the door.

\"I didn't expect these people to be this calm in this situation.\"

He laughed as he muttered to himself while taking out the M16 in his hand.

\"Da da da!\"

The M16's muzzle released eye-catching flashes!


All four Tyloo members did not expect someone to ambush them from above.

Hence, they were stunned when they were attacked from behind!

\"What the h*ll? Did they move to the back?\"

\"I don't know!\"

\"I'm down, the gunshots are coming from the corridor!\"

\"Wait a minute! That name... It's Vic!\"

When Bai Shaobin screamed out Vic's name furiously, Tyloo's voice chat fell into silence as they looked extremely pale.

They were extremely angered by it!

He had crossed the line!

They had been taking note of the Kill Notifications that match and they knew very well that Liu Zilang was the only surviving member of 4AM.

It was very arrogant of him to challenge them to a fight even though he was a lone wolf.

'Wait a minute...'

'How did he come from the top of the building?'

'Has he been hiding in this building the entire time?'

'That's impossible!'

The four of them had searched the entire building when they were scouring for items.

How could they have left a hole in their search earlier?

Squad Tyloo was thrown into darkness once again.

Meanwhile, KiZ reacted swiftly when the three of them heard the gunshots coming from the inside.

\"They've begun fighting each other inside!\"

\"Where did he come from?\"

\"I don't know but it's our chance!\"

All of them understood the concept of attacking their enemies while they were in trouble. Hence, the three swiftly headed toward the building.

Meanwhile, Liu Zilang was in the building.

He had taken out two players in the corridor but he retreated to the corner of the corridor even though he had bullets left in his weapon and his enemies had yet to recover their vision.

On the commentary platform.

\"Nice! Vic has taken out two Tyloo members in one sweep!\"

\"Indeed. Tyloo didn't have the chance to react at all and the two of them were knocked out!\"

\"Huh? Why did Vic stop attacking them? Did he run out of ammo already?\"

\"That can't be right... He still has more than half left.\"

\"Oh! Wait a minute! Squad KiZ is charging into the building!\"

\"Squad Tyloo... has finally regained their sight. What do you think of this?\"

As the casters changed their tone, the situation on the battlefield changed drastically.

As Liu Zilang had ambushed all four of them alone from behind, Tyloo was not fighting a 2 vs 3 against KiZ.

TwoDog and Audi were the only two players left in Tyloo and their first reaction the instant they recovered their sight was to turn around to look for Liu Zilang. However, they heard footsteps coming from outside.

All three KiZ members were rushing in with weapons in their hands!

Tyloo wanted to explain the situation to them that there was a b*stard behind them!

However, KiZ was like a merciless predator as they immediately shoved their weapons into their mouths.

They had screamed while doing so!


Shots were fired on the ground floor!

Kill Notifications swiftly appeared on the top right corner of the screen as both parties had players knocked out.

\"KiZ's ambush from the back was simply too lethal. The remaining players from Tyloo couldn't defend against them.\"

\"The main factor was that two of Tyloo's core members had been taken out by Vic. That's the reason why Tyloo was facing an uphill battle.\"

\"Oh my God! One of the players from KiZ has a shotgun. This is a little bit over the line! Audi, the last remaining member of Tyloo has been knocked out!\"

As the casters spoke, Audi, Tyloo's last surviving member, was taken out with a shotgun as he went all out on Kiz.

Meanwhile, two out of three KiZ members had been knocked out by Tyloo. Unfortunately, they did not have enough time to kill them off.

\"Are they all dead?\" one of the KiZ members who had been knocked out asked.

\"Yes. The one I killed earlier died immediately,\" The guy reviving him responded.

\"Wasn't there a fight inside earlier? Where did that guy go?\" One man questioned.

\"Maybe he was taken cared of,\" The guy reviving his teammates guessed.

Although he was pulling his teammates up, he was extremely cautious with his surroundings.

Just as he looked at the corridor, he noticed a familiar 98K aimed at him.


The remaining KiZ member was so shocked that he froze.

It was too late!


The gunshot reverberated clearly as a sniper bullet whizzed toward him!

The remaining KiZ player could imagine his head bursting open like a watermelon...

Then, he saw his fallen comrade's head burst open instead.

He and the viewers in the stadium and live stream were shocked!

\"4AM-Vic killed KiZ-F1nkY7 by headshot with Kar98K!\"

Squad Tyloo who had yet exited their death cameras reacted immediately when they saw it. \"B*stard! He's trying to steal our kills!\"

When a player killed a player that had been knocked out by another squad, the kill count would park under whoever killed the player.

This meant that if Liu Zilang were to kill the remaining KiZ player, the other two players would die of \"natural cause\" and their heads would be parked under Squad Tyloo as they were the ones who knocked them out.

However, it was different.

Liu Zilang kept him alive so that he could kill those that were knocked out.

That way, the kills would be parked under him.

After understanding the situation, the viewers in the stadium looked at the man crouching down disgustingly at the end of the corridor.

One word surfaced in their minds as they watched on...