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463 This Is Way Too Realistic!

 One thing that was noteworthy was that the third blue circle had merged with the Safe Zone when Liu Zilang was being pursued by the four BDG players at the river.

The Safe Zone that originally hovered around the estuary between Downtown and Uptown had moved toward Uptown.

The buildings in Downtown were scarce and the distance between them was huge.

Hence, it was only a matter of time that players would encounter each other while they were running away from the circle as they switched locations.

That was the reason why Liu Zilang heard gunshots reverberating endlessly at South Georgopol when he landed.

In that situation, Uptown was much more peaceful even though it was only temporary.

What he could foresee was that there would be a huge number of refugees coming into the area.

The dynamics of the players in the area would be different then.

\"The blue circle is going to start moving in two minutes but we can see that the majority of the squads have started migrating into the Safe Zone to occupy a spot.\"

\"Indeed, there are currently forty-one players left in the game. Their numbers are still dropping since some of them have encountered each other while running against the blue zone.\"

\"Speaking of which, this match's Safe Zone is really challenging the players' judgment. Take the current situation for example, everyone knows that the next Safe Zone is going to spawn either in Uptown or Downtown. However, one must occupy a place first before anyone else does.\"

\"However, they have to fend off any pressure from incoming attacks as well. This game doesn't care if you arrive first where the building would be yours if you arrive first.\"

The camera shifted toward the UAZ that had crossed the bridge east of Georgopol.

\"Oh! It's KiZ Squad from Vietnam. They're rushing toward Uptown but their journey doesn't seem peaceful at all.\"

In the game, shown on the big screen.

Bullets rained densely at KiZ the instant they arrived at the entrance of Uptown.

It was without a doubt that the ambushers were Misaka's squad who had been guarding the frontline tightly.

It was uncertain if KiZ's driving technique was too good or all three of Misaka Mikoto's teammates had flawed marksmanship. None of KiZ's members died even though sparks had engulfed their UAZ and all four of them were bleeding.

As the vehicle turned around the corner, the four KiZ members headed deep into Uptown as they escaped death.

Misaka Mikoto asked furiously as she looked at the duck that had run away from her plate, \"You guys... What's wrong with you guys?\"

After she finished speaking, she realized that she had forgotten to switch languages and immediately asked again in Japanese.

The two SST players were incredibly embarrassed when they heard their lucky charm question them.

Since the UAZ had driven past them, the two of them would have taken at least one player down under normal circumstances.

Who would have thought that none of them would fall down from the vehicle even though all of them bled...

'Who were they supposed to complain to?'

They would have been even more disappointed if they realized how much health the four of KiZ players had left.



The vehicle stopped as all four KiZ players parked nearby the entrance of the better-looking house.

\"That was a close call!\"

\"Quickly heal up and let's take over this building.\"

\"I'll go hide the vehicle.\"

The three healed up immediately as they stood beside the UAZ.

They were cautious. Instead of heading into the building carelessly, they healed themselves up at its entrance.

\"Do you think anyone's in there?\" One of the teammates asked.

\"I don't hear any footsteps. It should be empty.\" The guy who was healing himself while leaning against the wall spoke.\"

It seemed like squad KiZ felt rather anxious from the attack at the entrance earlier as they had made a careless mistake.

Since they had arrived there with a UAZ, if there really were players hiding inside the building, they would have hid instead of leaking the sound of the footsteps to them.

The reason Liu Zilang was able to pick up the footsteps before he opened the door was that he came from the river, which was rather discreet.

When the opponent heard him, he had coincidentally realized them as well.

In other words, KiZ was obviously feeling lucky.

However, that was to be expected if one thought about it.

Uptown was a huge place and there were many buildings.

What were the chances of them encountering others by simply picking a building?

The probability was simply too low.

However, it often happened inside PUBG.

In the game, Maying could be seen leading the squad casually as he opened the door.

\"Da da da!\"

The room started rattling with gunshots!

Maying was welcomed with bullets to his face and was instantly knocked out before he was able to react.

\"Tyloo-DeadRunner knocked out KiZ-Maying with AKM!\"

The other KiZ members could not react to it as well as the bullets that came from within had killed Maying in an instant!

It was a direct kill after knocking him out!

Be it a knock out or a kill, Hou Dongfang did it very quickly and did not give KiZ the chance to react at all.

However, KiZ had finally realized the situation the instant their teammate was killed. They immediately closed the door.

\"Pew pew pew\"

The firing did not stop as bullets kept hitting the wooden door. Sawdust fell to the ground as a hole was created through the door.

\"DIdn't you say it was empty inside?\" KiZ's squad captain, Shoroi asked unhappily.

However, he cleared his throat and shivers were sent down his spine after he had spoke out loud. That was because he had just realized the mistake they had made.

On the commentary platform.

\"Tsk tsk, KiZ was too careless there. Maying had literally delivered himself to DeadRunner\"

\"Yes, but I believe DeadRunner was a little bit too impatient. If KiZ were to enter a little bit more, they would have gotten more out of that battle.\"

\"Indeed. Although KiZ is one man down, Tyloo can't to do anything to them for the time being. Of course, that's as long as KiZ desn't make any mistake.\"

\"The two squads are now in a stalemate. What happens next depends entirely on them.\"

\"Oh! The Vietnam squad KiZ doesn't have plans to retreat but they're not raiding as well. I'm guessing that they aren't sure how many players are there in the room. They aren't sure if the enemies were just putting up an act so they're planning to throw a Frag Grenade to force them to make a move.\"

\"Hehe. Speaking of putting up an act, there's a person who fits the bill just beside these two squads.\"

\"Huh? Wait a minute! This Vic... What's he up to?\"

On the commentary platform, Ms-Joy had his mouth wide open out of shock!

The viewers in the live stream and venue looked at the big screen on the stage as all of them had question marks above their heads.

'He's up to no good again, right?'

In the game, through the big screen.

Liu Zilang had unknowingly arrived at the top of the building next door as he crouched down sneakily at the edge of the rail guard.

He pulled the pin and adjusted the trajectory before throwing the Frag Grenade behind him.


Everyone was stunned when they saw the Frag Grenade rolling!

'Even if you're up to something, isn't that a little bit too realistic?'