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464 The Antelope’s Flight Gone Wrong?

 Title Translator's Note: The Antelope's Flight is a book written by Shen Shixi, a best-selling children's author in China. It's a story about a herd of antelopes sacrificing half of the herd in order to save the other half.


A bright flash could be seen through the window at the corridor on the first floor. Black smoke filled up the place and the wall seemed to have trembled slightly.

After the bright flash and the dispersion of the black smoke, the building fell into its usual silence and not a single Kill Notification appeared.

\"I don't think they're at the corridor.\"

Shoroi sounded rather dissatisfied.

\"Do you have any more grenades?\" F1nkY7 asked at one side.

\"No. I've finished them all.\" Shoroi shrugged.

Just as he finished speaking, a huge explosion came from the building next door!

KiZ who was outside the building was stunned. Their first reaction was to become alert as they were rather shocked to determine the source of the sound.

SRookie asked, \"There's someone else... next door?\"

\"I'm not sure.\" Shoroi was totally confused. \"Who was he trying to bomb?\"

The other two KiZ players were at a loss as well when they heard Shoroi's question.

'That's right!'

The sound of the explosion obviously came from the building next door.

Hence, begged the question, who was he trying to bomb?

The three KiZ players were totally in the dark of the situation. On the other hand, the viewers in the live stream and stadium gasped shockingly the instant the bomb exploded!

In the game through the big screen, Liu Zilang had thrown a Frag Grenade behind him as everyone watched in confusion.

Soon, the grenade exploded, releasing a scorching hot and powerful shockwave!

Liu Zilang was standing at the edge of the rooftop. When he was blasted by the shockwave, he flew up into the sky like a kite without a thread.

However, that was a normal phenomenon when a Frag Grenade exploded and it should not have been something to be shocked about.

What made everyone shocked to the point that they would scream 'Holysh*t' was that not only did he not die after being blasted away. However, he was miraculously sent to the rooftop of the building next door. He had managed to survive with a thread of health left!

Everyone finally understood what he was trying to do.

Liu Zilang was not trying to commit suicide, he was trying to fly to the other side!

When the viewers from the live stream and stadium saw his audacious method with their very own eyes, all they could think was, 'WTF...'

\"This... Isn't an illusion, right? You can do that?\"

\"GG! This truly is the world's best physics engine. It's so real that all my hair is going to drop.\"

\"If Vic were to fall to his death earlier, it'd be the work of God.\"

\"2333, buddy who said that he would fall to his death, are you an adversary? Why do I feel like I lowkey wish for it to happen as well...\"

On the commentary platform.

The three casters' jaws had dropped down and they were inches away from touching the table in front of them.

This player, Liu Zilang was able to come up with all sorts of creative solutions. Other than to be completely impressed with him, what else could they do?

The first one to regain his senses from the shock was Sy. He watched Liu Zilang heal himself on the rooftop after launching himself over there.

He rubbed his chin and started to guess his motive. \"I think Vic... Is trying to ambush them.\"

Sy at the side nodded. \"I think that's the highest probability. There's no reason for him to go there with such a troublesome method.\"

Ms-Joy was trembling as she watched the tournament match. The light in her eyes was getting brighter and brighter!

He palmed his fists and said excitedly, \"Vic is really talented at thinking of solutions!\"

Su Changming and Sy finally reacted after seeing how excited Ms-Joy was.

There was only one way to reach the top of the building - to go through the corridor.

However, Tyloo was guarding the corridor on the ground floor and no one would be able to get to the rooftop without them realizing it. Hence, this would cause a psychological blindspot that there would not be anyone on the rooftop.

Tyloo and KiZ were in a stalemate at that moment, and they could fight each other at any given moment.

Imagine what would happen the instant Liu Zilang decided to come down from the top...

Many viewers seemed to have realized this as well as all of them looked forward to it.

Meanwhile, in the game, all of the viewers in the live stream and stadium had found out that Liu Zilang had launched himself two blocks away and miraculously landed on the enemy building's rooftop.

However, Tyloo and KiZ did not know about this since they did not have access to the caster's perspective!

KiZ thought that there were other squads next door and even suspected that Tyloo had split up to scour the area.

They had finished throwing their Frag Grenades and they were itching for action as they had a good guess of where their enemies were.

As for Tyloo who had heard the explosion come from next door.

They knew that there was someone next door and their first assumption was that KiZ which was outside the building had angered the squad over there.

Hence, they were itching for action as well.

Both parties were one step away from letting all h*ll loose and to start killing each other.

That one step could be anything.

It could be a simple gaze as well.

Tyloo's Bai Shaobin rubbed his chin as he pondered on the movements next door. He had a feeling that it was more than what it sounded.

Then, he made eye contact with Hou Dongfang who was sitting beside him on the stage.

Bai Shaolin was glancing at him. He did not have any other intentions at all.

However, Hou Dongfang decided to take a deep breath.

'Giving an order with just a glance?


He was camping at the corridor on the ground floor when he took out a Frag Grenade, cooked it for a few seconds in his hand and then threw it out.

Hou Dongfang then quickly revealed himself with an AK in his hands and fired at the wooden door!

\"Du du du!\"

Splinters flew everywhere as the wooden door which originally had a few holes in its center completely shattered.

Then, there was a loud explosion that came from outside!

Hou Dongfong took the explosion of the Frag Grenade as his cue to rush out!

Watching their squad's flexible player, the two entry-fraggers, Audi and TwoDog followed up tightly as well.

Bai Shaobin was left behind as he pondered on. He did not understand why his teammates had decided to go all out.

Naturally, as the captain of the squad, it was very important for him to trust his teammates' decisions in such crucial moments.

Bai Shaobin believed that Hou Dongfang had reasons to rush in out of the blue.

Hence, he charged in together with him instead of stopping him.

The three KiZ players outside the building were very cautious as they had not yet been blasted by Hou Dongfang's Frag Grenade. They split up swiftly and formed a three-point crossfire at the door.

Hence, by the time all three Tyloo players reached the door, they were forced to retreat.

\"Stun Grenade! Who has a Stun Grenade!\" Bai Shaobin immediately took over command and shouted. \"Those b*stards are holding us off by the door. Let's give them a taste of a Stun Grenade!\"

\"I have it I have it!\"

TwoDog took out his Stun Grenade and aimed it outside as he laughed cunningly. \"Let's have a taste guys!\"

Just as he finished speaking, there was a loud bang!

All four Tyloo players turned blind in an instant. They could not see anything and the only thing they could hear was a beep ring in their ears!

TwoDog was stunned as he held his Stun Grenade in his hand...

'What the f*ck is going on?'

'Did the Stun Grenade explode prematurely...?'