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462 The Man Who Wanders!

 The viewers watching the live stream in all major platforms were in an uproar the instant they saw the comeback!

Countless bullet screen comments kept flooding from the right, and they covered the entire screen in an instant.

\"666. I'm super impressed with Liu Zilang's boat drifting!\"

\"I was wondering why he didn't choose to abandon ship. Vic... that b*stard sure knows what he's doing!\"

\"Oh right, why didn't BDG jump out of the ship earlier?\"

\"Hehe, they were trapped underneath it. How were they supposed to jump out of it? You should read up about when you can't leave a vehicle.\"

\"Puhaha. It's the worse feeling ever when you can't leave the vehicle. I'm tearing up just by reading those few words...\"

\"Speaking of which, it's rather unfortunate for squad BDG. It's the second time they have died by Vic's hand.\"

\"I'm sure they'll avoid Vic if they are to encounter him again in the next match.\"

\"23333. Can't mess with this, can't mess with this!\"

Meanwhile in the game, All four BDG players had lost it when they were buried directly underneath the boat.

They were completely fine since they began in Rozhok and they had even prepared what to do if they were to encounter any hardships in the game.

However, they did not expect that the wave of hardship brought to them by Vic would be that tough. They were not able to react in time as the boat toppled!

It did not make sense at all!

However after they had regained their senses, they finally understood why the enemy's behavior was so irrational when they saw their killer's name.

Takomayo from squad BDG was traumatized the most. He recalled the previous match where the enemy had flattened his tires just as he was about to escape successfully.

That feeling of having your hope taken away from you when you thought you had it...

He shivered uncontrollably just from recalling it.

In comparison, it was much better to be exploded to death while being trapped underneath the bridge...

'Wait a minute!'

'How's that better!!'

Takomayo shook his head as he cleared up his mind. He gritted his teeth as he realized that he had been tamed unconsciously!

Takomayo felt fear as he pondered...

'That man is truly terrifying!'


Liu Zilang was not lacking any equipment at that moment so he was too lazy to loot their crates. Hence, he continued moving toward the housing area in Uptown after exploding the boat.

Naturally, the main concern was that it would require him a lot of effort to loot all four crates even if he had decided to.

He was in the Safe Zone but his location was not safe.

He listened at the estuary and he could hear gunshots coming from South Georgopol.

It seemed like many squads had encountered each other while they were running toward the Safe Zone.

Like a lone wolf who carried the hopes of an entire village, he had to take the big picture into consideration.

Although Liu Zilang had seen at least two squads enter Uptown, the gunshots there were not too intense.

Perhaps it was due to the complexity of the housing area in Uptown, that it was spacious enough for them to coexist peacefully.

Liu Zilang was located near a housing area at the east side of Uptown at that time. The building's shape was pretty good as it was considered hard to raid but easy to defend.

As long as he was able to occupy a building in Uptown, he could save himself the trouble of running around for the time being as he would not need to do so for that Safe Zone.

If one had the opportunity to live a safe life, who would want to live a risky life?

Liu Zilang started feeling calm as he approached the building.

He could finally pause his wandering days whereby he lived in fear every second of his life.

Liu Zilang revealed a peaceful smile on his face as he pondered.

He then simply picked a building in the region that seemed to be empty.

As he reached its entrance, that peaceful smile on his face froze instantly before he opened the door...

\"Thud thud thud!\"

Footsteps could be heard clearly from inside the house and it sounded like there were a pair of feet stomping about!

'Hehe... was that an illusion?'

Liu Zilang shut his eyes as he tried to persuade himself.

\"Thud thud thud thud!\"

The frozen smile on his face gradually disappeared when he heard the clear footsteps again...

'Illusion my *ss!'

It was confirmed that there was at least one player inside the building.

There were at least three of them based on the footsteps and the enemies seemed to have heard Liu Zilang's unfiltered footsteps.

He was a man fated to wander!

Liu Zilang sighed.

He immediately headed toward the building next door before his enemies realized that he was a lone wolf.


Inside the building, the four-man squad was prepared to battle.

\"Captain Bai, why do I have the feeling that the guy outside has left.\" Hou Dongfang was listening carefully for footsteps.

\"Indeed.\" Bai Shaobin nodded indifferently before he curled the edge of his lips. \"It seems like he's gone to the building next door. He probably wants to be our neighbor.\"

The squad's entry-fragger, Audi could not hold in his laughter. \"Is he that scared? Why don't we take the initiative to kill him.\"

TwoDog at the side butted in, \"It looks like you've yet to learn your lesson. Have you forgotten how you died in the previous match?\"

Audi looked extremely annoyed as he recalled himself trying to pull a suicide with a cooked Frag Grenade in his hand in the previous match but he had encountered a man with a Pan in his hand instead.

Then, Bai Shaobin who was at the side opened his mouth once more, \"He's alone.\"

However, he cleared his throat and added on, \"Of course, he could be a scout as well.\"

The \"scout\" Bai Shaobin spoke of was those entry-fraggers who would investigate the place before their squad arrived.

\"If he dares stay next to us, he's probably not alone then.\" Hou Dongfang analyzed the situation. \"A lone wolf doesn't have the b*lls to do so.\"

Audi and TwoDog nodded discreetly as they found Hou Dongfang's analysis reasonable.

Bai Shaobin, on the other hand, did not give his opinion.

That was because he knew a handful of players who would live in a place filled with many players even though they were alone.

Especially that guy.

'Wait a minute... could it really be him?'

Bai Shaobin's face turned slightly pale.


The door was pushed opened as he went upstairs.

Liu Zilang did not conceal his footsteps to its fullest.

The reason he did not go far was that he believed nothing good would come to him without he himself putting in the effort.

If anything were to happen to him, the four-man squad beside him would not feel safe as well.

It seemed that Liu Zilang had taken them as their comrades.

The reason he did not conceal his footsteps the moment he entered the building next door was because he wanted to exert his dominance so that the enemies would be wary of him.

However, what was about to happen next was proof that Liu Zilang had made the wrong call.